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The Tiller Farming Guide (Video)

This is a new (free) video from the Gold Academy guide, this was released a couple of weeks ago in the free bonus section of our gold guide. The video highlights an
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

Dugi Gold Academy iPhone / iPad App

Dugi Gold Academy is now available via Apple App store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dugi-gold/id543066775?ls=1&mt=8  The app is free to download which include Module 1. The rest of the videos are available for purchase individually via in-App
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

The Vendor Run

Is your World of Warcraft character low level with only a few gold in your pocket? Are you struggling to make gold because you haven't leveled your profession and farming is
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

Tiny Treasure Contest Winners

Interview With Our Grand Prize Winner Süåpmeât Tell me about your character's talent spec and why you chose it. The spec I used is largely a build specific to straight kitty DPS.
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

TTC Contest Update

Here is a quick photo (from my phone) of what I have just received in the mail..   This is the grand prize for our Tiny Treasure Contest  winner, and the current record
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

Tiny Treasure Contest

[content_box_red width="95%"]The contest is officially closed, we will be reviewing the entries and announce the winners within the next few days[/content_box_red] Click here for the Tiny Treasure Video How to Enter Download and
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

Dugi Gold Academy launching Friday, Feb 24th

Our new Dugi Gold Academy guide will be officially release this Friday, Feb 24th. Follow the progress in our Launch area here Until then we will be releasing free sample videos and prizes to give away
Dugi Guides - World of Warcraft

DG Gold Academy (Coming Soon)

It has been hard keeping this quiet :),  but now I'm excited to announce that Dugi Guides will be offering a high quality video based gold guide that will cover