Interview With Our Grand Prize Winner Süåpmeât

  1. Tell me about your character’s talent spec and why you chose it.
    The spec I used is largely a build specific to straight kitty DPS. I used passive base statistic trinkets instead of proc based, or progressive stat-building ones, as the mobs mostly died too quick to benefit from any procs.
  2. Do you think your Class has an advantage over other classes?
    I do think it has advantages over other classes because its AOE damage in the first 3-5 seconds is almost unbeatable. With a full energy bar and Tiger’s Fury popped after three swipes, you can easily do 200k damage per mob, leaving no Troggs alive. Killing them quick allows you to loot quicker. Using Berserk and Sprint as you run through large clumps of mobs swiping often will net you 30+ kills. I also think being a druid and having the option to go into instant flight form and loot bodies without changing forms is a big advantage. When I popped my big cool downs I mowed down as many mobs in the area as I could then went back in flight form to loot.
  3. Your farming location was Fractured Front (by Stonehearth) in Deepholm, did you try to farm at any other location?
    Prior to the competition I had tried the mobs in Uldum that travel in groups of ten, but I noticed they didn’t yield as many chests nor was it time efficient with having to spend a little extra time on the one elite mob. I tried twice during the competition to farm the Eastside troggs that aggro on site and spawn very quickly. I got 44 and 45 chests for those times, but it wasn’t easy and I died 3 times on one attempt and lost all my buffs, I had to go into bear form often in that spot and had to really be careful how many I aggro’d.So Fractured front wa much easier to focus on what needs to be done: kill quickly, and loot quickly.
  4. How many times did you try until you achieved the top record of 65 TTC?
    I tried 6 times before I got 65 chests.
  5. Did you use any addon or use any technique that you think gave you an advantage over other farmers?
    I did not use any add-ons aside from the contest one. I’m not sure what other farmers techniques consisted of but the most significant technique is the art of looting mobs quickly, which usually entails right-clicking the body and then before the loot screen pops up for you to view what is on the body you move slightly forward or strafe, which stops the loot window from opening, but often doesn’t stop the loot from going into your bag. The tighter your mobs are clumped the more efficient your looting is. So I literally Right-click, left strafe. Right-click, left strafe. Right-click, left strafe. only with a split second in between. If you hear the jingle of coins when you loot it means you most likely got everything from the body.
  6. What was your average TTC per hour? And how much gold per hour do you think you made per run?
    My 6 attempts yielded the following chests: 44,52,46,45,35,65(avg = 48 TTC)
    I averaged 8 stacks of cloth per hour, with addition 12 stacks from the chests = 20 stacks of Cloth
    around 15 of each Volatile, between 15-20 Green Items each run, around 15-20 Pyrite and Elementium Ore, and about 200-300g from looting mobs and vendoring trash and an additional 200g from the Chests themselves.On two of my runs I also got 2 rare Patterns for Enchanting and Jewelcrafting that could sell between 2000-5000g depending on the market.
    I’ll let someone else break-down the total earning, but those are the average amounts of loot I could get.
  7. Do you think having better gear gave you a big advantage ?
    I don’t think gear was the deciding factor in my success.It was my technique, my class, and my efficiency.I had a pattern I traveled and only selected the largest group of mobs to kill. Obviously my gear allowed me to kill mobs faster, so instead of 4 swipes it took me 3 for instance.I think though that a moderately geared Feral druid could outperform an excellently geared mage of any spec. I tried doing this with my 401 ilvl raiding mage and couldn’t break 42 chests.Just didn’t have that quick AOE burst, and the 30 second cool down that a feral druid has. So I say success depends more on your farming class and efficiency rather than gear.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to add ?
    I thought this was a great idea for a competition and I thought your add-on was really effective in keeping the competition regulated and fair. I also would like give a shout-out to my Guild: House Dragonmoon who was largely responsible for gearing up this Alt of mine, and their encouragement to keep trying when my original high score was broken.And lastly thanks to Dugi who thought of an amazing prize to motivate people to join this competition, and I appreciate all the work and theory that he puts into the game only to help make it easier for those who are struggling. Keep up the great work!

List of Entries

  1. Suapmeat – Lightninghoof US – 65 TTC (Feral Druid)
  2. Zirke – Frostwhisper EU – 57 TTC (Survival Hunter)
  3. Dugiz – Blackrock US – 53 TTC (Protection Warrior)
  4. Zinijan – Ravencrest EU – 53 TTC
  5. Mabus – Darkspear US – 51 TTC
  6. Hejgaard – Ravencrest EU – 47 TTC
  7. Asland – Hydraxis US – 46 TTC (Feral Druid)
  8. soulhost – Dragonblight eu – 43TTC
  9. Cottoncandy – Shadowsong EU – 43 TTC
  10. Necrocaster – Suramar US – 40 TTC
  11. Halvbakad – Stormscale-EU – 40 TTC (Protection Paladin)
  12. Hotekton – Lightninghoof  US – 39 TTC
  13. Melaena – Dragonmaw EU – 39 TTC
  14. Sark – SilvermoonEU – 36 TTC
  15. Xqo – Illidan US – 36 TTC (Elemental Shaman)
  16. Drransom –  Kul-Tiras US – 35 TTC  (Balance Druid)
  17. Bananafofana – Kael’Thas US – 33 TTC (Feral Druid)
  18. Sark – Silvermoon EU – 33 TTC
  19. Xuniz – Stormrage US – 33 TTC
  20. Centavo – Shadowsong EU – 32 TTC
  21. Lorage – Lightning’s Blade US – 32 TTC
  22. Reaper-Khaz’Goroth US -31TTC Frost DK
  23. Canaletto – Azuremyst EU – 31 TTC
  24. Larliia – Exodar US – 31 TTC  (Beast Mastery Hunter)
  25. Ðeathlol – Kel’Thuzad – 30TTC
  26. Deathsword – Windrunner US – 29 TTC
  27. Deluxxe – Anvilmar – 28 TTC
  28. Derutak – Korgath US – 27 TTC
  29. Draanor – Kirin Tor – 26 TTC
  30. Barcyonz – Bleeding Hollow US – 26 TTC
  31. Protigy – Proudmoore US – 25 TTC (Arms Warrior)
  32. Aminall – Gnomeregan US – 24 TTC (Marksman Hunter)
  33. Mordeel – Magtheridon EU – 24 TTC
  34. Disposer – The Underbog US- 23TTC (Blood Death Knight)
  35. Relicacousin – Draenor US – 23 TTC
  36. Domei- Gilneas US – 22 TTC
  37. Ceríalkiller – Vek’nilash EU – 22 TTC
  38. Ithree – Sylvanas EU – 22 TTC
  39. Dignar – Blade’s Edge EU – 21 TTC
  40. Roil – Perenolde – 21 TTC
  41. Sark – Silvermoon EU – 21 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  42. Bladeyama –  Ravencrest US – 20 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  43. Magforte – Arathor US – 20 TTC (Arcane Mage)
  44. olstevedk – Thunderhorn EU – 20 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  45. Vondak – Nesingwary US – 20 TTC
  46. Drusylla ~ Ravencrest US ~ 19 TTC
  47. Thedwin – Drenden US – 19 TTC
  48. Yuuta – Proudmoore – 17 TTC (Protection Warrior)
  49. Conona – Gilneas US- 17 TTC
  50. Angryyankee – Durotan US – 17 TTC
  51. Veipor – Moonrunner US – 15 TTC
  52. Teril – Winterhoof US – 15 TTC (Elemental Shaman)
  53. Bladeofmagic – Lethon Us – 14 TTC
  54. Calliann – Runetotem – 14 TTC
  55. Valaric – Turalyon US – 13 TTC
  56. GavinMiles – Hydraxis – 12 TTC
  57. Housegob – Sauerfang EU – 12 TTC (Arcane Mage)
  58. Avalar – Terokkar US – 11 TTC
  59. Adzriel – Malfurion US – 11 TTC (Affliction Warlock)
  60. Magick – Zenedar EU – 8 TTC
  61. Wingover – Mazrigos EU – 6 TTC (Balance Druid)
  62. Beldara – Cenarion Circle US  – 4 TTC (Rogue)
  63. Rocherwind – Lothar US – 2 TTC

    19 replies to "Tiny Treasure Contest Winners"

    • Kaene

      Interesting, remembering this and went back to fractured front..seems to be gone now…mobs no longer there.

    • Drusylla

      A fun contest. I am still amazed at the 65 chests. Dang. Looks like I need to work on getting my Druid leveled up the rest of the way. LOL.

    • Paul Koenig

      Congrats but after looking at your gear, it is not reasonable to say gear had nothing to do with it. Unless when you did it was before you got your present gear, all of your gear is 403 with the best gems. You are very good I am sure and it is amazing to get that many, but 403 gear ain’t bad either.

    • Necrocaster

      Woot! I finally won something. I must have better luck here than in LFR… Congratulations to Suapmeat. I read that you tried on your mage, and I tried several times with my arcane mage specced to AoE, but could never get quite that high. I was on pace for maybe 60, maybe. Unfortunately I kept getting interlopers 🙁

      Congrats Suapmeat, and thanks Dugi!!

    • goldmoon

      Congratz Supa but as I understood you had to do this alone, but you say in interview (my Guild: House Dragonmoon who was largely responsible for gearing up this Alt of mine,). So having decent gear was a big advantage.
      I found it difficult getting potions so I could have got help from guild in obtaining these but this would be breaking rule (must have misunderstood)

      Well done

      • Probrep

        @goldmoon, the “do it yourself” rule, as I read it, was aimed at the actual collecting of the TTCs – i.e., not allowed to group and have you loot all the kills.. I think Suap was just passing on thanks to his Guild for their (previous) assistance in getting him geared. I thank my guildies all the time for their help. 🙂

        • goldmoon

          I think i read on a post that a player asked about guild help and Dugi replied it was breaking the rules Ill try and find the post
          In his interview his comment was gear was not a help so why asked guild for elite gear
          Seems to me (and other members) that a high spec play would win o so true

    • Rumpelstilt

      Well done and congratulations Suap 😀

    • wyvern61

      Gratz to the winner! I know the contest is over,but I wanted to see how I could do in Fractured Front. I got 9 in less than an hour,plus 3 stacks of embercloth and three greenies.
      The winner must have really hauled …!!!

    • Xuniz

      Burst DPS or not, it’s luck. I have a 398 shadow priest with one of the best AOE spells that I can cast from range. I pulled multiple mobs to me without barely moving. I have the Cunning of the Cruel, the best DPS AOE trinket in the game and I had the AOE dagger from deathwing. I was murdering mobs by the truckload. Best I could ever do was 33. I had to call in my guild herald a couple times to get rid of trash loot. But I’m not qq-ing. I am trying to point out that he’s right, it’s not your spec or your gear. These mobs are weak. Even with the same technique, it’s luck. Congrats nonetheless! It was a fun competition and I did make a ton of money trying!!!! Great job on the idea Dugi and congrats to Suap and to all the other winners!

      • Xuniz

        @Xuniz, my point being… I killed at least 6 to 7 huge mobs (ignored the little ones) without getting a single TTC. Then I would get 3 or 4 out of one mob. Random baby, random.

    • Bladeyama

      I think I’m gonna lvl a druid as well. lol

    • Bladeyama

      Gratz Süåpmeât your amazing. NOW send me that card lol

    • Herman

      I also tried in Uldum on my fury warrior and got about 10 chests in 2 hours (and died too often). In Deepholm I got 13 chests in the first hour. Time to level up my Feral Druid I guess, lol. Thanks for the sharing and congratulations on the price!

    • Itri

      GZ to all winners, but have a little question: is “3. Dugiz – Blackrock US” Dugis personal toon? Because if you check the video in details, there he is on the 4th position in the list…but has the same amount of TTC as the winner of the guardian…so probably instead of rolling one more time, when he hit himself, he swapped these two possitions 🙂

      • Dugi

        @Itri, yes I realized that after I recorded the rolls so I had to fix it 🙂

    • Xqo

      Congratz, suap. I got close to you on one of my alts, but I didn’t post since i just couldnt beat you..

      Good job man, excellent feral play.

      • tipfout

        @Xqo, not smart u could maybe get the companion xD is just totaly forgot about entering 😛

    • Guivre

      Thanks for such a detailed update — Congrats to the winners!

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