Is your World of Warcraft character low level with only a few gold in your pocket?

Are you struggling to make gold because you haven’t leveled your profession and farming is boring or too difficult?

In this video I described a technique I called “The Vendor Run” which show how you can turn those few gold into a hundred gold in 10 minutes. The Vendor Run is an awesome way for low level character to create tons of gold and also especially handy for players who haven’t leveled their professions yet as it doesn’t involve any profession skill or any combat farming. You just need to follow the in-game guide and sell lots of vendor items (you’ll be surprised on how well this works!)

You can try this technique right now as the Major Cities vendor run guides are  available for free with Dugi Guides trialGuides for the entire Kalimdor,Eastern Kingdom and Outland continent are only available if you own the Dailies & Events Guide 

Hope you enjoy the video!


PS. If you like this video make sure you check out the rest of our free Gold Academy videos.

    48 replies to "The Vendor Run"

    • fdgiggy

      The first year i had your Guide you had the 2nd annual money making contest. I learned a lot from that and have wondered why you discontinued it. Decided it was just too time consuming on your part (aside from a couple of the participants making such outrageous sums of gold).

      Sorry about placing this here, i was just reminded from your vid.

    • fdgiggy

      I have been using Dugi Guides for years and never knew what the marksman icon was used for.
      What a moron? Thanks anyway. Sometimes those ppl can be hard to find.

      Incidentally, i really love everything about your guides and they just keep improving.
      How about a separate, or additional, Garrison Guide. I find them very confusing – DUH!
      I really would buy a good garrison guide, though…

      • CJ

        YES please!!! A garrison guide would be awesome.

    • Rudi

      You do cool guides, I only have Starter Edition and pandashan (I can’t put dugi guides on it). D:

    • Max

      hi guys i have the free version of dugi guide 1.2.1, is it the latest version? and can this work on free versions?

      THNX in advance

    • DrgnMrph

      Love these guides. Keep up the great work.

    • asd

      Best guide ever

    • tiago

      This guide works with MOP?

      • Dugi

        @tiago, yes!

    • mck160

      I think this video is a little dated; did the Stormwind and Ironforge runs, and some vendors have the recipes but they’re not limited amount anymore or they just don’t have them anyore.

      • Dugi

        @mck160, we did this a couple of months ago.

      • fdgiggy

        Yeah, it is dated, but the concept is still valid. The tuxedo items, and for some strange reason, the leather ball are consistent money makers for me.

    • Sakman21

      Thought I would try this for some of my newer guild members. Emptied my bags and purse with just 10 gold in the bank. Total mats (minus the kitten … took too long to find!) cost 7g 56s. Put the whole lot on a v.long auction. Am just waiting for the last few hours to roll off but have made over 98g on one run alone.

      Have to say….pretty impressed. Quite a lot for not a lot!

      Nice one Dugi.

    • Bossmurf

      How current is the outland vendor run. I have run it several times put the enchants recipes I believe are learned as you lvl up. They are not selling at all on Bleeding Hollow.

    • Donna


      I have all of your guides except for the Gold Academy and think they are the best. You have done a wonderful job with them all, they are all extremely helpful. I used the vendor runs for all the areas before this update and have had great luck in selling pretty much everything with a decent profit. I made over 3000G with my first vendor run within the first 48 hours of posting my stuff on the AH and actually only spent about 100G. I was really impressed at how easy it was to folllow the guides. I’ve done the new runs in all the major cities and found them to be great as well, especially for lower lvl toons. I do these vendor runs about once or twice a month and use Auctioneer’s Bean Counter to keep track of prices I’ve sold for in the past and what sells and doesn’t. All in all and great way to make gold. Thanks for all your hard work in putting these guides together.


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