[content_box_red width=”95%”]The contest is officially closed, we will be reviewing the entries and announce the winners within the next few days[/content_box_red]

Click here for the Tiny Treasure Video

How to Enter

  1. Download and install DugiContest Addon (click here for instruction on how to install addons)
  2. Complete a one hour [Tiny Treasure Chest] farming while using the DugiContest addon.  Make sure your don’t have any [Tiny Treasure Chest] in your bags when you begin.
  3. Zip and upload your screenshots to 2shared.com
  4. Post your Character name + Realm and the link to for your screenshot in the comment section below, and the number of [Tiny Treasure Chest] for your run
    Eg,  Dugi  –  Blackrock US  – 22 TTC

Screenshot Rules

  1. We need to be able to see your in-game log which should show your loot message, printing the things that you have collected and and system message.
  2. We need to be able to see the ‘Potion of Treasure Hunting’ buff duration and also the in-game clock
  3. We need to be able to see the content of your bag, please don’t open any of the treasure chest until the 1 hour duration is over.
  4. Organize your screenshots, don’t mix multiple runs in one file.
  5. You can enter as many times as you want.

Addtional Rules

  1. You can only use the EU and US official servers  (no private servers)
  2. Elixir and Raid Buff are allowed, a good trick is to get raid buff by entering a battleground then exiting.
  3. No outside help, this should be a solo effort only.
  4. We reserve the right to disqualify your character from the contest if we suspect any attempts of cheating.
  5. Contest and entries will be closed on March 7th 2012 and the winners will be announced soon afterwards.
  6. The winner is the person who can collect the highest number of [Tiny Treasure Chest] in a one hour duration.
  7. If there is a tie for the grand prize, a /random roll will be done in-game to determine the winner.
  8. The winner will also need to complete an email interview with me to received the prize.

    183 replies to "Tiny Treasure Contest"

    • Dugi

      I’m sorry but we have to stick to our rules, the contest is now closed. We will be reviewing the entries and announce the winners and send the prizes within the next few days.

    • Mabus

      And if you extend it by a day, I’ll give you a cookie!! 🙁

    • Mabus

      Gah! Pwetty please extend the deadline by another day 🙁 had family things to deal with today, and know I could get it! haha. 🙁

    • Cottoncandy

      Cottoncandy – Shadowsong EU – 43 TTC

    • Cottoncandy

      Cottoncandy – Shadowsong EU – 43 TTC


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