Dugi Gold Academy is now available via Apple App store

The app is free to download which include Module 1.

The rest of the videos are available for purchase individually via in-App purchase for $2 for each.

[content_box_green width=”75%”]Note: We’re unable to transfer accounts to between the App-store  and dugiguides.com  because we’re not able to modify or track any purchase from the App store[/content_box_green]


    24 replies to "Dugi Gold Academy iPhone / iPad App"

    • udowanano

      Again ….AWESOME job DUGI team

    • Ezzekius

      Is it 2$ per video or 2$ per set of videos?

    • Moonwind

      Good idea Dogi dont forget the Android users

    • Dr John Craddock

      Does this purchase go towards my total for Pandaria upgrades Dugi?


    • Dr John Craddock

      Just bought and downloaded all the guides on my iPad. It’s a great way to learn and use the tools that the Gold Academy brings. Now, if I do not have a computer close by I still can train with my iPad. It’s a cheap investment for a valuable set of tools.

      John aka Waldenprof
      Zorrk Lvl 85 Orc Hunter

    • Shinta

      Very nice addition, unfortunately I’ve just bought the Gold Academy so not spending other 40+ bucks for this product.

      • scubapez


        I dont believe its $40, as 1st module is free with the App and additional modules are $2 each.

      • Dr John Craddock

        @Shinta, I paid $8.00 for my the extra videos for my iPad. I agree that it should also be available for Android


    • Macblues

      It’s nice but I am woundering if T will be able to use it to access my Dugi gold fles?

    • ed melendez

      can u use it on i touch

    • scubapez376

      Nice work as usual Dugi,

      I am taking it for granted as you can’t track the purchases through app store that these purchase won’t be part of the Loyalty program (or MoP updates).

      • Dugi

        @scubapez376, yes unfortunately we have to treat as 2 separate store. Apple doesn’t provide us with any customer details.

    • William Stearnes

      Great Idea but I am not using Apple for any of my electronics. I prefer and use the Droid operating system. Will you by creating an app for that syatem? I would download it in a heartbeat!

    • Chellie Bellie

      If we buy all the modules will it count to mop?

    • Herman

      I love the app. I just downloaded it in the Dutch iTunes store and made a nice review in Dutch for it. 😉

    • michael

      Android dugi and u will retire early my friend 😉 haha

    • Bianca

      what about your android customers????

    • Dugi

      Might do android in the future, one step at a time 🙂

    • jesse

      Hey I just got your email and the app looks great I would love to buy it by ti have an android can yo make one for android aswell thank you

    • Stephen

      Hi, am downloading to my iPhone right now. Looks great !

    • Tony

      Nice dude, now Droid please 🙂

    • Don Ruetten

      Very cool! I’ll be giving it a try.

    • Crush834

      Make it available for the androids and you will get alot more business.

      • notlïttlê

        @Crush834, that right

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