It has been hard keeping this quiet :),  but now I’m excited to announce that Dugi Guides will be offering a high quality video based gold guide that will cover some of the best gold making techniques targeted for casual players of WoW.

We have recently obtained the rights to and we have been working on the new guides with Mayley.

We have also adopted her scripted video format from her old video which was proven to be a very easy to follow format.

The new guides will feature a whole new series of videos created by Dugi Guides and we are very close to completion. Expect more announcement within the next couple of weeks as we prepare for the new launch.

Since we offered a gold guide in the past (we also gave it away as a free bonus), I know there will be plenty of questions as to how this will affect owners of our old gold guides.

  • First old WoW Auction Mastery paid customers will receive the new updates for free and their old accounts will be migrated to where they can watch and download the new guides.
  • Dugi Guides members who purchased our gold guides prior to November 2008 whom inherit our lifetime update promise will receive the new guides for free.
  • Owners of the old gold guides after November 2008 will need to purchase the new guides if they wish to have it.
  • People that received WoW Auction Mastery guides in the past as a free bonus will also need to purchase the new guides if they wish to have it.
Ok that is it for now, shortly we will also be hosting an exciting new skill and gear based competition with the grand prize of Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and Reins of the Spectral Tiger


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    • infrarett

      The HD link for the crafting video in Module 4 is broken. Other than that, smooth transition for us wowauctionmastery users. Looking forward to seeing how you’ve improved on the already-excellent guides.

      • Dugi

        @infrarett, should be fixed now, enjoy!

    • Remus611

      Hi Dugi –
      You have been a long time supporter and co-promoter of Jonathan Kenins’ Massive Gold Blueprint. This kind of looks like you are headed into being a competitor with him. That’s not to say it’s bad, but how is your Gold Guide really going to be different? Your guides have always been good, and I am a long time supporter of yours… but as a long time user of the Massive Gold Blueprint as well, I’m kind of wondering if your guide will add new value to a well plowed piece of ground. If your approach is along the lines of “how to maximize AH gains”, then Jonanthan’s system is pretty hard to beat. So I’m curious if that is your angle, or are you approaching it from some other – different – vantage.
      Thanks for the good work. – Remus

      • Dugi

        While technically the product is in competition with Massive Gold Guide, we will still promote and recommend his product.

        Our guide will be different than Jonathan because of the format style (no voice and text scripted) which I believe makes it very easy to follow.

        One of the problems with existing gold guides is that they provide too much information. Our videos are shorter and to the point to minimize learning time, because a lot players don’t have the patience to sit through hours of videos and an ebook with hundreds of pages which can be really overwhelming. These players are our target market.

    • krurdel

      IM GOING TO GET IT SO SEND TO ME FIRST K LOL XD love ur guides. LETS SEE WHAT THIS GUIDE CAN DO. i rate 9/10 right now. After 10/10 lol.

    • DNHead

      @phillips42, you don’t have to lvl in nagrand you can continue to lvl in terrokar Forest untill u lvl once then continue on with the guide at Blade’s Edge Mountains. However i didn’t Find any issues with the Horde guide in nagrand but because i didn’t do all the zangarmarsh Quests i had to skip a few of the quests in nagrand but that didn’t slow me down too much.

      • phillips42

        @DNHead, That wasnt the point…its working great now,but the point was i was following the giude and hitting a dead end.Issue is now resolve…just need to do a clean install from time to time to help not getting unneassary bugs

    • phillips42

      Well i for one am disappointed in the guildes…..i have had this guide since before cata….and none of the bugs have been fixed in the lvling guide….i am lvling my 10th toon now to 85 and still getting spots in the guide where i must work around it becasue it is so far off…..biggest one is when you are sent to nagrand….you are unfreindly with them….so how are you supposed to quest there?
      I for one would love to see the guides made bug free before adding new stuff…..biggest reason why i didnt pay for a upgrade to cata…

      • Dugi

        @phillips42, we fixed that issue several months ago is it possible that you’re still using an old version of the guides?

        • phillips42

          @Dugi, after seeing your post…i reinstalled everything and it seems to be working great now.
          i have always just updated the guides and havnt done a clean install of it in awhile…..

    • Nick

      Duggie, this is gonna be great! but please can you make a in game addon to your guide!

    • Rx

      Will those guides be just videos ? or there will be in-game guides ?

      • Dugi

        @Rx, Hi it won’t be an in-game guide. It is an online video format.

        • Rx

          @Dugi, Thanks for clearing that out!. I will be waiting for that guide.

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza

      Any way to turn them to a in-game part of dugi’s?

    • Madmordigon

      Funnily enough I have always complained that I have never found a wow guide that combines features of a printed guide and video tutorials. I look forward to seeing the final result. Will definitely get it to review and come back with my response

    • Sy Wade


      I bought them package from Marley wowauctions in the past so with you aying my account will be migrated for free thats good news for me as I dont need to pay any more money out…..Happy days!

    • Ken

      If I purchased the product on the page now, would I get the new version as well? 🙂

      • Dugi

        @Ken, yes you will but I would not recommend it, we’re still working our pricing and we normally release products cheaper than the standard price during the launch.

    • Sonya

      Have loved everything I’ve gotten from you so far so I know I’ll love this.. Was looking into buying a gold guide and you can bet now I’ve stopped looking and am waiting for yours…

      Thanks for all you do for us.


    • Steve

      LOOking forward to this guide! Sorry to hear that Flex! **** lil bro’s!

    • Jo

      hope everything works out for u Dugi

    • Flex

      Great !
      I could need some gold tips right now, Lil bro ruined my Char ;(

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