This is a video on how to use the upcoming Mount, Companion, Farming guides with our Sticky Frame feature. There are also some handy tips on how to find flight points and innkeeper for each zones.

The sticky frame and search feature opens up new possibility on how we can create our guides for example we also have plans to add class & profession trainers for each zone so you can easily look them up in the guide.

The Companions, Mount and More Guides are coming any day now, we are still working to get this out to you as soon as we can. We’re not holding back 🙂 the guides are ready but there are still some bugs on the addon itself.

Also to clarify these new Bonus guides are free to owners of our Achievement & Profession Guide, no additional purchase required.

– Dugi

PS. Also good news, we also added new Memory feature to give you the option to disable some of the database to reduce the memory usage if you don’t find the need to use the model viewer or target button.

    37 replies to "Sticky Frame Feature Explained (Mount & Companion Guide Preview)"

    • corey

      can u explain a little more about what the mount companion will offer. ex. will it give me guided details on how to get the chieves from Ulduar or ICC for the drakes. also i have bought several of ur guides, getting ready to purchase daily guide, but i am hesitating because it seems like the guides are sort out of date. especially the gold farming guide. most of the tips on where to farm gold have been nerfed by Blizz. ex. the frostweave cloth tip on the undead valkyrie does not drop frostweave anymore.

      would love to hear more about mount guide…

      • Dugi

        @corey, the gold guide is out of date but it is not something we sell, none of our paid guides are out of date, all of them are current and includes all the solo content for cataclysm.

        We don’t cover any raiding content, all the achievements that we cover are listed in the achievement & profession guide sales page.

    • Mahammed

      buying the guide today So Exited!!!!

    • Majik

      All I can say is WOW!!!

    • Alexis

      I love you Dugui. You are my hero.

    • Dee

      AS I am a mount, pet, and achievement collector I’m sooooo excited to about this!

    • ron

      sounds very nice!! especially the mount feature, cant wait to try it!! keep up the good work!

    • Groett

      I only got one problem with you,,, you aren’t putting this new add-on out fast enough. Your guide just rocks. I play with others that are “leading” the group and they always seem to get lost from quest overload. UWG is the best.

      Thanks and keep up the good work.


    • Arya

      Hey Dugi !

      Thank you again !!! You are amazing !

      Love the sticky frame and all outher things you have done for gamers !!!

      Love from Arya

    • jonathan

      ****. No, seriously. ****!

    • Saltystew

      Mounts mounts mounts mounts :3

    • nick

      wow amazing X D, you ruleeee

    • gardibolt

      Cool feature. Will the guide be smart and ignore the mounts and companions you already have?

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