This is an update video for to show you the performance of our Vendor Run guide in Cataclysm, (the last video was during WOTLK and it made about 400g/h) but now we are in Cataclysm and the guide works better than ever! check out the video to see the complete run and result.

The Vendor Run guide is an alternative way to make gold and here are the best parts..

  • You can make 1200g/hour or more
  • No questing required
  • No monster killing required
  • No professions required
  • Players as low as level 40 can do it

The Vendor Run guide is available exclusively with our  Dailies & Events guide, you will find it in the Dailies  tab under ‘Vendor Supply Run’ section around the bottom.

Special Note:

  1. Make sure you read the tooltip, the recommended shopping list are listed for each step and you will need to manually tick each step.
  2. Be careful NOT to buy ‘Bind on Pick Up’ recipes such as the ones from Cenarion Hold in Silithus and several Outlands vendors.  You won’t be able to sell these on the auction house.
  3. Result will vary depending on server and competition but I would still expect you to make close to 1200g/hour. I was being quite conservative with that figure as I actually made about 1800g after selling all my items.
  4. I am interested with your result, make sure you post them in this comment section below 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video

– Dugi

    67 replies to "Vendor Run Guide Cataclysm Edition 1200g/hour"

    • Terpsicore

      Has anyone run this in WoD? Is it stil a good/valuable run?

    • Frostdeathk

      Thanks This helped me get 3k!

    • Skylar Greene

      Where can we download it at?

    • aleo 10

      I wanna ask you where i can find this guide or if u give me a link :/

    • Melikekillin

      You forgot that you have to pay for it under the cons..

    • Andrew DeBroux

      I love how there is a person asking you to buy gold XD

    • alex

      Hi, none of the stuff in the vendor run is in my ah, does that mean it doesnt sell, or that it sells very well?

      • noname

        @alex, both.. you probably should try to put the stuff on sale for a price of your likings 🙂

    • Jens

      where can i download it

    • betsy

      I still can’t see this guide. I have the other vendor runs but this one will not show in my guides. Whats up with that?

      • Dugi

        @betsy, The Cataclysm guide is the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor Guides

    • Fastidios

      This Guide is perfect, until now i made with ca. 3/4 of the items 1500gold
      ty Dugi !

    • Solar

      Hello, I havn’t purchased the guide yet and I’m thinking about buying it, but here’s my problem. While leveling guides rely on the player himself and his questing speed, a vendor guide that relies on the AH means that you expect us to play on an server with a very active AH, with lots of end-game raiders and pvpers that have a lot of money and want to spend it…what happens for those of us who are stuck on a “dead” server?

      • Dugi

        @Solar, I would recommend transferring your character to a more active server (cost $25), its worth it if your server is “dead”

    • Aendor

      I think its funny how as he was doing the guide, a scammer popped up and asked if he needed gold XD good stuff…

    • FragspicK

      (Hey guys srry for bad english)
      Hey DG is this Vendor Run Guide inclueded for lvl guid ( 55 dollars )?

      • Football

        @FragspicK, quoting Dugi:”The Vendor Run guide is available exclusively with our Dailies & Events guide, you will find it in the Dailies tab under ‘Vendor Supply Run’ section around the bottom.” 🙂

    • james

      you mentioned the auctionator and postal but how do you get those?

      • Football

        @james, they are available from the curse dot com site.

    • Leshii

      Love the guides, made 500g with in the first hour after I started listing items. I did find a few errors:

      Kalimdor run –
      – The Steamwheel Port is under water and all vendors are gone.
      – Deadmist Peak has been taken over by all aggressive NPC’s and also no more vendors.
      Eastern Kingdom run –
      – Just noticed that the arrow for Revantusk Village points to the Undercity. but the NPC waypoints were pointing to the correct areas.

      • Leshii

        Day two and I have completed all three runs, no more errors to mention but I have already made a 1600g profit (plus the 600g I spent purchasing items) and I still have 160 items left to sell.

        This is by far my favorite guide.

        Thank you for bringing it to my attention again.

    • Gundami

      I need gold help

      • Crit


        Run your dailies…. daily, you get 300-400g easily. If you are already a Dugi member, just run through his guides. It is really easy to follow. Each Outland, Northred and Cata zone easily nets you 3-4k even 6-10k if you pick your rewards carefully to DE into enchant mats to sell them.

        Through just simply running through dailies and leveling quest I can easily afford the epic flying skill… Heck if you save it up, you can even buy a Vial of Sand and be a happy dragon flying around Azeroth.

    • Dave Meek

      I think this method is a wast of time 20% of items are not available at the NCP and they do not sell in the AH

      • Dugi

        @Dave Meek, some items not being available is expected. The items are limited and have a respawn timer and I think I have proven in the video that the items do sell.

        • Dave Meek

          @Dugi, You may have a video showing AH action, but in the real world the items do not sell.

          • Dugi

            @Dave Meek, what real world ?

            The real World of Warcraft? I’m pretty sure we are both playing the same game.

      • Crit

        @Dave Meek,

        I have not personally tried doing it, but did start a couple of days ago. Then it dawn on me that you should scan the auction house with auctionator as much as possible. That way, you would know how much an item is going for in AH. For eg a Draniac Bag goes for 9g with a vendor and it goes for just 6g at the auction house. Clearly you do not buy it.

        To be fair, this meathod is not really a sure-fire way to make gold cause items really vary from server to server. All I can say is that you have to first do your homework and understand your auction house better before rushing to buy up ALL vendor items. Choose your suppliers carefully =)

        @ Dugi
        I did try some of the items, and am aware that some items are limited and may not be there when you try to purchase it. But just so you know that some of the recipes have been removed from vendors as of 4.2 and more might go in the coming 4.3. So this do need some updating.

        Thanks for making this wonderful guide anyways. I am working on Loremaster at the moment. Hope I don’t miss out any quest! =D

    • William

      You should put in more pet all you have is the human(cats)

    • Rx

      Hi dugi ,

      I already have the guide in my guides selection , the only thing is it never worked 🙁

      what happens is when ever I go to buy something the guide told me , i never found that item please help me


      • Dugi

        The concept of the guide is to collect limited supply item, they have a respawn timer and may not always be there. You need to move on if the item is not available.

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