Here is a quick photo (from my phone) of what I have just received in the mail..


This is the grand prize for our Tiny Treasure Contest  winner, and the current record is 52 TTC in one hour. (That is getting very close to 1 TTC a minute and likely worth around 3500g/hour )

This record is currently held by a Feral Druid farming level 82 Troggs in Fractured Front, Deepholm.

*UPDATE* – Current record has been beaten by Dugiz (me) with 53 TTC.
Looks like Suapmeat will have to farm a little harder to win. 

*UPDATE* 2 – Current record has been beaten again by Zirke with a massive 57 TTC

While this is an unbelievable record, remember some people didn’t believe that it was possible to get over 20 when I posted my video during the launch, I think these results below proves it once and for all  that the chest farming is a very effective way to get quick gold 🙂

A list of all the other contestants is available below… by my count at the moment there are about 19 entries and we have 10x Guardian  Cubs to give away which is good odds of winning for the contestant.

There is still plenty of time to beat this record and I will also post my own entry very soon.

Good luck  to all contestant!

  1. Suapmeat – Lightninghoof US – 65 TTC (Feral Druid)
  2. Zirke – Frostwhisper EU – 57 TTC (Survival Hunter)
  3. Dugiz – Blackrock US – 53 TTC (Protection Warrior)
  4. Zinijan – Ravencrest EU – 53 TTC
  5. Mabus – Darkspear US – 51 TTC
  6. Hejgaard – Ravencrest EU – 47 TTC
  7. Asland – Hydraxis US – 46 TTC (Feral Druid)
  8. soulhost – Dragonblight eu – 43TTC
  9. Cottoncandy – Shadowsong EU – 43 TTC
  10. Necrocaster – Suramar US – 40 TTC
  11. Halvbakad – Stormscale-EU – 40 TTC (Protection Paladin)
  12. Hotekton – Lightninghoof  US – 39 TTC
  13. Melaena – Dragonmaw EU – 39 TTC
  14. Sark – SilvermoonEU – 36 TTC
  15. Xqo – Illidan US – 36 TTC (Elemental Shaman)
  16. Drransom –  Kul-Tiras US – 35 TTC  (Balance Druid)
  17. Bananafofana – Kael’Thas US – 33 TTC (Feral Druid)
  18. Sark – Silvermoon EU – 33 TTC
  19. Xuniz – Stormrage US – 33 TTC
  20. Centavo – Shadowsong EU – 32 TTC
  21. Lorage – Lightning’s Blade US – 32 TTC
  22. Reaper-Khaz’Goroth US -31TTC Frost DK
  23. Canaletto – Azuremyst EU – 31 TTC
  24. Larliia – Exodar US – 31 TTC  (Beast Mastery Hunter)
  25. Ðeathlol – Kel’Thuzad – 30TTC
  26. Deathsword – Windrunner US – 29 TTC
  27. Deluxxe – Anvilmar – 28 TTC
  28. Derutak – Korgath US – 27 TTC
  29. Draanor – Kirin Tor – 26 TTC
  30. Barcyonz – Bleeding Hollow US – 26 TTC
  31. Protigy – Proudmoore US – 25 TTC (Arms Warrior)
  32. Aminall – Gnomeregan US – 24 TTC (Marksman Hunter)
  33. Mordeel – Magtheridon EU – 24 TTC
  34. Disposer – The Underbog US- 23TTC (Blood Death Knight)
  35. Relicacousin – Draenor US – 23 TTC
  36. Domei- Gilneas US – 22 TTC
  37. Ceríalkiller – Vek’nilash EU – 22 TTC
  38. Ithree – Sylvanas EU – 22 TTC
  39. Dignar – Blade’s Edge EU – 21 TTC
  40. Roil – Perenolde – 21 TTC
  41. Sark – Silvermoon EU – 21 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  42. Bladeyama –  Ravencrest US – 20 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  43. Magforte – Arathor US – 20 TTC (Arcane Mage)
  44. olstevedk – Thunderhorn EU – 20 TTC (Fury Warrior)
  45. Vondak – Nesingwary US – 20 TTC
  46. Drusylla ~ Ravencrest US ~ 19 TTC
  47. Thedwin – Drenden US – 19 TTC
  48. Yuuta – Proudmoore – 17 TTC (Protection Warrior)
  49. Conona – Gilneas US- 17 TTC
  50. Angryyankee – Durotan US – 17 TTC
  51. Veipor – Moonrunner US – 15 TTC
  52. Teril – Winterhoof US – 15 TTC (Elemental Shaman)
  53. Bladeofmagic – Lethon Us – 14 TTC
  54. Calliann – Runetotem – 14 TTC
  55. Valaric – Turalyon US – 13 TTC
  56. GavinMiles – Hydraxis – 12 TTC
  57. Housegob – Sauerfang EU – 12 TTC (Arcane Mage)
  58. Avalar – Terokkar US – 11 TTC
  59. Adzriel – Malfurion US – 11 TTC (Affliction Warlock)
  60. Magick – Zenedar EU – 8 TTC
  61. Wingover – Mazrigos EU – 6 TTC (Balance Druid)
  62. Beldara – Cenarion Circle US  – 4 TTC (Rogue)
  63. Rocherwind – Lothar US – 2 TTC

    22 replies to "TTC Contest Update"

    • Derutak

      I did my run last night netting 27 TTC (had an earlier I didn’t submit for 25 also). Just a followup note on the 27. So far, I’ve netted >2000g from it, mainly by using my mage (tailor) to make 377 pvp items from the 200+ embersilk collected and selling them on AH. Also got lucky and had +50 int bracer enchant drop in one of the chests. Current asking rate on AH ~7000g on our server. May take awhile to sell, and may not get that price, but my one hour is probably going to net me between 7k and 10k gold when all is said and done.

      My first run of 25 I auctioned everything just to see how it went (cloth, enchanting mats from D/Eing greens, volatiles, ore) and netted ~1500g from it.

      Nice suggestion. Before seeing this contest I had assumed that potion of treasure finding merely meant a chance for a few extra gold to drop and never bothered with it. Little did I know. 🙂

      • Derutak

        I case you wonder, a breakdown on auctions from 25 TTC (every server has different prices of course):

        11 stacks embersilk X 80 = 880 (about 100 collected by looting, rest from chests)
        5 greater celestial essense X 70 = 350
        1 heavenly shared = 98
        10 pyrite ore (sold as 2×5 @ 40) = 80
        6 elementium ore x 4 = 24
        4 volatile fire x 4 = 16
        9 volatile water x 4 = 36
        7 volatile earth x 2.5 = 17.5
        5 volatile air x 6 = 30

        total = a little over 1500

        I actually didn’t even count the gold collected from looting directly or from vending grey/white junk. Not sure, but it was probably about 200-300 on top of the 1500 from the AH.

    • tormont

      I have done 3 potions as 84 DK (terokkar server) killing 82 troggs in deepholm. Got 8 chests; then 13 chests; then 6 chests. Made less than 200G off everything each time: 187.67 G in 2nd round and 181.56 G in 3rd round. My DK is poorly outfitted, just items picked up questing. Drops on blue items perhaps 2-3 each round. Mostly cloth. Chests have 2-3 g + mostly cloth, sometimes a few fire,water,earth…etc. which I need anyway for inscription. I can get more gold per hour questing.

      • Mabus

        Even though I’m trying to win the contest, it has netted me over 2500g in one hour of farming with 51 ttc.. never ever thought that this would be great, but it is!

    • Kevin

      Is it better to not be 85 to get so many chests? I tried the same area where all the troggs spawn but there was no getting more than 23 chests.

    • Hejgaard

      I do have a big problem with other people while trying to do this 🙂

      I had my second go tonight, and pulled 37 TTC.
      People were everywhere though, and i was constantly competing with some1 for the spawns – How will you know i wasn’t cheating? It seems like the addon is telling us everytime some1 was near me, but i didn’t have any help at all (they just took my trolls)
      I actually got ganked at the very end too (Hurra for PvP servers).

      Should i just keep going or do i have to find a time when noone is there (will be impossible when playing on a full server)

      Having a great deal of fun though, and that comes from a person who has never ever tried to farm 🙂

    • Paul

      I would have expected a DK to win. I tried with my hunter and nearly died because those troggs spawns increadibly fast. I had to pull them away from their spawn point to kill them so I had time to loot. I think after about 20 minutes or so of a less than aggressive killing I received 7 ttc. So, I doubt I would have made it to the running.

    • Same Keybord As Me

      I think you and me got the same keybord. Mine is Razer Arctosa. Is that the same that you got? ^^. Just happened to see that

      • Dugi

        @Same Keybord As Me, yes it is, I’m a bit disappointed with the volume button that cracked because of the fragile plastic

        • Same Keybord As Me

          @Dugi, very srry to hear that 🙁

    • Remus611

      Ummm…surely you are not going to award yourself your own prize in your own contest. I’m mildly surprised you entered at all, other than to “set a bar” for others to achieve. And 52 is pretty amazing; congrats on that one! But in the end I’m assuming Suapmeat will still win that card (unless someone else tosses in an incredible run soon), as I can’t imagine a business allowing their own people to participate and compete for their own prizes.

      • Dugi

        @Remus611, I want to make sure that first place is not a comfortable position 😉

    • JimmyJoeBob

      Seems to me that this contest is, like World of Warcraft in general, aimed at the best geared players in the game. Maybe you ought to just sent the notifications to those people who have well geared toons. If you cant kill the mobs very fast, it will be a “Cold Day in ****” before you will be able to win this contest. So, for those of us who have yet to “Gear up” a toon, this is a waste of time.

      • Kornky (Halvbakad)

        @JimmyJoeBob, sry but i cant say i agree with you on the gear part, when i did the 40ttc run, my palas tank gear was more or less 350-353ilvl (aka ****, by the standards). And tbh getting gear in todays WoW is not hard, blizz is basicly giving it to you.

        All i can say is “Improvise, adapt and conquer”

        Btw totally forgot to check up on how the contest progress, and **** 52TTC nice going!
        maybe i should try again, since i´ve aquired better “tank farm gear” lol.

      • Dugi

        @JimmyJoeBob, in some farming spot in Deepholm you will get to the point where better gear doesn’t even benefit you and what will slow you down the most is looting the corpses itself as you can only loot so many Corpse per hour.

        that I think minimizing travel time in certain spot is also the key.

      • Bladeyama

        @JimmyJoeBob, well gear your toon and stop complaining

    • Sweetiehart

      (“Wingover – Mazrigos EU – 6 TTC (Retribution Paladin)”)
      Lol. I don’t think my Moonkin Druid looks much like a Ret Pala.

    • nnn1506

      i have done 10 ttc so far farming in uldum but that 52 in an hour is quite incredible

    • Goldmoon

      cannot get any potion of treasure to get chest, so gave up
      This contest is ok if you have a good sever I am on a **** one

      potion going for 300 each and not many mats on A/H (cost of all mats for 1 potion and for alchemist to make 199g

      So contest probably ok for season plays with plenty of gold

      Good luck all

    • Ragadam

      It’s hard when you are a Priest 🙁

    • Snyggve

      you like you mac?

      • Dugi


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