Please leave your comment below by guessing what feature will use the Yellow button described in the video. If you can’t think of anything just enter what you would really like to see in an in-game leveling guide.

Prizes: 1 of 10 Pre-Paid Game Time for World of Warcraft (30 day)

Contest Rules:

  • Contest will end when the comment section are closed on Sunday night July 24th.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn and announced in this blog then contacted by email, so make sure the email you use to comment is correct.
  • A correct guess of what the yellow button does, will give you a higher chance to win the prize.
  • 1 entry per person please.

    277 replies to "Dugi Guides 5 Announcement"

    • Dugi

      Contest is now officially closed and we will announce more details about the feature later today! 🙂

    • GrayW

      I think it will show you a model of who you are looking for 😛

    • Jack

      I think that the new levelling guide will show u which way to go to get back into the instance because that red arrow hardly works that well also maybe might include which bosses to do first in a dungeon. maybe a pvp strategy guide.

    • Kevin

      I think the yellow button will have something to do with integrating your professions with your current leveling quests. Maybe just a secondary guide that you can have running in conjunction with the leveling guide.

    • Admiera

      I think the yellow button will automatically skip to the quest you should be on to level the fastest way possible.

    • jos3ph

      The yellow button will be used for displaying some kind of additional quest info or mabe a different rout to take to a specific quest objective.

    • Gammon2

      Yellow button will be for primary quests or the most gold can get out of the quests.

    • Costa

      The yellow button selects the best point in a guide best suited for your current situation.

    • Herman

      I think the yellow button is pressed if you want to visit a trainer. It lets you choose which kind of trainer you need and then implements the nearest trainer of that sort in your quest line, so you will automatically be redirected to that trainer, once the guide is at a point close to that trainer. If that is not the meaning, well, it should be, lol.

    • Silvery Corgan

      I think that the yellow button is going to automatically select the guide that is suitable to your level, so that you won’t choose a wrong guide. For example you quest in Westfall till level 15. Then you Dungeon till level 30. You want to quest some more but usually you would go to Redridge but that is a lower level. Therefore it automatically choses the correct area.

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