By tommorow WoW patch 4.2 will be live and I’m also pleased to announced that our Daily Quest Guides have been updated to include the new daily quests hub in Mount Hyjal and the zone The Molten Front.

To download new guides simply update to the latest version of Dugi Guides 4.7812

and you will find the new guides under the Dailies/Events tab (see screenshot below)

Note that you will need to already own our Dailies & Events guide to receive this free update.

Our ‘The Earthern Ring’ reputation guide have also been updated to include the new solo ‘The Call of the World Shaman’ quest line which will reward you with an epic cloak for your class.

I hope you enjoy patch 4.2 and our Daily Quest Guides update.


    37 replies to "Daily Quest Guides Update (The Molten Front)"

    • alexhit

      Thanks Dugi!

    • A.Pirri

      I down loaded the new installer but the play button never worked since the upgrade and the Dailies and Event guide will not update.There is no upgrade for the new firelands section the molten front. I did upgrade to the latest version but it’s still not working.

    • Anthony Caldwell

      The green button is an automatic quest dumper it dumps unnecessary quests likes grays etc…

    • Korchoon


      It seems that your latest update 4.7855 has caused your auto-accept quest option to be always on whether I have toggled it off in the settings or not. This stops me from turning in the Daralan Jewelers quests without first logging off and turning off your addon, logging in and turn in the quest then logging off again to turn your addon back on and logging back in – A pain!!!

      Also, it seems that Dugi’s arrow still moves between logins even though the ‘lock arrow’ in on.


      • Dugi

        update to 4.7857 to fix this error, and the arrow doesn’t move between logins.

    • Bamsen

      Thanks Dugi!

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