Please leave your comment below by guessing what feature will use the Yellow button described in the video. If you can’t think of anything just enter what you would really like to see in an in-game leveling guide.

Prizes: 1 of 10 Pre-Paid Game Time for World of Warcraft (30 day)

Contest Rules:

  • Contest will end when the comment section are closed on Sunday night July 24th.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn and announced in this blog then contacted by email, so make sure the email you use to comment is correct.
  • A correct guess of what the yellow button does, will give you a higher chance to win the prize.
  • 1 entry per person please.

    277 replies to "Dugi Guides 5 Announcement"

    • Mase188

      I think the yellow button is gonna be a feture that will auto make the quests adjust to your level =]

    • BlueMistress

      The yellow button will give more info on the quest chain.

    • Lenny G

      i think the yellow button will open up the map that connects all the quests togther. Can’t wait to find out

    • Lucas

      I think the yellow button is a quick quest turn in button for quests that are a chain from the same quest givers. It would relieve the hassle of running across map to kill 4 mobs and back to quest giver just to had back out that way again multiple times.

    • Royce

      i hope the yellow botton would clear up vague quest info giving more clear explainations.

    • Michelle

      I’m guessing the yellow button will open up a comment feature designed to let players comment about that particular quest. “The object you’re looking for is behind the stump” or “Make sure you you dismiss pet before trying this or it won’t work.” Comments are uploaded to Dugi’s forums and other players who push the yellow button can then see them!

      I know.. this is a bit extreme, but Dugi is Extreme! 🙂

      Also, a suggestion about making sure entries really are “one entry per person”. Please sort list of entrants by name and remove duplicates before doing your random drawing! Last time at least 3 people won twice. Excel 2007 and up has a feature for removing duplicates. 🙂

    • Alberto

      The new version looks awesome, I guess that the yellow buttom could be an indicator of the status in a quest chain =)


      i think the yellow button will open the map to the quests u have so u can find them faster

    • Thomas Hinshaw

      I think the yellow button will take u to quest automatically in your area, or allows you to skip some quests and do others whithout always showing ones you havent done

    • Sean

      The yellow button will more than likely be used to open up the quest log to the certain quest so that you can easily look up more information, or maybe it will allow you to click it and it will /tar either the quest giver or mobs so that its easier to find (maybe even mark them).

    • Scott

      I think the yellow button will reset the way point arrow for the quests where tracking is off

    • Chambers

      I think the yellow button will be an auto run to wherever the quest is. That would be cool.

    • janetta007

      The yellow button will give a more detailed descriptiom of the quest you are doing. To help you complete the faster.

    • Ramon

      Yellow Button= BING 85!

    • Binksy34

      I think the yellow button will provide quest info from wowwiki / wowhead or somewhere similar.

    • Magistaire

      The yellow button will order me a pizza and go get me a drink whenever clicked, ultimately speeding up my leveling process. No more pesky breaks for eating 🙂

    • Masterrouge

      I think the YELLOW BUTTON will auto pilot you to the arrows location.

    • Michelle

      My guess is that it will be a feature to open up a small frame and it will show a “how to do” video.


      Hello Dugi!!

      My guess is that the yellow button in game would be a quest destination auto route. We just need to press the yellow button and our toon will automatically walk/run to the quest destination.

      Thank you!!

    • Secret

      The yellow button will autopilot you to the arrows location.

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