Please leave your comment below by guessing what feature will use the Yellow button described in the video. If you can’t think of anything just enter what you would really like to see in an in-game leveling guide.

Prizes: 1 of 10 Pre-Paid Game Time for World of Warcraft (30 day)

Contest Rules:

  • Contest will end when the comment section are closed on Sunday night July 24th.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn and announced in this blog then contacted by email, so make sure the email you use to comment is correct.
  • A correct guess of what the yellow button does, will give you a higher chance to win the prize.
  • 1 entry per person please.

    277 replies to "Dugi Guides 5 Announcement"

    • Kathy Sandidge

      Because of the location of the yellow button on the guide bar, I’m also gonna go with clicking the yellow button skips/completes the useless gray and green quests and takes you right to the optimum area and quests for leveling. This would be a great feature, esp for folks with guild and heirloom bonuses. depending on gear, I have out leveled an area less than halfway through the guide.

      other features? maybe an achievement tracker that can tell where you are and clue you into potential achievement ticks, i.e. “hey, you’re in Exodar, look around for skunks” or “in Orgrimar? be sure to read these books while you’re here!”

      Maybe a pop up to potential loot when you mouse over a rare? I hate going to all the trouble of killing a rare and getting something not worth the time.

      I don’t think the yellow button would be an auto share, but a feature to recognize when you’re in a group and give you quick option to share quests would be pretty neat.

      Honestly it’s tough to think of new features that will make questing and leveling faster cause Dugi guides already rock it so hard!

    • Tattanka

      I have two things that might be cool functionality for the yellow button:

      1: if the mob is a named mob, will target the mob and put a raid target icon on them to make them easier to find.

      2: if the quest has several areas that can be used to complete the quest, will cycle thru their waypoints so that you can use the arrow to jump around w/out having to use the map, etc.

    • WolfJake

      It is most definitely an “automatic quest accepter”

    • Mynusninegmt


      I can’t wait for the new release. The current guide has helped me lvl my low level toons so quickly, can’t wait to see what the new version will be capable of.

      I think the new yellow button has a few possibilities as to what it could be used for to help in leveling:

      1. Auto Tracking: to keep track of how many items or kills you have so far for the quest.
      2. Auto Target: if you’re in the area, click on this yellow button to target the item or NPC.
      3. Sharing: if your in a group it will allow you to share the quest with all members in the group.

    • Kenneth R Gardner

      I think the yellow button will be a “smart skip” button.

    • david standley

      i think the yellow button will be part of a new “achievements” guide to find the things you need to do in the area you are in

    • Tolke

      I think the yellow button will summon your mount and auto pilot to the next target. That would be awesome !!

    • malak4060

      I think the yellow button will skip to the best possibe guide for your level or point in the current guide for your level, also I think it will dump all quest which are either green or grey 🙂

      Looking forward to the HUGE update 😀

    • Michael J Iacovino

      I think it is going to be an autopilot button to get you to the quest location or back to the quest giver to turn in the quest.

    • Manon Gelens

      I think the yellow button will put the current quest in your guide at the top of the quest list on the screen.

    • Mace

      As its a yellow button, it skips/drops to all yellow quests so u can maximize xp an level alot faster.

    • Skiwolf

      I think the yellow button will start a walk thru text to help you level quicker

    • Dragonsys

      The little yellow button.. maybe it will target the questgiver, making it easier to find them, via the minimap.

    • Stardock007

      A new feature will allow you to tell how many quests you need to complete in order to level.


      I think it will be an autotarget button

    • NumbNose

      I think the yellow button will be to bring up the quest test notes

    • Nyneaveh

      Looks pretty already Dugi.

      As for that yellow button, I’m hoping it’ll be somewhat similar in function to Zygor’s Smart Injection System, meaning the guide will be able to keep track of your experience and level and skip quests or entire zones if you don’t gain he best advantage from doing them as opposed to doing quests elsewhere.

      To make it easier for the user, they wouldn’t have to pick what zone and what quests to do anymore. This would be of immense help to those who quest with heirlooms and are gaining all experience benefits from a decently leveled guild as well.

    • Stormy

      I think the yellow button will show you if there is a rare drop in the quest or a bonus of some type. Whatever it is, its always good with Dugi !

    • Jeremy

      I think the yellow button will directly control your toon to the designated location for quest!!! hope I am right

    • Colin

      I thnk its for remote access to accept hand in quests

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