Please leave your comment below by guessing what feature will use the Yellow button described in the video. If you can’t think of anything just enter what you would really like to see in an in-game leveling guide.

Prizes: 1 of 10 Pre-Paid Game Time for World of Warcraft (30 day)

Contest Rules:

  • Contest will end when the comment section are closed on Sunday night July 24th.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn and announced in this blog then contacted by email, so make sure the email you use to comment is correct.
  • A correct guess of what the yellow button does, will give you a higher chance to win the prize.
  • 1 entry per person please.

    277 replies to "Dugi Guides 5 Announcement"

    • Racko

      I think the yellow button will trigger a list of things that you can accomplish at your current level in the current zone… i.e. Herbalism 30-60, Mining 25-35, Cooking 30-60, etc…

    • mallo

      i think the yellow button is some extra info and steps on completing the quest that u’re doing….

    • Jayme

      The yellow button is a Full viewer mood so you can see all the steps for the quest 🙂

    • Juebar

      maybe the feature is like what next quest grants you the most xp per second (or minute). To optimize playtime again.


      maybe you just click on the orange button to combine the fast leveling with the lore-guide or another achievement guide so you would not have to switch between the guides. You just select what achievement(s) to reach and then combine the and two part-guides and “play them down”.

      Anyways… I’m very exited on the new features.

    • Ragadam

      Daily Q or Reputation.

    • bim

      quest auto tracking?

    • Morphedego

      I think the yellow button will have something to do with the talent specializations. Or it will predict what the next guide would be. The green button feasts the current guide, Tue yellow Hutton predicted what the next guide will be.

    • Valicent

      A guide that will scale to the extra experience bonuses of heirloom items.

    • Tahol

      I think it cause an auto attack to trigger so you’ll be targeting the right mob

    • Dashing

      A Talent and Spec Guide was probably added for every specific class, yellow button: automatically selects guide that is/will be most effective once you have past the level of a certain zone

    • Jeff

      I think it will allow you to see the Quest information without being on that quest or in the que.



    • Dalton

      I think this new guild will include all the old tips and tricks on how to level up fast, and include a LOT more tips and tricks.
      I also think this new guide will include what dungeons you should que for specifically or what levels to que for dungeons since some dungeons are long and a waste of time…
      I think the guide will also have tips on what you should do during specific festivals during the year.

    • chris golden

      I say some of the new things will be achevments, profession lvling, battle ground quests……I think that yellow button will open the map up so u can see where the quests location is without u having to open the map that’s my guess

    • venomie

      An external link to wowhead/thotthbot (in other words extra information)

    • Xelitex

      Will this be a update for my dugi guide now or will i have to pay for this now im confused?? my laptop sound card is broken

    • Netrom

      Maybe its just a “Track quest” button?

    • Joakim

      Justin stole my answer.

      The yellow thingy turns red if the quest is to hard for you, or if you’re to high for it.

    • Artumis

      though i would love it to be that ^
      i think you will update the fastest quests/ routs for questing. i think the yellow button when clicked will automatically set the next zone guide for you when you finish a zone?

    • Ramon

      Lore Guide, Hunter pet Guide, Mabey something like what dungeons you could Q up for that would be the most efficient for leveling. a class quest guide WOOT WOOT!!

    • Justin

      Auto walk to where you are supposed to go! lol

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