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    823 replies to "Dugi Guide Competition (March 2011)"

    • Ugmar

      Having started several Blood Elf toons, Silvermoon has a special attachment, but including other races I’d have to say Ashenvale. Enjoyed it before during BC (as a Horde), but enjoyed it even more afer Cataclysm. (Maybe because I was now using Dugi Guides – lol!).

    • Milord

      Honestly, I have to say that I have more than one favorite zone since I play both Horde and Alliance characters (always good to know the strength and weakness of your enemies) as well as pre and post Cataclysm zones. The pre Cataclysm zone would have to be the Eastern Plaguelands for both the Horde and the Alliance, the first time you get to Lights Hope Chapel and then having to fight the opposing faction for control of the towers. While the post cataclysm zone for the Alliance would have to be the Redridge Mountains, that whole Bravo company quest line is a hoot and the most fun I’ve had as a low level toon in a while. As for the Horde it would have to be the Thousand Needles zone, getting to start then watch the bar fight was way to much fun. One thing for sure is the more I explore the post Cataclysm zones the more I realize that WoW is on the right track.

    • Bloodsharp

      I loved Thousand Needles just the hills were so high questing there was fun and the race track i enjoyed to see the cars race its ashamed that its flooded with water but just the atmosphere finally Done Barrens then going to this place were i thought blizz out did them self

    • Daniel

      Mine is tanaris 🙂 love the desert with a mix of ocean i just love doing quest there 🙂 and since its contested you can qui some ally LOL

    • David

      My favorite area has to be The Forsaken’s starting zone, Tirisfal Glades. Other than being the first race I ever played on WoW, I just remember how cool it was to start such an epic journey in a grave!! I’ve played many races and classes since then, but I’ll always have a soft spot for undead mages, and WoW because of that start.

    • Jadant

      Of the many toons I’ve made, and the testing of add-on’s, I’d have to say my favorite place would be Silvermoon/Quel’Thalas region. I’ve found that I am a ‘leveller’ and thoroughly enjoy this particular area of the game, having started and deleted many toons for minor infractions and serious wrong doings. I find the colors more soothing than the dry arid starting areas, and the fun factor still causes me to appreciate the designers sense of humor.

    • Terry Windham

      I’m a huge fan of the Goblin starting zone. It offers so much to entertain a player. I just haven’t gotten tired of it. I loved it during beta and that hasn’t changed w/ Cataclysm. Visually it is gorgeous & brings in so many interesting locations.

    • Robert

      Once Cataclysm came out, definitely the Goblin Starter area. The beginning quests for the goblins is a lot of fun…some downright hilarious! Driving the car during the starter quests was a lot of fun, and a time saver while you had it to use 🙂

    • Gina Shillitani

      I’d have to say mine is the Goblin starting areas also. I don’t often play Horde side, but after hearing about the cars and the quests I just had to make a goblin! I haven’t gotten that far with it, but the parts I have done have been a lot of fun. Not your typical serious, melodramatic WoW opening sequence, for sure!

    • Matthew Bucheger

      I personally like the region of Arathi Highlands. It is a good mining spot for tin and silver. You can get some awesome dinosaur pets for hunters. The quests are all in a big line so you dont have to run from one side to another trying to quest.

    • Manuel Motta

      This was a hard choice.But, I would have to say the Redridge Mountains after the new expansion would be my favorite. With the new quest line where you work for the covert “navy seal” like operations. This is a fun and a different kind of story line. Before the new expantion it would have to be the zone of Duskwood. I think the quest line in this area tell best story of all the other areas in the game. And, being a low level running down the road for Darkshire to the Raven hill Cemetary as Stitches (a 29 elite) was walking toward you was always fun.

    • Daniel Partin

      For me, back in the day, Tanaris was the best zone in the game. It was the first zone where i started to feel like i was finally getting somewhere. The quest where more of a challenge, and to me actually started have meaning. this was the first zone i actually had to find someone to help me; following that chicken was rough back then. And, The Caverns of Time was something like i had never experienced before, and IMO something that has yet to be top in WoW.
      This zone also opened up one of my favorite instances, Zul’farrak. I used to love running this place, from the big dragon (which i can’t remember the name of now), to the encounter on the stairs where the villagers attack you. Always made me feel so powerful after beating that place.
      There was always so much to do in that zone. I loved it.

    • Will Satterfield

      My favorite zone would have to be Gnomer. All the lore and history that it has been a part of makes it truly a unique place. I can’t tell you how many times before Cata came out I ran alts through that incredibly loooooong dungeon. While I was sad to see it go, I was really excited to help take it back with the Gnomes and thus make it their new starting zone in Cata! Finally the Gnomes are no longer just second class citizens!! I hope in future expansions the Gnome storyline will continue and Gnomer will be a part of Azeroth for all time!

    • Robert Anderson

      My favorite zone would have to be duskwood. I think the quests tell a great story, and there is something about questing in a cemetary that I just enjoy! I was worried they would mess the zone up when Cataclysm came out, and I took my character through the zone with my dugi guide as soon as the expansion was out. The guide helped me do the quests in the proper order and I found I enjoyed the zone even more with the guide than I had without it!

    • phionex

      I’m new to the game and with Dugi Guide. I like it all

    • Janaya

      Oh boy. It is really hard to pick what my favorite 1-60 zone has to be. I am stuck between Westfall 1-15 and Duskwood 15-20. But since I am required to choose one it would be Duskwood. I am choosing this because of how all the quests come together at the ending. The guide has your run in order a lot of quests for Abercrombie, who seems innocent at first. But it prepares you for when Abercrombie attempts to destroy Darkshire by burning it down at the ending of the guide. I never really played each zone completely because i would be a high enough level to move to the different zones after dungeons, but no matter the level, i stayed in Duskwood just to follow the guide. After using the leveling guide with my 25 Worgen druid, i went back to Duskwood with my 75 Draenei shaman just to use the guide and do the quest line.This is the best zone for the leveling guide!

      Many thanks for the amazing guide!
      Resto-Enchancement Shaman

    • Lethorsham

      My favorite leveling zone of all time has to be badlands from Cataclysm. I was never a fan of leveling prior to cata but i decided to make a priest to lvl to see the new content. I got to badlands and i had a ball. The best quests there are when you run into the 3 exiled npcs (the gnome, the dwarf, and the orc) that quest line at that point was so fun that i was literally laughing so hard my roommate was wondering what was going on. That is why badlands is my favorite questing zone from 1-60 of all time.

    • Mike Anderson

      My favorite zone is Un’Goro Crater. It was like stepping back in time with the dinosaurs, tar pits and such. And then to have a volcano in the middle, all the better. Being a leather worker, it was also a great place to gather leather. It is also a good zone to find herbs and metal too. Because it is a little out of the way, it is a good zone to get away from the crowds. Finally, there were many little hidden spots in the mountains with some interesting things to find. The “extra” quests related to the crystal and the crystal pylons added an extra dinension.

      Crosseye 85 Hunter

    • Warsxx

      Well my favorite questing zone from 1-60 would have to be Stranglethon, i say this because not only is it a fun place but it has a lot of different experiences for low level starters which could make them experience fun at the same time as a large part of the map…which could help them with such places as tanris…and also i think stranglethorn is the breaking point for a lot of starters from being a “noob” to a “Great WoW player!! So that is why i think stranglethorn is the greatest and all time my favorite questing zone!

      Human shadow/discipline priest

    • Jim Myers

      I happen to think Stranglethorn, both parts, is where the game is at it’s finest. The mixture of troll sites with jungle beasts makes it intense for it’s level range, and though those dominate the terrain, the story lines are diverse and challenging. I’ve done the Nessingwary quests on several toons and still find the leveling through this zone to be the most enjoyable and rewarding.

      85 Survival/Beastmaster Hunter

      • papac

        The Goblin starting area…I created a new character to get ready for the Loremaster update and had so much fun with him. I already had a Goblin that i made before i got your guide and he took me so long to level because I couldn’t find all the quests…so this was double the fun because not only did I complete every quest, but in record time (for me any way)(lol)…

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