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    823 replies to "Dugi Guide Competition (March 2011)"

    • Caaki

      I must say that my favorite zone has to be the changes made to the Barrens. I love that they have split up the zone so that it doesn’t take forever to go from one end to the other when questing. The quest line is amazing, the visual effects from the expansion look fantastic. The fact that there has been added flight masters make life a lot easier. I think that Blizz has truly thought about the leveling experience and have done their best to not make the quests easy, but make the time between all questing and travel a more relaxed experience.

    • Optimasprime

      I would have to say my favorite dungen would be Shadow Fang Keep. It is fun and exciting and since Cataclysm it has been made tougher. I think that is great, makes you start working as a team which prepares you for the further dungens in Cataclysm. It makes the game more intersting by having the challenges within the dungen. I also love the fact that it is also part of the lv.85 dungens.


    • oxcraig

      I have always enjoyed going through Gnomeregan. For me it was easy to understand and hard to get lost. Whenever my friends needed a guide I would jump to the plate and lead the way. This was like a right-of-passage for all my alts.

    • Ravenson

      My Nannie lets me play on her account when I am at her house along with my sister. I have a hunter and I think I like Redridge the best so far. I really liked the commando guys and having to drive that tank type thing to wipe out the bad guys. that was pretty cool.

    • WoWFerp

      My favourite zone Is definitely the blood elf starting zone from level 1-25 it’s where my adventure began in WoW and its where I met all the friends and experiences I still have today. It’s also one of the zones that I find really cheery and was always just a great zone for levelling and it really has been one of the best experiences in the game wen we first started and the excitement of trying to be the best and how unaware we all were of what to come. That’s why it was and still is my favourite place in the game

    • Colette

      My favorite dungeon is Shadowfang Keep. It has plenty of lore onc eyou have completed the quests leading up to it and it is one of the only dungeons it doesnt seem like Blizzard imitated elsewhere. Its got neat boss fights and a cool design.

    • Deadhunter

      My favorite Cata zone has to be Badlands, because i enjoyed the Quest, The day that Deathwing came. On all my 8 toons even if some were 85. And thats y i love bandlands 🙂

    • Irishflame1

      Honestly I loved the revamp of Durotar. It was just fun to go through something I had done like 10 times already and it be different and fun.

    • Orendar

      Maybe not the most popular spot in Azeroth… but my favourite none the less is Dun Morough… and more specifically the area around Gnomeregan, where you start out as a low level Gnome character… first of all, Gnomes are a funny little race.. always tinkering about with some fancy gadget and so full of personality… Questing in this area while i was starting off with my Gnome preist was great fun… The area is open and bright with great scenery and a very interesting story line…. Learning more about the fall of the great Gnomish Capital and it’s subsequent demise… And all those poor little irradiated Gnomes! I also enjoyed the relationship between the Gnomes and the Iron Forge Dwarves that was born of the War that caused the Gnomes to become homeless… Iron Forge is only a stones throw away from Gnomeregan, so I chose to be a Miner/Skinner and Dun Morough is literally full of copper and tin nodes and there is no shortage of skinnable animals around either…. Overall a great area to start out and get a good boost for those who enjoy the gathering professions…. and a real easy place to make some low level cash too…

    • darkcupid

      hi,its darkcupid here and the level zone 1-60 is for me still the zone off westfall i like the surroundings becaus it remembers me to the old day’s off my childhood playing in the grassy area and making fun.
      what i like also off the zone is the murlocs becaus they have a funny voice and make me always laugh what the dungeon ar that i like and blow me away is the ragefire chasm at the horde place it has always been a challenge for to run in the horde base to get into that impossible barriage of horde playersthat you need to cross befor you can enter the dungeon buth it gives me satisfaction to enter the combat whit the horde and then entering the dungeon when they can’t follow you at all once entered .

    • Jeremy

      My favorite zone was the one, the only, Westfall! Why? Because if you actually follow the lore behind it, it makes it a great place to learn about what the Defias brotherhood did. It is also a really good place to level your professions as well, because there is an abundant supply or herbs and ore’s all over the place. Plus you get a pet chicken. Who’s not happy with that?

    • wowlegacy

      My favorite instance would be shadow fang keep becuz it is just so interesting and fun i remember the first time i tanked that dungeon i ended up running through about four rooms back and out of the instance becuz my friends that was in my group thought it was funny. but i love that instance :] good memories

    • szindbad31

      My favourite zone is Elwynn Fortest. When I was started playing with World of Warcraft this was the first zone I ever played. When Cataclysm anounced, i was afraid of that Elwynn will changed, and an ugly red, molten scar will tear apart the zone. I love the atmosphere of this zone. I love to sit there, hearing natural voices, and watching nature, and just relax. I have always a pleasent nostalgic feeling when im in Elwynn. Sorry about my English, im from a country where we didnt learn this language.

    • chaosgremlin

      I would have to say my favorite place was and is stv= stranglethorn vale.It was back when i was leveling my first toon that i actually found i was able to help my group with my rogue.. before then i was sooo lost (read that as Noob).We being a horde guild used to enjoy jumping out of the zep early so we could head off to Deadmines for the mad lootz and greens for our chanters,jumping out early don`t wiork anymore .Also we used to get together regularly for what we called the Guild Kill at the arena .Its the place where even low level players could gang up on our 60s /70s and kick our *** .Those were the days .Who can forget the Nesingwary quests and being petrified that all those dang animals were going to aggro at once. I still go to STV regularly for fishing derby and cross faction AH .STV ranks above winterspring in my books because of its versatility and i find that there are a great mix of players there from geared out 85s to lookie loos at 10 who take the boat from Ratchett.I (tongue planted firmly in cheek) don`t want this to make your decision harder if i win , this Prize will be given as s guild award during our Easter draw .Plz excuse the typing; we just call this chaos speak

    • MaRcoX

      I really love the Leveling of “15_20_Redridge_ Mountains” is really quick and easy thanks DUGIS

    • Cooler

      My all time favorite zone would have to be Ashenvale due toi the fact that the music is exceptionally fantastic as well as soothing. The other reason I love this zone is because it is visually verry stunning to me. I love all of the blues and purples tha are the primary solors of the landscape.

    • Marco Romero Aliaga

      Bueno despues de probar las guias me encanta el leveleo 20_25_Duskwood.lua es muy pero muy rapido realmente increible excelente guia dugis felicitaciones y sigue adelante aca los latinos te apoyamos

    • Kawattie

      I had a lot of fun questing thousand needles in cataclysm it was a very unique and different questing environment

    • Climm

      My favorite zone is Elwynn Forest. I think most of us know the feeling such as: the sentimental feeling we all have for our home town where we are born and grown up in; the attachment feeling we have with a few great “bff”, friends, we made in grades school; the never forgotten name of the first girl we fell inloved with; the first heart break, the first kiss, the first dance and song…

      Elwynn Forrest is the all of the above and more for me. My first toon was created here. My first quest, first spell, first kill, first experience point, and love for WoW started in Elwynn Forrest. However; the thing that top it all is the music background of Elwynn Forrest that really make me love this zone. A few zone came close, namely Sholazar Basin.

      This is how silly and nutz I am about this zone; Unlike most of players came to Elwynn Forrest, specifically to Goldshire to dual and to show off their gears, pets and mounts, I came for the background music of Elwynn Forrest. Found myself a nice quiet spot and just sit down and reminiscing. 🙂

    • atineb

      I love the birth place of my paladin which was Silvermoon. It was a relaxed environment that introduced me to
      the game and leveling up and made me feel unthreathen to play the game which I am a advid player.

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