The video below demonstrate how to you can use our Standard Leveling Guide along side with our Dungeon Guide, make sure you watch this if you’re new to dungeons.



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    • drlenperk

      This has to be one of the best additions yet! Dugi your stuff is well worth any price. To those that may be upset about buying additional stuff. Just remember one thing ITS WORTH IT!!!! my game play is so much more enjoyable and I am trying out new races and classes because of these guided.
      As for the video I loved it these are so helpfull. Could I put in a request to get a video on how to use the talented addon if possible because it is still confusing to me.
      Finally I would just like to say that these guides are a must for all players new and experienced the information in them is unbelievable. Keep up the great work Dugi and please keep ’em comin!!!!

    • tullistus

      ok lets not attack frojax, he is obviously frustrated in buying guides that is suppose to be updated free and then when a new expansion comes out you have to pay for a new one. i agree with him on some point, the wording when selling the guide should be corrected. It should say updated until a new expansion is created. Now to side with the maker of the guide everyone should realize that it takes a lot of work and hours in making these guides and giving them away well how can you run a business like that. If you add up the hours of time making them versus what you pay for them, he is making less then anyone reading this note that has a job. Some might say, well all the guides he sells he is making alot more then me. Well when he is making that guide for that person, is he suppose to just let everyone have it. I am glad to pay for the updates when an expansion comes out, it is certainly a bargain for me when he does all the research and puts it in a nice little box and doing it all for lest then a dollar an hour.

    • GHL

      Impressive, you’ve outdone yourself.

    • Hippi4206669

      Just wondering if i have bought all the Alliance guides if i will get the dungeon guide for free on release date.can some one plz help me with this

    • ziv sivron

      dugi your the best cant wait for this gr8 expansion and if i need to pay for it i will ofc. i have baught every guide that dugi put out and definetly gonna buy this one. thanx alot dugi for all your hard work

    • Herman

      Thanks for the great update coming. I already have the Loremaster achievement on my main, but now i can consider getting it on my other toons too, thanks to you making it so easy. I also have the guides of mister “Z”, and i am glad to see you both keep adding new guides and bonuses to the game. The competition between you is definitely good for all users. Keep up the good work 😀

    • Hippi4206669

      I have been using Dugi for the last year and have no complaints. Every time i might have one they resolve the issue before i can even bring it to attention. Dugi makes the BEST WoW guide i have used EVER!!!! Thank you Dugi for all the time saved lvling charecters. YOU ROCK. Can not wait to play with the new Dungeon and loremaster guides.

    • Bamsen

      All hail dugi I have all his guides and their the BEST I have seen, I don’t have allot of money I don’t make allot of money but this I saved up for his videos and word of mouth sells.

      Thanks for the free update Dugi!

    • Ricky Der

      Very Nice video, I also like how you outright said when someone else knew something that you didn’t and automatically fixed the guide to make it more efficient. That’s an honest merchant right there =D. I will definately continue business with you =D.

    • Graeme

      I am new to WOW and your guide has been the most interesting and frequently updated one I use. Keep up the good work and know it is appreciated.

    • udowanano

      Hey Dudi..I just tried to used Talented on my deathknight and it came up with an error and diasbled itself and reloaded my ui…

      • Bamsen

        You will have to try to open dugi guides and hit “repair” and update again it should do the trick WOW Has been updating talents a ton latley.

        You can also go to curse and download the new talented add-on.

    • Eurohawk

      Fantastic update!

      Of all the guides I have bought, Dugi’s continues to be the absolute best, with an almost eerie insight into what it is the players might need next.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Alex

      Looking forward to the release of this 😀

    • Bubba

      I like teh way you are doing videos now for the features of you system. Of course they may have always been there and I am too dense to see them.

      I am looking forward to the re-release of the guide with its on screen maps. I sorely missed them.

    • Frojax

      What’s going to happen to those people that bought the original dungeon guide? Will this be a free update, or is it another way to soak cash from them?

      • Dugi

        Why do you have to be so rude, already stated many times before that it is free for dungeon guide users.

        • Gnomon


          Pay no attention to Frojax, as he’s likely a young child. At least I hope he is, because his comment wasn’t very adult!

          Anyway, your products are very good, and show a lot of care and innovation.

        • Annie

          Probably a competitor trying to cause trouble.Ignore him/her.

      • Binius

        I have to say that after having paid for Dugi’s Guide, he hasn’t asked for a single dime…he just keeps giving me more cool stuff! Way to go Dugi, keep up the good work!

    • jos3ph

      Nice video 🙂

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