Finally we are able to set a release date on our new Guide.

The Loremaster / Dungeon Guide which will be available to purchase on Friday,  March 25th

Check out the video presentation below for complete information of how this new guide will work for you.

This new expansion pack will contain an additional 22 questing Zones and when combined with our standard leveling guide, you will have a leveling guide that will cover every single questing Zone in World of Warcraft.

We have also upgraded our Outland and Northrend guide with optional quests towards the end of the guide to make sure that they will reward you with Loremaster achievements as well.

But that’s not all..

This expansion pack will also contain 50 Dungeon Guides which will cover every single Dungeon used for leveling.  The Dungeon guide itself has also been upgraded to use our waypoint arrow system with the new built-in map by Blizzard.

With the Loremaster / Dungeon expansion pack and our Standard Leveling Guides you will have the most complete and comprehensive leveling guide ever.

This post is also to notify you that a large update for Dugi Guides 4.6150 is now available to download, you can update with our automatic installer available in the download page below.

This is an important update to fix a number of issues with our waypoint arrow and also contains a large update to the Leveling Guides. The full update note can be found in the forum or in our changelog found by clicking the log button within our installer.

Stay tuned to our Blog or Newsletter for the latest updates for our release, to celebrate we will give away some prizes and also a ‘Secret’ Bonus Guide which will be revealed later.

– Dugi

    43 replies to "Loremaster / Dungeon Guides Release Date (Also Dugi Guides Update 4.6150)"

    • inimfon iniunam

      very very good tips i must say

    • Danny Groveman

      My favorite zone is Sholazar Basin, as it provides a good combination of leather, and herbs for harvest.

    • Wednesday22

      my personal fav zone 1-60 was the searing gorge i thought alot of the quests were hilarious at times, and i loved how lunk sat on the dwarves, and the stealing the dwarves pillows was very amusing as well, overall it was a amusing zone to be in

    • Chauger

      Favorite 1-60 zone is Northern Stranglethorn, I like how unique and beautiful the zone is to me, the Expedition quest line was fun and interesting for me.

    • wizard69

      my favorite 1-60 zones is stonard i like the quest u get to be an acrobat and get shot from a cannon

    • AfoUare

      Thanks Dugi, I didn’t get any credit for any of the Kalimador quests I did early on so this will be the only way Ill possible get Loremaster!!!

    • William Stockbridge

      New Kargath, Badlands area is my favourite at the moment. I love how different it is. After levelling a few characters, a few areas had become extremely boring before Cata. I despised the Barrens.
      In the new Badlands, I love that chap that jumps on spiders for poison. He’s too cute.
      Some great new quests in that area now.

      • William Stockbridge

        oops, put this in the wrong place. please delete this post Dugi

    • Ani

      Confused here dugi… Ive never bought the leveling guides but I want the loremaster achievement on my 85. Can I get it by simply buying the loremaster/dungeon guide?

      • Dugi

        You will need both the Leveling Guide and Loremaster / Dungeon Guide for the complete loremaster achievement.

    • Carole

      Thanks, Dugi! Have already updated and will order the Dungeon/Loremaster on Friday!

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