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What is your favourite level 1-60 Zone (or Dungeon) and tell us why?


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3. Competition will end when the winners are announced on March 21st 2011

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    823 replies to "Dugi Guide Competition (March 2011)"

    • Dugi

      The contest is now officially closed.

      THANK YOU for the overwhelming response we are having a lot of fun reading all the entries and it is making our decision for 3 Grand Prize winners very difficult. I’m afraid we are not able to announce as soon as we though but we will announce it before launch on March 25th.

      please stay tuned to our Blog or Newsletter for the winners announcement.

    • kayala

      THOUSAND NEEDLES!!! has to be the best 1-60 leveling place in kalimdor. Theres so much to do there and you cant never get enought of that place. Once you have reached thousand needles, you feel unstopable beacuse of all the questing and the wonderful ambient. i also thought that it was a realy good experience to quest under water and EVEN GET A FREE MOUNT!, which you have to quest for but deff worth it, its so much fun to sail around thousand needles on it and it has to be best experience i had playing world of warcraft and a great change to thousand needles in cataclism 😀

    • Celestin

      this isn’t another entry, just a question. I was just wondering if we’ll get to see the winner’s entries, and when they’ll be posted (if they will be posted). I read the stuff, and I didn’t find a time frame anywhere for when the contest actually ends. Just putting that out there

    • RavenMD

      My favourite zone is Western Plaguelands. It has such a great atmosphere. The zombi bears, the enormous bats and the huge worms – they make the place so horroristic. The music makes the experience even better.

    • Elendria

      I’ve got to say the most fun I had in this was when a level 85 guildy helped me out by giving me a ride through several zones in the Eastern Kingdom in her side car. It was a blast riding all the way from Ironforge to the Chillwind Flight Path in the Western Plaguelands stopping at every fp along the way, even discovering a hidden, little known path between two zones. Wow! Since I was a level 32 we were chased by every monster between IF and WP. Hilarious!! And let me also say, it really gave me a much needed boost to my spirits to be encouraged that this really is a team player game and if we stick together we can beat all the Bosses. And that is what makes this so much fun for me. It is a game of Heroes who step up just about when you think the situation is imposible to beat.

    • KarmicAngel

      Even though Dun Moragh was the first zone I ever played, and almost all my characters have spend a lot of time in Duskwood for the atmosphere, (which is even better now since Cata), my favorite zone would have to be Loch Modan.
      Thelsamar is always a home away from home.
      Quiet, peaceful, great fishing.

      Then came Deathwing.
      Now my fisherman warrior flies back there on occasion to reminisce with his old trainers, lift a pint with the locals, and skin a crocolisk or two.

      It actually affected me emotionally to fly over the drained Loch, inspect the damage done to the dam, and wonder how the dwarves would adapt to the new environment.
      I love the new quest lines they added to explore even more of the zone, but will always miss the Loch as it was.

    • Laird Streak

      Dun morough by far my most played and fovorite area almost all my toons are strictly Gnome 🙂
      Cataclysm has changed the gnome starting area wich can be a bit of an irritation.

      Gnomergan my favorite dungeon 🙂

    • Keiah

      I think Dun morough was my favorite zone. I was a alt man for a long time and I had many dwarves. Whenever I started a new toon I almost got chills from the music and being the only one on at 4 in the morning. It always just seemed like a very peaceful place to start off on your huge, epic journey.

    • Amber

      My Favorite zone would have to be Northern Stranglethorn, simply because there is so much to do there, whether leveling your toon, your herbalism, mining or skinning, or, my favorite, Archeology. Also, GREAT place for hunter pets.

    • Christiphor Ballestero

      My favorite zone was and still is Stranglethorn Vale. The numerous quest opportunities and fairly quick leveling made this my all greatest place to visit.

    • Icesicle

      My favorite Cataclysm zone has to be Thousand Needles. First, in vanilla WoW this zone was funny to look at but there was a lot of running around and grinding. Then you had to travel everywhere and come back to it. And let’s face it, this is not the easiest zone to get to for alliance toons.

      The new zone, filled with water is so much better. I usually hate under water zones but this was done very well. Goblin and Gnomish buildings and boats. The lore and the questing is very amusing so it was like a 180 degree turn around. So maybe some will say it’s not the best, but to come from so far behind to be this amusing I thought Blizzard did a great job.

    • Aidietwozero

      I have to say that the new and updated lore of stranglethorn is brilliant. The quests in Zul gurub have prompted as we now know what is yet to come. ZG is back!!

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