The Burning Crusade Update

Hi everyone, we're happy to announce that Dugi Burning Crusade Update for WoW Classic Pre-Patch is now ready. WoW Classic user can now purchase the Burning Crusade update which will

Shadowlands Leveling Guide Available Now

https://youtu.be/TzuXJAiHMjU Shadowlands is just around the corner on 24th and our leveling guide is now ready for download with our latest retail update 8.920 This expansion update currently cover all 4 new

New Gear Finder Feature (WoW Classic)

Gear Finder is now available for Dugi WoW Classic 1-60 Leveling addon You can find the feature in the character frame by clicking the Green Upgrade arrow Clicking it will open

WoW Classic Guide Updates and Future

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying our recent WoW Classic guides. We have been working long hours to ensure that you received the highest quality guide. If you

Guide Sharing Feature

This is the new Guide Sharing feature that we have been working on for some time. This feature will allow you to of sync your guide with other players and

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