Hi everyone, we’re happy to announce that Dugi Burning Crusade Update for WoW Classic Pre-Patch is now ready.

WoW Classic user can now purchase the Burning Crusade update which will contain

  • The Blood Elf and Draenei level 1-20 Starting Zones
  • Outland 60-70 guides, this will include all zones
  • Outland Dungeon 60-70 guides
  • Profession Leveling 1-375 guides

During the Pre-Patch only Blood Elf and Draenei level 1-20 Starting Zones is available and we will roll out the rest of the guides on TBC official launch day.

All TBC content will require an update purchase of $20 for all users who wish to continue with TBC content .Old WoW Classic Era 1-60 guides will still be supported and will work on the TBC servers and Classic Era servers.

Click Here To Purchase The TBC Update
(members make sure you login first)

And you can use the installer to update Dugi Classic 2.00 .
We are currently still working on updating our installer to work for both version of WoW Classic. You can manual install the Old WoW Classic Era 1-60 guides from the download section of the members area and instruction are inside.

Enjoy the guides

    19 replies to "The Burning Crusade Update"

    • Daesos

      I got the wow classic leveling guide a while back, and now that I’m going to level TBC, I want the TBC guide 60-70. Do I really have to buy the whole package again? Can’t there be some upgrade that is at a lower cost? I’m only asking because, honestly, $37 to get 10 levels is above what I am willing to pay, and you might get more customers (like me) if you have an upgrade option for those who already have the 1-60.

      • Dugi

        there is an upgrade option for customer that purchased the 2019 WoW Classic guide, this is different than the original vanilla wow guide because this has now turned into the retail guide.

        The new 2019 classic – 2021 TBC Classic will require a new purchase

    • drayprescot50

      I have TBC 2.115 and the blood elf starter zone is recommended but when I click on it and it does not load and show in the guide… I have loyalty program, but I forget if it does include TBC classic blood elf starter zone or if I have to purchase it……..

      • Dugi

        Hi the classic guides requires a new purchase for all members

    • xhawk5

      Thanks Dugi! Great work, best guide for WOW!

    • faceblood

      quite a few mistakes in how it manages the quests and tracks your progress. gear finder and talent tree not updated for be pala.

    • manorton

      Hey Dugi. Will the 1-60 content be updated with the new quest hubs?


    • mgaaron

      I cant load or see guides for levels over 60

    • Dugi

      Update now to 2.05 to fix the Blood Elf and Draenie starting zones to load

    • vernburn

      Can’t get the starting areas to load at all 🙁

    • elkun

      I’ve updated to version 2.04. Dugi works again, but neither the blood elf nor the Dranie areas are showing in the list of guides, even when Dugi is suggesting them.

      • pallyben

        it do be like that tho.

      • niodem

        Same 4 me

    • elkun

      Fixed in 2.04. Thanks!

    • Dugi

      I’m sorry for the delay update now to 2.03 to fix the issue

      • pallyben

        azuremyst isle isnt working for me =/

    • elkun


    • aen2lt

      Doesn’t appear to be working at this time. Frames are transparent and addon doesn’t load.

      • H3llscr34m

        same here

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