Shadowlands is just around the corner on 24th and our leveling guide is now ready for download with our latest retail update 8.920

This expansion update currently cover all 4 new zones for Shadowlands leveling of level 50 to 60.

Leveling Guide Content

  • 1-10 Exiles Reach Guide
  • 50-60 Shadowlands Guides

We’re still working on many more guides that will be released by the end of the week that will covers the new Covenant Campaign guide for level 60 characters and cther guides such as dungeon, dailies, achievement, and professions will also be covered next.

New leveling content is automatically included for subscription users and loyalty program members. Old members will also have the option to purchase the update in the members area now.

Note that the guides won’t work until next week when the new content is added to the retail server. But you can download it now and get yourself all ready to go on launch day.


    16 replies to "Shadowlands Leveling Guide Available Now"

    • wdkyomys

      The guide for shadowlands is not showing up where it is supposed to be. What do I have to do to fix this?

    • kyllea

      Where do we purchase the Shadowlands Achievement & Profession guides guides? Can’t find them on the products page. thanks!

    • baradhur

      I completed all 4 areas and their was several problems of NPC not available where they should be in the order of the guide, mainly in silvarden and ravendreth. Last one: you need to finish the campaign of Ravendreth before being able to wrap the quest line with the accuser. She will only appear in the crypt after you’re done with the story.
      But overall, that was really useful. Can’t wait to get the guide for the dailies so I don’t have to think!

    • jgelinas25

      when is the other part of the guides coming like dungeons, professions and the such coming

      • Dugi

        within a couple of weeks

        • jgelinas25

          ugg okay i could really use the dailie quest guide lol thank you, you guys are awesome

    • rottyndawg

      Reinstalling pulled in the Shadowlands guide AND fixed my missing arrow, thank you! Keep up the great work.

    • stratogod

      Thanks Dugi for all the hard work. I purchased the SL Leveling Guide and it shows up in the Installer now, however, I can’t find the guide in game at all… does it take a while to sync? I tried downloading the installer again, running updates, and /dugi fix.

      • Dugi

        Make sure the install path is correct and click reinstall, it should be there

        • stratogod

          Path was correct, but clicking reinstall is what I believe fixed it. Thanks!

          Keep up the good work!

          • jmr_taurus

            I had to reinstall as well.

    • deschutes

      Thanks Dugi!!! These guides are so excellent, good job!!

    • ecig

      i do not SEEbastion and maw… in my guides… just 4 zones…

      what is going on?

    • Neva

      thanks Dugi & Team you legends! 🙂

    • doghunter

      Excellent work and a big thank you to Dugi and all the team who work very hard indeed to provide these excellent guides,well done to everyone involved.

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