New guides for Retail Patch 9.2, titled “Eternity’s End”, are now available for download through the Dugi Guides installer. You will find them in Version 8.990 or higher. The update is free for subscribers or owners of the Shadowlands Achievement Update, it’s available for purchase from the members area

This is a big update that will help you unlock the New Zone Zereth Mortis and Flying Unlock along many new achievements

Build 8.990 – Feb 22nd 2021
Dugi Addon

  • Updates for Patch 9.2

Achievement Guides

  • New “Eternity’s End Questline (60)”
  • New “Adventures in Zereth Mortis”
  • New “Explore Zereth Mortis”
  • New “Tales of the Exile”
  • New “Curious Collections”
  • New “Unlocking the Secrets”
  • New “Treasures of Korthia”
  • New “Explore Korthia”
  • New “Reliquary Restoration”
  • New “The Archivists’ Codex”
  • New “Night Fae Soulshapes”
  • New “Conquering Korthia”
  • New “Path to Enlightenment Questline (60)”

    18 replies to "Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End Update"

    • Alex


    • BradJWilliams

      Dugi I have uninstalled, and reinstalled the addons, and I still am unable to locate this quest guide anyway. I have all the guides purchased, and also have Loyalty status.

      • BradJWilliams

        I clicked on “Repair Game” under settings in the Dugi Application, and then clicked on “Reinstall” and I can confirm the guides are working as intended now.

    • Dugi

      8.992 should fix the issue now sorry about that

    • chuckroast

      Updated to 8.993, did the reinstall, not seeing the Zereth Mortis content. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • sarah0609

      I still can not get the current patch 9.2

    • gemineye

      I get errors none stop with the current update that took place today and I have reinstalled dugiguides to fix the addon errors and it hasn’t worked.

      • Dugi

        can you post the error, can you test with only Dugi enabled

      • Dugi

        please update now to 8.992

    • Dugi

      Sorry for the problem, try installing now

      • balthazar39

        Thanks Dugi. Now working perfectly.

    • karpana

      Wanted to confirm that doing the re-install via the installer (as suggested by @deeg) seems to have done the trick.

      • balthazar39

        Did not work for me. Did you completely uninstall the old launcher before reinstalling the new one? Seems like there are quite a few people with this problem.

    • saslade

      Still loading 8.987

    • dubey961

      Still loading 8.991 even though it says updating to 8.987
      Deleted and reinstalled folder, no joy…

    • mike810725

      Not on the installer yet. Still old patch

      • deeg

        yeah same here in the uk

      • deeg

        just did a reinstall thru the installer and its loaded now

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