Dugi in Floating Frame Mode

A new update for Dugi is now available to support for the Dragonflight pre-patch and the new editable WoW UI system introduced in this patch. EU users will receive the update tomorrow.

Update to Dugi 9.0000 for Dragonflight Patch

The UI changes with the new patch really broke our addon because of the Anchored Frame mode is docked with the objective tracker and we’re still working to bring that this popular feature. Currently you can use the addon in Floating mode where you can position the guide anywhere on your screen and customize your UI as you like.

We are working to polish every little bug and issue as quickly as we can so expect regular addon updates for Dugi and also we will release the Dracthyr Update on November 15

    20 replies to "Dugi Dragonflight Pre-Patch Update Now Available!"

    • ashangrey

      I would truly love to “Enjoy the guides!- Dugi”. But I find that in many cases WoW wants me to disable Dugi guides. WoW offers me two choices either disable Dugi Guides or ignore. If I disable, I of course have no Dugi to enjoy and if I ignore, then I find that much of the system is broken. I can’t use many of my attacks and so I am forced to disable in the end. Is a fix imminent? I like Dugi Guides but right now I don’t load it because it is unusable in its current state.

      • Morgana5

        same for me, I finally gave up as disabling the addon /reloading while healing a group would be deadly.
        Hopefully, things get fixed before launch day, I’m confident they are working on this. But yeah! no dugi
        gear suggestion, Im addicted to that haha. /fingers crossed

    • leandrahaak

      When I try to use a quest item wow wants to disable dugi guides and reload. then I have to go in and enable dugi guides and reload… Huge pain in the butt.

    • hellomikko

      Is dugi guides still provde a fast way to level?

    • ajharman

      Dugi loads but says no guide for over 60 in Dragonflight. I am sure I had it working last week.

      • Dugi

        Dragonflight is not yet available until 28 Nov

    • Robin

      I can’t get Dugi to load at all after the update. I even tried reinstalling it…

      • Dugi

        hi try loading Dugi on its own without any other addon

    • dcook42

      nvm… deleted previous install and reinstalled

    • dcook42

      9.0000002 loads, but is unusable.. none of the profession guides show up… Just a ***** box…

      • Dugi

        hi can you test with only dugi enabled, try testing with a brand new character

        • dcook42

          ummm why is the word for a dark color showing up as ***** ???

    • t_caw

      any update on the guide? im not able to use it at all. i click on the DG icon and its blank. and the game is slapping the addon everytime I log in. thanks for your time.

    • Scott

      Hi. This is likely a Blizzard issue, but when I go to set up the new UI I get a message saying Dugi has blocked this action as I don’t have permission.. or something like that. Is anyone else having this happen? When I disable Dugi’s I can then set up UI. I have other issues with the WoW UI which is why I am unsure if it is a Dugi or Blizz problem…

      • Dugi

        Hi I think this is a dugi problem we’re looking into it

        • Scott

          Thank you for your reply Dugi. There’s so many addons broken by the pre-patch and then the issues the pre-patch itself has that it’s hard to work out where the issues lie. Your addon is awesome and I’m looking forward to using it once again this expansion. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • santa_fe

      Why does the email state Last call for WoTLK Classic Early Members Price Discount! and yet refers to UI changes for Retail?

      • Dugi

        sorry for the confusion, I made a mistake when sending out the newsletter and I canceled it right away but some emails was still sent. Please ignore the earlier email

    • M R

      What UI is that that you’re using? It looks amazing.

      • Dugi

        Hi that’s the new default wow UI

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