[content_box_red width=”75%”]THE LOYALTY PROGRAM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR NEW MEMBERS[/content_box_red]

Video Summary:

  • Introducing Dugi Guides – Members Loyalty Program to reward our old members.
  • All members who made a total purchase of $175 or more will earn a free lifetime updates for the following guides
    – Leveling
    – Dailies & Events
    – Loremater & Dungeons
    – Dugi Gold Academy
  • The free lifetime updates will cover new content updates for Mist of Pandaria and future World of Warcraft expansion.
  • Loyalty program is effective now for all your old and new active purchase will count towards the loyalty program, once you have reach $175 total purchase or more, your account will be flagged automatically by our system for free updates.

[content_box_red width=”75%”]Note: We are aware of issues with some products displaying $0 purchase.

  1. Make sure the $0 product have a receipt #
    (free product such as Bonus guides or Cataclysm update might not have one and the $0 value displayed is correct)
  2. Please contact Sales Enquiry (Dugi) using the Ticket Support and I will fix it.


    335 replies to "Members Loyalty Program"

    • Robertas Leikus

      Hi. Does this not apply to Legion anymore? Just got back to WoW recently and after hitting Legion levels realized there are no more guides :(. After loging in to the site it’s a paid upgrade now. Any chance it’s just a bug/flag issue? Thanks.

    • Scott

      I am a loyalty member. I was wondering if you could add the Legion update to mine account? Thank you.

    • Justin Leblanc

      Hey!, ive been away from the game for quite awhile and i noticed aswell that i dont have the legion updates either and i am a loyalty member. love the guides and thank you 🙂

    • Rafael Jimenez

      Hello I am a loyalty program member and I see that I have to purchase the new Legion update also have not automatically updated, How can I fix this issue? ,I love you guides thank you

    • Paul Kloppmann

      I am a loyalty program member and have recently come back to WOW after brief time away. The Legion update has not automatically updated and is showing at a $30 purchase still. How can I fix this? I love the guides and think it’s a great product, so I thank you for that.

      • Dugi

        Hi, I have fixed your account try reinstalling now

        • Paul Kloppmann

          Thanks so much

    • Bernard

      Hi, i’m Loyalty Program Member, and Dugi Member since 2012, but didn’t recieve Legion Update for free, as it is told that i should have:

      “The free lifetime updates will cover new content updates for Mist of Pandaria and future World of Warcraft expansion.”

      Please let me know how to get it for free.

    • barisware

      I’m a loyalty member but do i need to purchase legion guide? Can you help me please? I cant download.

    • Nazaria

      I am a loyalty member but i still had to purchase the guides can i be refunded?

    • Carcoza

      Hey Dugi, I am a loyalty member how does that work with the new levelling guide 100-110? I cannot find any option to purchase that update. Or is it free for loyalties?


      • Carcoza

        Never mind, I just saw it pop up in my list. Thanks alot Dugi, I love your guides <3

    • Herman Dierickx

      I am a member of the loyalty Program. I still have to pay fee. Can you fix this pls.

    • tigerdk13

      There are a couple of addons that I noticed I would have to pay for in the order section. Isn’t this included in the Loyalty Program?


      • Dugi

        You should be able to add those addons for free.

        • tigerdk13

          NPC Journal Module and a Profession Update. Thanks. I haven’t played WOW in a year, but I am playing now to level my character to 100.

    • Leonard McNeely

      Hi Dugi & Team,
      What a nice surprise! I’ve been w/ you since April of 2010 and have spent $192 since, and to check back in here (after a very long break from wow) and to learn what has happened (your loyalty program) – I was pleasantly and sincerely surprised. I was going to purchase the WoD leveling pack tonight, but when I reviewed my payment history, I noticed the “Loyalty Member” icon and clicked and viola!

      I reviewed the video, read the comments below – and I won’t complain;, I will say how happy I am with your and your products. I’m a “mature” player as StevenS said, and even with today’s Blizz in-game leveling guides, and with the interwebz march towards ridiculing leveling guides, I will remain a customer of yours until I can’t see the screen.
      Thanks, take care and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
      Reaves – Ghostlands

    • woodyee

      are the achieve and prof updates going to be included next time in the loyalty prog?

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