You might already be aware that Blizzard recently announced the release date of Mist of Pandaria to be September 25th 2012, and I’m happy to confirm that we will complete our leveling guide updates before the release date so that all our users will have their leveling guide ready as soon as MoP is released. Here are some important informations regarding our guides…

For All New Purchases: 

  • Dugi Guides will be offering a grace period of 3 months for free updates for our Mist of Pandaria guides.  This means all new purchase from June 25th 2012 onwards will receive Mist of Pandaria guides update for free.

For Older Purchases: 

  • Note that all your current guides will still work with Mist of Pandaria expansion, you don’t need to purchase the MoP updates to continue using Dugi Guides, but to receive the new MoP guides you will need to purchase the MoP Updates.
  • Leveling MoP update will be included in one purchase of $20 for single faction or $30 for both faction.
    – This will cover Pandaren Starting Zone, All Level 85-90 Zones
    – Old customers who inherited our lifetime update promise (purchases before Nov 2008) will receive this update for free.
  • Daily MoP update will be included in one purchase of $15 for both faction.
    – Mist of Pandaria Dailies, Events and any other related content.
  • Loremaster & Dungeon MoP update will be free.
  • Achievement & Profession Mop update will require a separate purchase of $15.
    – This will cover new achievements and professions up to level 600.
    – Major improvements are also coming soon.
  • Dugi Gold Academy MoP update will be free to all purchase, this will come a few months later after the initial release of the expansion.

The prices above are our special Pre-Order prices which will be available only between September 17th – September 24th, then prices for MoP Updates will increase the same time as the expansion is released.  We will also offer a special sale price for all our existing guides during the pre-order special.

We’re really looking forward to MoP, the beta is a lot of fun. If you have any more question regarding our MoP update or anything else don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment section below.


    100 replies to "Dugi Guides Mist of Pandaria Update Announcement"

    • robert westin westin

      i bought my guide 03/25/2011 will i get the mop update free or do i have to buy it cuz if i do that kinda sucks

    • Ziad Derbas

      i bought a package in 2010..

      do i ahve to buy this new one for alliance / horde MOP?

      if so how much does it cost and also how do i download it?

      • Dugi

        @Ziad Derbas, you will be able to download it the same way as you would installing our existing guides, it will be added on automatically.

    • A Christopher T Janecki

      If I am unable to purchase the upgrades before MOP goes live like say in october how much will it cost me to upgrade. At this point. I may not be able to get them till next month at least. So I was wondering if it will still be 45 dollars or more?

      • Dugi

        @A Christopher T Janecki, contact me via ticket support before the sale ends and I will arrange a special link for your to get the same deal.

    • Zeke X27

      Hi, when this update will be available to purchase?

      I want to get the guide before prices increases, thanks.

      • Dugi

        Pre-order begins on September 17th, prices will be cheaper then also.

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