September is the start of the holiday months. Beginning with the “Harvest Festival” and ending with the  “Love is in the Air” event, WoW is nonstop celebration. Add the release of an expansion and a new reason to become a noob all over again, and you have yourself a volatile AH. The marketplace will become a very challenging place for any entrepreneur looking to make a dent in the AH.

The good news is that crafters are in high demand and so are specialized farmers. While farming can be a bit more challenging with other players hogging all the nodes and mobs, it is still a much needed profession. A specialized farmer, he who hunts down specific items (silk for example), can create a better cash flow in a season where higher populations can bring down the price of a core items by flooding the market. Let’s face it, a lot of new players don’t know any better.

It seems weird, I know, but WoW AH in times of high population can produce High Demand items at Low Prices. What happens here is that there are three kinds of WoW players. The first is the noob. He only works as he see it, undercutting everything, sometimes even flooding the market, just to be sure he sold his items. And they will sell everything not nailed down. Second is the lowbie auctioneer. With the auctioneer addon, a many like it, a player can gleam a quick survey of his products value based on average of what it reads from the AH over a certain amount of time. What players don’t do is look for how much the value has dropped. Secondly, these players sell in bulk and don’t watch what they are pricing at, due to the auto posting button. The noobs will flood the market undercutting the competition and bring the average down for the lowbie auctioneers, who will just add to the problem by auto posting.

The third is players like you who know how to adjust the market price, when to post, and by how much.

More on that later.

What I want to do right now is switch gears and talk about some crafting opportunities that you can use for the holiday events. Farmers don’t forget to aid those crafters the best you can.

First up is the Harvest Festival, which is nothing more than the herald of more events to come. Nothing needs to be farmed for this, because there’s only one quest to do, and all you have to do is show up. However, from this point on, you will notice a bit more stable population fluxes on your server. Now that school is back in session, days are getting colder, and American Football is back on TV (US Servers); life on WoW is starting to get more structured. If you want to farm, do so when the kids are at school and the workings stiffs are at work (or when everyone is sleeping). Do your homework and find out when the server guilds show up so, as a crafter, you will know what nights are your most profitable.

Pirate’s day is on the 19th of September. Again, no quests, but expect a spike a causal gamers to head to booty bay. On this day forget your inner pirate and get in touch with your inner NY Street Hot Dog Vendor; head to the action and start peddling your wares. Booty Bay will be hopping from dusk to dawn, so that a great place to set up shop for the day and offer portals rides, jewel cutting, and other custom crafting services.

The next day is Brewfest, so head up to Ironforger/Orgrimmar break out that hot dog stand yet again. Another event where farmers sit on the bench while the crafters do their business. Mages, people will need a trip to Dalaran to complete the Disturbing the Peace achievement. Since everyone here is eating and drinking, bring food and drink (several different types) to help them earn the Tastes Like Chicken and It’s Happy Hour Somewhere achievements.

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    • Darrell Richards

      Hi. I just was doing house-cleaning on my computer when I came across this section. I had actually forgotten I had it in here. Donna, are you still active. Anyone else have a suggestion for the guild that is right for me. I have been playing solo 3 years now. Play both sides, usually depends on what my sons and grandkids are playing. Great way to keep together although we spread out all over the country.

      By the way, just read the Verizon is going to get rid of their unlimited use family plan, which is what I currently have. Not sure how this is going to affect me. Never had to worry about time per month, so have not really checked it. Gotta go back and check old records.

      Anyhow, still solo, just reached 84 with DK on Coilfang, Darrellana. Hope to hear from you and see you in the game.


    • Luthien

      Hey Donna,

      We’ve already met 🙂 And I’d love to help you cautiously and slowly establish a West Coast foot print. There are so many players in the game who are female (or male) and over the age of 30 or 40 or 50 (or older) who hide their age and gender in the case of many women due to the hostile environment toward them.

      I know of many women who are over 30 who routinely state their age as 20 something, or who refuse to speak in vent (they’ll listen, since it’s generally required for raiding – and it is tremendously helpful, I can’t imagine not having vent in a raid situation, particularly in progression, but even once fairly solid on content, the time it takes to type “watch out” and for the person to read it — they’re already dead and the group wipes, lol) and so they’ll listen but many of them won’t speak to avoid the “oooh, cool it’s a chick” and then the dozens of whispers and/or overt suggestions – some humorous, but many flat out inappropriate.

      The statement “Chicks don’t play this game” is often heard in trade chat. For some reason, many guys, and I wish I could say it’s only the younger kids, but sadly it isn’t limited to them, feel the need to hit on, hassle, harass, or otherwise pester any woman they come across who is at all friendly to them initially. Being friendly is perceived to be an invitation for a lot more (not for all, but for enough).

      Then there is the age-ist issue. “What are you doing playing this game, you’re too old.” or “You probably **** at this game, you’re too old for it” (as if it’s rocket science. Actually, I’m more likely to read up on my class and the mechanics of the game than a 14 year old… so the “you’re too old, you probably ****” comment is kind of silly).

      I think that there are plenty of people who would love to join a guild where the GM is a woman, and not only a woman, but an adult woman over the age of 30 who doesn’t make any secret of her age and who fosters an atmosphere of acceptance – like you do in your guild. The only bar for me would be the time zone, since I’m a West Coastie, but if we were to accept a reasonable (manageable) number of west coast folks, then there could be two raid groups, one earlier, and one a bit later to accommodate west coast members and east coast people who prefer to raid later.

      I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday, the good impression you make “on paper” here is more than borne out in person online. 🙂

    • Luthien


      I’m an adult also, and have been looking for a good server and guild – that combination is very hard to find.

      I like to raid, but not hard-core, and my raiding credo has always been “Pass on the item if someone else needs it more, we’re a team, and the better the team as a whole gears up, the better we’ll all do and the more fun for all.” They’re only pixels 😉 The fun is in the game, and in playing it with adults (and by adult I don’t mean stuffy, I just mean no racist/sexist hatred or intentionally mean people) who have a good sense of humor and are fairly laid back about things.

      Is your guild alliance or horde – and what time zone? I’m living on the West Coast at present, but I’d consider an EST server if the guild members as a whole are mixed time zones – trying to raid in a guild where all the raids are at 7 pm EST, which is 4 pm my time, doesn’t work.

      I’d love to hear back, hope you see this message 🙂

      • donna


        Thanks for your response.

        Your in-game philosophy sounds similar to ours. Our guild is Alliance, although many of us have Horde toons also, and most of our members are on from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., with the majority of traffic during 9 a.m. and midnight. Currently we are raiding at 7 pm server time, EST …. however two of our raid leaders do live in California and 3 of our raid leaders actually did faction and/or realm changes to join us … friends of our Raid master, Cymon aka Dkpsymon.

        It is our goal to have a 24/7 guild … meaning that we are certainly open to and welcome West Coast players to help us build in that direction. We are slowly (and cautiously) growing and would love to have someone such as yourself help us to establish a West Coast “footprint”.

        Hats off to Duggi for keeping us apprised of all the latest events and changes.

    • Darrell Richards

      Thanks for the timely reply Sharon. Wife and I in process of leaving Albuqurque and hitting the road. We are full time RV’rs but I still get on very often. Meet up with 2 of my sons (PA & MI) along with my grandkids and their friends.

      I have been playing for a little over 2 years but almost totally solo. Probably haven’t done 20 pvp and no Arenas. I do like the random dungeon and have done a few. It is helping me learn to play well with others. Sometimes they don’t appreciate my lack of skill and don’t mind telling me so, but for the most part it is pretty enjoyable.

      I play on Fizzcrank with the family, and random others. Will definitely look into your location. Sounds just what I have been hoping for. Thanks again. Retired, big kid, and loving it.


    • Brad Pitt

      and i dont get what u mean by hotdog stand

      • txmischief

        Dude, you can’t insult someone and then ask them to help you out. Get a clue.


    • Brad Pitt


    • Brad Pitt


    • BUFF

      what did he mean by hot dog stand lol ???????

      • Daknit

        I was wondering if someone was going to ask that.

        In New York, there are guys who make a living pushing a hot dog stand/cart around and selling dogs. Day in, day out, that’s what they do. You will always find them at popular streets without fail. If something big was happening, let’s say a huge multi car accident at Banger and Leaver Street, the vendors will pull up stake at their current location and RUN straight to the accident site, knowing full well that this is considered entrainment for most of pedestrian New Yorkers. They go where the action is. (There’s a good example of this in the last American Godzilla film, a scene where street food vendors where running TOWARDS the places where the giant lizard hit. Kinda funny.)

        And it means just that: Go where the action is. If all the buying and selling is taking place in Dal, get your *** to Dal. If the goldshire inn is more popular than all of Stormwind, then get to that inn.

        I hope this helps.

    • Sharon

      Darrell you are a fine fellow and am pleased to call you a PLAYER.

    • Darrell Richards

      I am not 54. I am 63 born march 19, 1947, graduated from high school 1965, going t my 45th class reunion October 3. Eight years Navy, Vietnam Vet, 2 years Air Force, 20 Department of Justice retired. 3 sons, 12 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. And of course I have a wonderful wife of 28 years on the 28th of September. No reason not to be truthful. Proud of what I have done, and enjoying what I am doing. And there is much more but I think you get the idea. I am just a big kid and am going to stay that way the rest of my life. I have lived to serious of a life up until retirement and I intend to enjoy the rest of whatever God lets me have.

    • undoggie

      im still not to belive u in 54 years old and what trick are u pulling on us .u hv to show me more……….ty 4 your time……usn ret

    • Darrell Richards

      I really appreciate the tips. It has really made the game much more enjoyable for me. I have been retired for over 10 years and still have a lot of kid in me. Thanks to you and your hints and tips, I can continue to enjoy playing games. Thanks again for all the work you and your staff do.

      • Sharon

        I am retired also. Good to see someone besides me in the over the hill WoW addict. Which server do you play on? I have been playing for about a year and could use your brain if you don’t mind a pick or two of your head. I am in Allerian. DK initials GV. Hope to see you. I have been bumbling along by myself. Harder that way, I think.

        • donna

          Saw your post on Duggies site, I am the GM of House Of The Lycans (Quel’Dori) a social leveling guild building casual raid teams whose creed is to treat others with respect, enjoy the game and help others whenever possible. Our members range in age from 10 to 75, our average player is between the ages of 25-44 but we also have many college students, and quite a few players over 50. If you ever get tired of “bumbling along by yourself” lol … feel free to check us out!

    • will davis

      thank you for the great tips, i have found them to be excellent way to make gold.

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