I am From the FUTURE!

Managing one WoW account is rough enough on my schedule as is, but now I got a Beta Test account to deal with, too. That is, of course, the future of WoW, and soon to be standard. I’ll take the time now to share with you non-gold-making-minded players some tips for the future.

1) Everything I have said so far is a lie.

Ok, not everything, but Blizzard must have read the Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac (look at the gold guides tab above) and became not too pleased with it. Alot of the “hot spots” have changed or is gone. Don’t worry, they pretty much left Outland and Northrend alone. The Defias is no more, so the windmill spot is no longer an option. A couple of land masses shifted, so many of the routes are out, too. In fact, there is so much upheaval scaring the land that farming routes are made difficult. That is, of course, unless you have a flying mount, then not so much.

Do yourself a favor and hit the routes now. Anything listed in the AFA is good until the end of the month, after that, you’ll have to wait for updates.

2) Sell! Sell! Sell!……NO! WAIT! Buy! Buy! Buy!

This November, buy, farm, and save. Hit that CIL (Core Items List) and buy all the blue listed items (auctioneer). Save everything you collect and prepare to unload it in December. With a new expansion will come new players and low level toons by the truck load. Everyone will want to level up and skill up as quickly as possible.

Crafters, stock up. Especially you, Mr.Engineer. Hit the essentials this month (ore, leather, dusts, cloth, materials) and horde them. Don’t create glyphs, cut gems, or make elixirs. Keep the materials near by to craft out items as they are needed. No need making specially items if they are not needed. Stock up on meats.

3) See the world, sell your soul.

If you have a two person mount (I’m looking at you, with the rocket mount), then now is a good time for a world tour trip. The Dugi’s Achievement Guide gives all the coordinates for World Explorer. Might as well give a tour to those that don’t know the way. You know, before the world blows up and all.

Speaking of which, all the start zone have new quests. If you haven’t become exalted with the prime fractions yet, earn a few rep points by doing the low level quests. Once you fully switch over to Catty, go back and complete brand new low level quests for more rep.

4) Second Hand Clothing is the new *****.

Did I mention that Defias are no longer? Well, you know that means all that Defias gear is going to be really hard to come by in the future. Do a few routes through Westfall and DM to collect up what you can. Take a look around for Caty Websites for other gear that will soon be no more. Unload them for after the release at astronomical (but “fair”) prices.

5) Hey? Where Everybody Go?

Yes, yes. The sky is falling. The world is coming to an end. But, not this month.

Call of Duty: ***** Ops will keep much of the WoW players (the ones with 2 second attention spans and money to burn) off the BGs and DFs. So while they are gone mass pwning each other, farm those nodes. The release of an expected huge game will clear the zones for you to farm, no matter what time of day, for at least 2 weeks. Take advantage of that.

6) Finally, It’s a Party!

Grab your friends, party up, switch to Free for All, and cull the lands. Get used to sharing quests, experience points, and cash. When the release date comes out, EVERYBODY will be on the same path to see the world. The Worgen, for example, have one of those phasing events for the first 10ish levels. You will want to buddy up with total strangers to push through this part as quickly as possible, or you will get stuck there for a very long time. (Beta Testers: Anyone wanna kill that old lady’s cat?)

That’s all I got, for now. High market days start Thanksgiving weekend and will be volatile until after new years. (probably) I’ll send out another article before the release on how to DOMINATE! DESTROY! CRUSH! and VIOLATE! your AH competition; you know, for the holidays. Bring the Lube and the First Aid Kit.

Until Next Time…..


    12 replies to "Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac: November"

    • Screamin

      What do you mean by “blue listed items” when you say “Hit that CIL (Core Items List) and buy all the blue listed items (auctioneer)”.

      • Daknit

        Look up at the gold guide tab above and see the article “Daknit’s Gold Guide” (https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/gold-guides/azeroths-farmers-almanac-daknits-gold-guide/) and you will find the CIL.

        If you have the auctioner addon (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/auctioneer.aspx) then items you seek on the AH will come in certain colors. Red and orange means the item is over priced. Yellow is average price. Green is slightly under priced. Blue is waaaay under priced.

        My advice: Find items that are traded heavily (the CIL) and under priced (blue listed items) and save them to sell when Catty comes out for greater profit.

        I’ll explain more on this in the next article.

        • Screamin

          One last question. You say “Craters, stock up. Especially you Mr. Engineer.” Could you elaborate more on that please?

          • Daknit

            If you are a crafter, you are going to need mats to create. Be it herbs, ore, stone, or whatever, you need something to get something. Nearly everyone needs these mats to skill up, and skill up quickly. The Engineers need ALOT of mats from all over the place.

            By stocking up on mats needed for crafting, you will have exactly what people need when it comes to sell your items or services. Engineers need plenty of parts from bolts, to blasting powder, to gyros, to wood sticks for crying out loud. These guys need lots of love. Take advantage of that.

            • Screamin

              I’m an engineer. What is it that we can make and sell? Last I checked bows and guns weren’t items sought out by a lot of people. Ammo is worthless now and the pocket knives are all over the AH because people make them to lol up. Engineering has always been a pretty worthless profession. It’s more about toys and gadgets than it is a profitable profession.

    • Dale

      That is great infro thanks

    • Fairgo

      Thanks for all your hard work but I have at admit to a sense of confusion and doubt about the future events. I’m fare from being a master of the present without the added confusion of the future so I’m just not sure anymore.
      But. big thanks to you for all the help so fare.

    • knockout

      dam good advice as for the Ol’ Ladies cat she’s on the rock dude

      • Daknit

        I had never wanted a raid group to tackle a quest before as badly as that one. There was 50 people (most in groups of 5) all trying to get that **** cat at once. It took me two hours before I was able to complete that quest, and I could not leave the area until I did.

    • Manon

      Good thing I’ve already intended on buddying up my Worgen… sounds like a challenge, do they level slowly? Enjoy reading this blog, Keep up the good work!

      • Daknit

        The quest to level 10 is an easy one, for each race. There’s no reason why getting to level 10 is a challenge, unless 400 people are all on the same quest at the same time. But that’s the just the rush, which will pass 2 weeks after Christmas.

        The phasing thing Blizzard has nearly perfected from the days of WotLK, just don’t leave the area before the story is over. I did that with my Worgen (FleaMan) and nothing else phased in yet and I could not get to the main continent. That sucked. But, that was Beta. Maybe it will change.

        But yeah, the path to level 10 is very straight forward and easy.

    • Kat

      Thanks for all your hard work. WOW wouldn’t be the same without your guides!

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