If you haven’t noticed, Phase 2 of Blizzard Pre-Cataclysm event is now live!

This quest line is very short, so I though a video guide is more appropriate to save you the hassle of updating your guide, check out the quick 3 minutes video guide below.

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    • Sam Wagner

      Im sorry to comment on the wrong video but can you please have a look at the bug where the paladin templates go out of the screen?

      • Dugi

        The issue should be solved by lowering your UI scale, can you contact me dave at ultimatewowguide and send a screenshot that you have done this.

        • Sam Wagner

          Thank you for the help =)

    • Dave

      IronForge quest – Very EASY quest doesn’t take long to do, easy XP. the one in Stormwind, I suggest bringing a friend

    • Sy Wade

      Azeroth will perish, at least a little, it will never be the same again, so there is some truth in the Cultist’s belief, just it wont be the end of Azeroth either…….or will it?

      Maybe Blizzard will be bugged and wow will be no more!!!!!

      hehe 🙂

    • Kim

      I really like these Pre-Cataclysm quests as their scaled to any level. The elementals were almost purging Southshore when I drove around with my (other account) low-level hunter in my mages chopper to get some of his future flight points. Alt+tab here and there and he got some gear from 3 dungeons we passed on a nice tour. Later he did the fight in the harbour in Stormwind all by himself. Also meeting random cultists who truly believe Azeroth will perish soon is so funny. Think I saw 8-10 elemental attacks on this little flightpoint and dungeon tour I did.

      • Katipu

        Hi Kim…I was fasinated by your statement about your othe account low level riding around in your mages chopper. How do u accomplish that?

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