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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Linking Instruction
  3. PPC Campaigns
  4. Pre-made Articles
  5. Legion Press Kit
  6. JPG Static Banners
  7. PNG Transparent Product Images
  8. PPC Direct Affiliate Linking Policy

Product Information

About The Product

Dugi Guides has produced the ULTIMATE in-game guide for hungry World of Warcraft players that desperately want to reach the highest level and make lots of gold. Unlike PDF guides our unique guide works inside the game, to constantly tell the player what to do, step-by-step. You can test run our guide here, our video presentation below explains how it works. If you need full access to our guide please contact me dave at

Why Promote This Product

  1. The Warcraft Niche – With over 12 million paid subscribers and growing everyday, World of Warcraft is the best and biggest game EVER. This niche is extremely hot and it will only get better as Blizzard releases bigger expansions.
  2. With an amazing sales page this product sells itself. As you can read from the testimonials in our forum, the quality of our product is extremely high and our customers always comes back for more.
  3. Leveling Guide – Easiest and simplest guide to use. We believe we provide the FASTEST leveling route which makes our guide the BEST in the market. While our competitors are focused on making their guide look better, we focus on the guide itself and better functionality. Other guides can become too complicated for the average user, which can discourage them from using it.
  4. Dailies & Events Guides – We released this guide almost a YEAR ahead of our competitors, we pioneered it and others will follow. This guide is extremely popular for veteran players who already own a level 80 character.
  5. Dungeon Leveling Guides – Another unique guide that we created, Leveling guides that doesn’t support Dungeons are slower and still living in the past, there’s a huge demand with Dungeon Guides and DugiGuides is the only guide that can offer it.
  6. We give away a level 1-20 guide to help players get started and HOOKED into our guides, This is the best way to sell.
  7. We have been in the WoW business since it first began in late 2004, many other guides out there are written by free lance writers and sold by internet marketers who know nothing about the game. Our guides are designed by WoW Gamers for WoW Gamers. We know what the market wants and we know how to help our customers. I myself still play wow actively on everyday.
  8. Not a faceless corporation – I’m a real person and I can help my affiliates personally, feel free to contact me dave at at any time for any enquiry. I started with internet markerting as an affiliate myself and I know what’s important.
  9. We are an ethical company. We focus on our products and our customers, we don’t waste our time and money on anything else.

Linking Instruction

You will need a clickbank id to become our affiliate, CLICK HERE to get a free clickbank id now.

Our clickbank id is: hcb25

Once you have a ClickBank ID

Replace “AFFILIATE” in the link below with YOUR ClickBank Username

Dugi In Game Guides:

Free Trial Page:

Sign Up  Page:

You can also use it with encrypted links, just add /?type=***  at the end of it eg

PPC Campaigns

Your PPC Materials are what you can use to promote on all the big PPC sources online. You can start with these resources to skyrocket your success in promoting.

The Top PPC Advertising Sources Online

Most people start with using Google AdWords to advertise in PPC, which is great… but you can also use these other top PPC places online to boost your advertising efforts!

Targeted Keywords For Your PPC Campaigns

Now that you know the top PPC Advertising sources to promote DugiGuides, you need some keywords to target!

Gold Guides
Warcraft Leveling Guide
WoW Addons
WoW Guide

So what is the best PPC network to use? The results may surprise you. Click here to see how each of these PPC networks compare. Want to get to the top of MSN listings for your keywords?

Pre-made Articles, Blog Posting & Newsletters

Articles are king when it comes to online marketing. Put them on directories like EzineArticles, load them into your autoresponder, or pack them up in a report and give it away for free. Whatever, you do, you’re bound to win with some high level commissions. Use these articles to blast your marketing into high gear with ease.

Have a blog and want to take advantage of it? Use these for your blog posts to critique DugiGuides and convince your readers to check it out.

Class Leveling Guide (20 Articles)
Gold & Class Profession Guide (13 Articles)
Dungeon Leveling Guide (11 Articles)
Dungeon Leveling Guide 2 (10 Articles)
Instance Leveling Guide (20 Articles)
Dailies & Events Guide (20 Articles)
Cropped WoW Images (for better presentation)

Remember, you can change the text in the articles above if like, as well as use them as inspiration to write new articles to promote DugiGuides.

PPC Direct Affiliate Linking Policy

Our PPC policy is that affiliates will no longer be allowed to use or also with the combination of copyright or trademark symbol (®™)  in order to impersonate the official website to draw in traffic.

This applies to all major PPC network which include but not limited to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL

This have been an on-going problem because a lot of users use search engines to return to our website, due to the first come first serve policy with PPC such as adwords only a select few affiliates are able to advertise with using as the destination URL.

This is unfair for other affiliates who sent us traffic only for their cookie to be overwritten by affiliates advertising PPC under our search term and using to pose as an official site.

This will apply to all other affiliates who attempts to replace the old one that we remove,  so please do not advertise in PPC posing as an official website by using our domain name as destination url and copyright or trademark symbol as it will no longer work and you will be blacklisted.

Please refer to our screenshot example below