This new Bonus will be included for free with our new Loremaster / Dungeon Guides pack, and it will be free to existing owners of the old Dungeon Guides as well.

Check out the video below for complete information about this new Bonus guide.

This will be available to download when our Loremaster / Dungeon Guide pack is released on March 25th!

hope you will find it useful!

Also the contest is now officially closed.

THANK YOU for the overwhelming number of responses. We are having a lot of fun reading all the entries and it is making our decision for the 3 Grand Prize winners very difficult. I’m afraid we are not able to announce the winners as soon as we thought, but we will announce it before the  launch on March 25th.

Please stay tuned to our Blog or Newsletter for the winners announcement.

From our quick count of the entries, Stranglethorn Vale is by far the favorite zone and a distant 2nd is Westfall. Deadmines is the also the clear favorite for dungeons.

I will post more results when we announce the winners.


    23 replies to "“Secret” Bonus Guide Revealed :)"

    • Aktaeon

      once again a nice feature.
      gamers with non english clients will have to edit each macro coz it wont find the spell names.


    • Robert

      As always thank you for your excellent work guys. Your guides make playing wow more fun and less time consuming.
      Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys do.

    • Herman

      Congratulations on this wonderful bonusguide. I will certainly make good use of it. Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Ian

      Hmmmm very nice can’t believe that’s a FREE bonus looks very very nice

    • John

      Nice, very nice! This will save me a lot of time searching for and testing different macros. Thank you very much, Dugi. This is almost like getting 2 guides for the price of one!

    • alan levien

      OH!!! Forgot to say about multi-target!
      Replace Hammer of the Righteous for Crusader Strike

      • Dugi

        even for single target HotR is better than CS.

    • alan levien

      I think it would be rather interesting if you had the 939 rotation for a prot pally, so I will link the macro if you do not mind putting it in macrobank.

      /castsequence Crusader Strike, Judgement, Crusader Strike, Avenger’s shield, Crusader Strike, Shield of the Righteous

      for part 2

      /castsequence Crusader Strike, Judgement, Crusader Strike, Holy Wrath, Crusader Strike, Shield of the Righteous

      I hope you add this macro in or at least someone finds it useful 😛

      • Dugi

        I’m not a fan of /castsequence for damage rotation because I don’t think it helps you at all. A Grand Crusader proc or a dodge, miss, parry of your Shield of Righteous would ruin the rotation and the macro would make your gameplay worse.

        I haven’t played the paladin for a while is there a reason to use Crusader Strike over Hammer of the Righteous ?

    • Roy Milligan

      WOW!!!!! i cant wait to use Dugi’s Macro add on. I’ve gotten so frustrated with trying to figure macros out and am tired of point and click to defeat enemys. Thanks tons Dugi. waiting patiently.

    • Steve

      Holy cow! this is the best thing ever

      I gotta go have a nap after finding this gem head is spinning

    • Ricky

      Hi Dugi,

      I’m astonished you are giving this away for free as a bonus! I think this will be a fantastic tool since I’m not too familiar with macros and could use the help! Thanks guys!!

    • leonard keane

      such a great add cant wait for it thanks Dugie got a lot of macros but not sure if they are the right ones with this it shoud solve my problems cool, Lennyk

    • Sizelle

      Cant wait this is thing i have never got the hang of. Was only yesterday i was thinking about trying to find out how to do them again and then you post this it must be fate lol. warcraft was so small for me antill your guides opened it wide. Cant thank you enough for helping make my wow experiance great. Your worth every penny after all you must do so much work. Thanks again !!!!!

    • AfoUare

      NIce Job Dugi and team!

    • Deaddoll

      My man Dugi 🙂

      I cannot believe the effort you put into your work, its prizeless


    • Harley

      Kudos to you and your team! I look forward to this and the new Loremaster/Dungeon package Friday! You have an awesome thing going here, and please keep it coming! You have saved my partner and I a ton of time playing this game so we can spend quality time gaming with friends and exploring all of the content!

    • Helen Mortensen

      You’ve done it again, Dugi & Team!

      I am an old lady, playing this game together with my husband and I have all your guides, could not live without them.

      The only one missing is the dungeon guide, which was not for sale, when I wanted to buy it…

      I am glad I waited. This is such a customer treat,
      Surely both experienced, as well as new players will get addicted to your fabulous guides.

      Just want to say THANK YOU!

    • Trol

      Nice! Can’t believe you are giving this away as a bonus. Nice addition to the Dugi’s Guides.

    • Moonrager

      Excellent Bonus!

      Great Job Dugi! Always thinking what to help out even the most novice of player.


    • Iroen

      This awesome “bonus” 🙂 that will help a lot of players 🙂

    • Wulfgardr

      Very nice surprise! I’m excited and can’t wait to try this new feature! I’m not used to macros, I hope this will help me to improve my gaming and save some time, as a goblin I really hate wasting time… It’s like wasting money 😛

      Thanks again Dugi, this is what marks the difference between your standard leveling guide and a more detailed, friendly and helpful service like yours. Cheers.

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