This new Bonus will be included for free with our new Loremaster / Dungeon Guides pack, and it will be free to existing owners of the old Dungeon Guides as well.

Check out the video below for complete information about this new Bonus guide.

This will be available to download when our Loremaster / Dungeon Guide pack is released on March 25th!

hope you will find it useful!

Also the contest is now officially closed.

THANK YOU for the overwhelming number of responses. We are having a lot of fun reading all the entries and it is making our decision for the 3 Grand Prize winners very difficult. I’m afraid we are not able to announce the winners as soon as we thought, but we will announce it before the  launch on March 25th.

Please stay tuned to our Blog or Newsletter for the winners announcement.

From our quick count of the entries, Stranglethorn Vale is by far the favorite zone and a distant 2nd is Westfall. Deadmines is the also the clear favorite for dungeons.

I will post more results when we announce the winners.


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    • Flashlite

      I dont want the dungeon guide but would love the Macro bonus is there any other way of getting this?

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