Hi Everyone,  we have received a lot of questions regarding our upcoming Loremaster & Dungeon Guide and I’m excited to bring this new addition to our selection of  guides.  Below I have answered all of the frequently asked questions from our subscribers.

  1. How much will the guide cost!?
    We designed the guide as an expansion to our Leveling guide and the guide will be at a special price for our launch of $20 for a single faction or $30 for both factions, this special will last for 5 days only, after that the price will go to the standard price of $30 for single or $50 for both factions.
  2. Will you offer a discount package with other Dugi Guides?
    Yes!, we will offer new discount packages for multiple guide purchases with the Leveling and Dailies. But the Achievement & Profession guide will still have to be purchased seperately. Please note that you will not be at a disadvantage by purchasing our existing guides early as you will be able to upgrade during the special for the same total price.
  3. Why do you call it an expansion?
    This is because the Loremaster part only contains the 21 Zones that are missing from the Leveling guide, you will also need the Leveling guide for the complete Loremaster guide. The Dungeon Guide however is a complete guide on its own.
  4. Why is the Loremaster Guide seperated from the Leveling Guide?
    Not everyone that uses our Leveling Guide is interested in completing the extra zones and we don’t want to force our customers to pay extra $$ for guides that they will never use. And by seperating the extra zones we are able to offer our Leveling Guide at a much cheaper price than any of our competitors while giving our customers the flexibility to upgrade for extra zones and Dungeon guide support.
  5. Will the Bonus Pre-Made Macros  be included?
    Yes the new in-game pre-made macros will be included as a free bonus when you purchase our new Loremaster / Dungeon guide pack and old Dungeon Guide owners will also receive this new Bonus for free.
  6. What about updates?
    Updates to Dugi Guides addon will always be free and updates for the paid guides are also free for the current expansion (Cataclysm). New expansions (beyond Cataclysm) may require a small update fee but not always… eg our Dailies & Events Cataclysm updates were free.

Favorite Zone Contest Results

Again a big THANK YOU to everyone that entered our Contest, we received over 800 entries and it was great to read your past experiences and the little things that you enjoyed the most about the game. I even learned about some new areas and features that I should definitely check out sometime.

Picking the top 3 Grand Prize winners was much more difficult than I thought because there were so many memorable comments. I hope everyone understands that we can only pick 3 🙂 but every comment was read and enjoyed by all of us, it was definitely the best contest we’ve ever had.

Here are the Grand Prize winners

  1. Seladrei
  2. Roger
  3. Eyvind

The rest of the winners are randomly selected.

  1. Ed
  2. Topi
  3. chaosgremlin
  4. Colette
  5. Trenton
  6. Diddkong
  7. Tyler

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, the guide and lifetime update tag will be added to your account and if you don’t already have an account with dugiguides.com please contact me with your prefered account name.  All winners will need to contact me dave at dugiguides.com with your choice of In-Game Pet for European or US Realms.

    35 replies to "Loremaster / Dungeon Guide FAQ and Contest Results"

    • Catitude

      I really wish the 5 days fell in the FIRST 5 working days of the month instead of at the tail end 🙁

    • warthance

      i just have a quick question…i am wanting to buy the new dugi guides. i have never owned any of these guides and ive read and seen amazing results. i know its not to be released until the 25th and that is officially 15 mins from now…i know it wont be released at midnight, lol, but i wanna buy it now. i saw the thing saying that for the horde and alliance guides for the first 5 days was gonna be 30$. when i try to buy it it says 50$. how is this gonna work exactly. i do apologize for my noobness. thank you.
      p.s. i posted this same thing on another page and im sorry, i didnt realize i was in the wrong place

    • Colin


      Will u be able to get Loremaster achivement with exsiting leveled Char (lvl 80) useing Lore/Dung guide or have to start new char

      • Dave Farrell

        Yes you will.

    • Topi

      I feel a congrats is in order for everyone of us who has Dugi Guides. So.. GRATS to ALL!!!

      I truly feel that because of Dugi, our game time is a heck of a lot better, more fun, more productive in more ways than any other guide can offer.

      Hugs and warm thoughts!!!

    • Eyvind

      Congratulations to my co-winners!

      Now to start raffling off these pets to my guild!

    • Trenton

      When will the winners have the Lifetime tag added to thier account?

    • GHL

      What will be the price, if any, for someone that bought all the guilds. I kind of feel bad because I also ordered and paid for the dungeon guild for horde (had the alliance) and it was discontinued two weeks after I bought it. Many of the other guides are lifetime that I have so I’m not sure what will be my responsbility for the new lore/dungeon guides coming out.

      • Dugi

        It will be free if you already have the Dungeon Guide

    • Yuzippy

      Alright, I’m just a little confused about when it is released. Is that March 25th 12 PM between Thursday and Friday, or Friday and Saturday? I am looking forwards to buying BOTH factions, even though I don’t have the Horde leveling guide, will I still be able to level a character up to 60? And WHY DIDN’T I WIN??? 😛 I was actually thinking about how there are pet achievements, too, and was wondering if there was ever going to be a “Pet Hunter” guide, which shows places to get all the non-purchasable pets, such as quests or venders. There is my two-cents, thanks for the guides!

    • Chris

      Zygor just released it last night The auto quest accpect is broken. I don’t really see any difference between his old SIS and the new one. He also didn’t mention that the loremaster guide is just Outland Northrend and Kal yeah its alot of zones but your right that part should be free. Hes charged in the past for things that should be free. its a good thing I all ready got Dugis dungeon master guide. I get this stuff for free as a update its great. I really wish you wouldn’t charge for the xpacks but I understand its a good way to help make your guide better. I haven’t broken down and bought your leveling guide yet Dugie I hope that doesn’t make a difference.

      I just have one question. Will you be updating your profession guides? I was going through your mining and JC guides and they seem to be a little off. not sure though

      • Trina Barnes

        Actually, the loremaster guide with Zygor’s product has all the areas. Its just located in the leveling guide. The areas that are in the “Loremaster” section are areas that were not included in the original leveling guide. (It’s very confusing.) I have both guides, I’ve been using Dugi’s primary for almost a year, but since Zygor was giving the Loremaster guide for free then I looked into it. At first it was confusing but it looks promising. I just wish that I was getting the Loremaster guide from Dugi’s free, but it is understandable. It’s kind of funny because I am working on Loremaster right now, so both products looks interesting. I do not want to spend anymore money than I have, so I will likely go with Zygor until I either get tired of it again because of errors, or when I can justify spending more money into the Loremaster guide. I am using WoW-Pro in-game add-on since they include every area for Loremaster and it works pretty well without errors. So, I may not go to Zygor and stay with WoW-Pro for the time being.

    • Lee_reider

      apparently you are confused it is the only guide that was working during the launch of Cata. I have them all and Dugi’s is the only one that worked without a problem

    • Jevnaker

      *Edited by Dugi* Please don’t troll our blog, Dugi Guides worked since Cataclysm was released and we didn’t sell a broken SIS system to our customers and have it fixed 3 months later.

      • ChrisP

        I am an avid WoW player but only since Wrath so I cannot attest to anything prior to that time frame. But what I can attest to is the ease and flexibility offered with Dugi’s various guides as well as Zygor’s. I purchased Zygor’s first and used it for a short time until I learned of Dugi’s. I will tell you that at one point there were strength’s and points of improvement for both but after having used them for the better part of a year my preference has been towards Dugi’s and remains that way to this day.

        The SIS had clear and apparent issues with the release of Cataclysm and I applied every update only to still be frustrated with it. This is just a personal opinion and I always recommend people to try things to see what’s best for them. Dugi’s has been the best for me thus far.

    • ChrisP

      Will there be any discount for those who purchased the dungeon leveling guides just before the Cataclysm release? That was an awesome guide and I was happy for the purchase but it was short lived due to the changes that they made for the Cataclysm dungeons. I’m happy to purchase the Loremaster guide but was just checking to see if there may be some discount applied.

      Keep up the great work!

      • Dugi

        Old Dungeon Guide owners will receive the update for free.

        • ChrisP

          You, sir, ROCK!

          Thank you for the response and I’m looking forward to the upcoming release.

          Keep up the great work!

        • Gloria Hopfensperger

          This answered my question. Thanks for much Dugi!

        • Ja48

          Thank you … Thank you … Thank you

    • Janet DeSouto

      Thanks to all who shared their WOW stories. I so enjoyed reading everyone’s entry. To me it was thrilling to get to peek at the players of this awesome game. An Huu-rah for us in our 60s who run with the kids and kick buts!

      • Errans

        Yay!! For the 60s years 🙂 !!!

    • AfoUare

      Dugi, Come on my poem didn’t win 🙁 I worked hard on that! Oh well 🙂

      • Night Stalker (Kevin Sisson)

        LOL, WOW. If it was a good poem i might have picked it Dugi.

    • Daniel Walker

      Rats, I didn’t win! I am so looking forward to this. I wish I could buy it today!

    • Lew Thomson

      I am interested in purchasing this guide. I also wish to have more information on the profession guide.

      By the way, I enjoyed levelling at North Strangleton because it was very realistic. I have a lvl. 60 character.


    • Trol

      Looking forward to it.

      Zygor’s is only a Loremaster Guide. It does not include Dungeons or the Macros. I am sure Zygor did the Loremaster Guide as a last minute, try and beat Dugi to the release thing. Which means it is probably as buggy as his SIS system.

    • Jordan Humberto de Souza

      Could you extend the offer for like day 2 of the next month? I’m getting my payment that day… =\ And wish to get it… It could be 50% discount dont you think? Since Zygor have made it free for leveling customers.

      • Timothy Johns

        yeah that sounds good to me to .
        I’m on a fixed income and get money 1st of every month.
        so by the end of the month I hardy have anything. 🙁

      • Dugi

        Zygor doesn’t offer Dungeon guides which is the biggest part of the guide and our leveling guides is significantly cheaper and better.

        • Honeyblossom

          SCREW ZYGOR!

          Those guys are jerks.

          • Night Stalker (Kevin Sisson)

            Im with you there!

      • Honeyblossom

        I agree, the extension literally puts it ONE DAY after I get paid…

        pleeeeease extend the sale a few days?

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