I think we have kept you in suspense long enough watch this youtube video below

I have counted the post people left behind for our competition and most of you were right !

So you guessed it… its aΒ  Dungeon Leveling Guide,Β  the video above explain why a dungeon leveling guide is very important,Β  makes sure you watch it.

I’m very sorry to those of you that could be a bit dissapointed because it is not what you’re hoping for πŸ™‚ but the good news is that Achievement guide and in-game Profession guide is also something that we are currently working on.Β  We will add more new features to the addon to support these guides properly.

The bad news is that we are running a bit behind schedule and we had to push back our release date of the new guide to May 25th.

But we will release Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4.1Β  sooner than that so you will receive the new Quest Level feature which will make leveling with RAF and Heirlooms much easier and also a new settings options which will make the addon a lot better.

Enjoy the video! andΒ  stay tuned to our newsletter for more video updates soon! Also make sure youΒ us on facebook πŸ˜€

    95 replies to "Our Secret Project Announced!"

    • Taylor

      Would you do a plan so that I can buy the dailies guide AND buy the dungeon leveling guide? I have long wanted the dailies guide, and if there’s a special including both, I would buy that.

    • Drew

      This has finally convinced me to buy your guides! I’m sure you’ll probably do this, but I just wanted to put in a special request: please make a mega-discount deal if we buy all your guides, similar to the $87 package you have now, but including the dungeon guide. Thanks!

      • DugisGuide

        we will definately have something along those lines

    • SiNK

      This isnt a keylogger or so…?
      if it is i’ll list it on all the list on the web for untrustable sites(sites like MYWOT, macaffe, symantec..etc…etc)

      • football

        No, but it’s a highly addictive fun guide πŸ™‚ Please read all the positive comments on the forum. We’re many happy users playing with it every day πŸ™‚

        I’m just a user and supporter of these guides, and I’ve written an install guide on the forum with over 1000 views. With the new viewer being released soon, it’s gonna be even more awesome. Can’t wait πŸ™‚

    • Leif

      The problem is… It will feel like 10 weeks before 25th … I want this guide. Using the usual leveling guide and it is really good now. Have used it on three different guys and it is really really good now. Therefore, I want to have this new guide now … Keep up the good work Dugi.

    • Dan

      Hi Dugi, I will be honest i have not brought any of your guides yet. I have looked at your website and your videos and it seems you know what you are talking about, this guide sounds very exciting i am playing with a friend at the moment in ” recruit a friend” and this guide sounds perfect to what we need. Can i ask one big thing……… We always game on the Friday as we are off the weekend;) will your guide be good to go for the weekend so we can get stuck in πŸ˜‰ ++Rep from UK.

    • Aaron

      Hi dugi,
      How much will it cost?

      • jack

        u really have t read what he says he said “we will announce this soon”

      • DugisGuide

        to be announced πŸ™‚

        • Maddoc

          Heya Dugi,
          Cuerious on the package deal. I just looked at your guides for first time this morning. I saw if i buy all for 87 its a good deal. Will you be doing the same with the dungeon guide and all the others for a savings. I ask because if so Ill wait and buy them all. Or it will be just teh dungeon guide. Looks great I just tried the sample 1-40, pretty intuitive. I’ll have to play with it a bit, but WELL Done mate.

          Silver Hand

    • jack

      and r u going to give us a telent guide too with the dungun guide?

    • Leolo

      I have missed all the classic dungeons and look forward to spending time in them. I am excited about the guides to the dungeons and the inclusion of fight tactics. It would be amazing if you could copy fight tactics and then be able to announce to party so that everyone is on the same page quickly.

    • jack

      how much will it b for the people that alrdy have ur guide?

    • Scott

      With you needing to discover dungeons in cataclysm before you are able to use the dungeon tool I was wondering if this guide would try and go into almost every dungeon or simply 1 dungeon every 5 levels. Also do you think it would still be worth it rolling a healer? Becouse it looks like you are going to be forced to do both solo and dungeon leveling.

      • DugisGuide

        We have a guide for almost every dungeon for leveling, we have skipped end game dungeon content such as LBRS, UBRS, Dire Maul for classic.

        Tempest Keeps dungeons (Botanica, Alcatraz, Mechanar) and Magister Terrace,

        The reason we have skipped them is that because these dungeons have a high requirements of about level 58 for the classic and it is actually better to head into Outlands if you reach level 58, and same goes with the Tempest Keeps dungeons in Outlands, the level requirements is about levle 68 and its better if you begin Northrend dungeons at that level.

        and we covered all entry level dungeon in Northrend, and have not included end game dungeons such as the Icecrown Citadels dungeons and Trial of Champion.

    • karen

      So can I use both the standard leveling guide along with the dungeon leveling? sometimes I feel like doing dungeon and sometimes I just want to quests do you know what I mean ? πŸ™‚

      • football

        Yes you’ll be able to switch between the Normal leveling guide and the Dungeon leveling guide. Just pick the guide closest to you level, and it will automatically sync with your current quest progress πŸ™‚

    • Randy

      I cant wait till i get the money to get the full package but can you tell me how much the dungeon guide will be?

    • John

      Hey Dugi, This is a really great idea (after having watched the video). I think it is worth the full $37 one of your guides normally costs. I also think that the discount your loyal customers and previous purchasers of your guides is a good idea. I do NOT think it’s a good idea to give the update to Cataclysm away for free. Full purchase price may not be warranted, but I think it would be truly unfair to expect you to do all the hard work needed to upgrade the guide for free. An expansion represents hundreds of new quests and with the restructuring of Azeroth there will likely be 20-50 new or altered dungeons. That’s a lot of work. Maybe it would be more fair if we got it 1/2 off, or 1/3 for the introduction / launch period (of the upgrade to Cataclysm), but free would be completely unfair to you Dugi. Don’t let anyone tear jerk you out of fair compensation for your work.

      Oh and please consider creating that in-game Achievement guide mentioned as one of the possibilities of what the new secret project might have been. That would be nice also. Maybe not as nice as this, but still something a lot of us would like to have.

      Oh and one more thing. Was showing those of us that get the newsletter the blocked out tabs intentional? I mean that the jpg connected to the newsletter showed the tabs, but the contest page image had them blocked out. Or was that image updated after more than 10 people guessed that the new project was a dungeon guide?

      • DugisGuide

        Hi John, I appreciate your feedback. The blurred image was just an image that we used for the competition but since the competition has ended we have reveal the tabs.

        • lilocowboy

          Not sure if I missed it but thought I would ask. Have you revealed the winners yet for that contest?

          • DugisGuide

            no not yet. it will be revealed before May 25th

    • Ryan

      I am broke πŸ™ I spent all my money on all your other guides. Surely you could look into your heart to giving those that have purchased all of your guides a freebie or at least a demo of this guide

      • Steve

        How you playing for WoW every month if you are broke? πŸ˜›

        Blizzard charge for EVERYTHING so you should be used to paying. lol

        • Ryan

          Β£10 a month = Β£2 left over. Trying to save up for cataclysm aswell though πŸ˜‰ pleeese say there will be a 1-40 demo.

          • DugisGuide

            we won’t be releasing a demo for the dungeon guide unfortunately

    • Daved

      I think the guides are very useful tool in the game which can get frustrating. I am not a programmer but I would like to see the guide sense or receive data to let it know more things
      have been done rather than maually ticking them off, but how lazy is that? Other than that I love it and it has actually motivated me to level my alts. I spending much more time on them now than my main which is unheard of…(rem I’m lazy) it has made them fun to run again….thanks for the work….

    • Smithy

      Cool that it’s got leveling quests along with the dungeons. I definitely agree that leveling up can be way faster using dungeons and its way more fun. I think this guide sounds ideal with leveling and dungeons all in one. Dungeons alone gets boring and leveling without dungeons just isnt as fun, so this guide sounds ideal for me, just what I need. I like that I can also use it along with the Dugi leveling guide as well. Keep up the good work and great ideas Dugi!

    • mOoie

      This Dugi is a great idea .. But 1 thing bothers me , i have brought all your guides upto yet and you have made lots of cash of me πŸ˜› silly me aye , i have recently noticed that 1 of the guides i pruchased now comes free with the leveling guide … which really isnt fair beens as though i paid $37 for the PVP guides … Are we (the people who have brought all your guides) going to have to buy this guide aswell ?

      • DugisGuide

        Even thou we have stopped selling the PVP and Gold guides, our prices overall have stayed the same.. so everyone would have paid about the same price.

        • mOoie

          Soo have we got to pay for it ? not another 30odd dollars i hope ? πŸ˜›

          • DugisGuide

            Yes you will have to pay for it.. if we give everything away for free then we will be out of business.

    • HowToMakeGold.com

      Just when you thought you had seen everything…

      Great Surprise!

    • Jonathon

      I really like how there are going to be in game maps along with the dungeon leveling guide, that will be a huge help. I always get lost in dungeons and usually have to rely on someone else the group knowing what to do. It’s such a pain having to go and look up wowhead all the time trying to find out what i should be doing and where the bosses are. Im surprised its taken this long for someone to come up with a dungeon guide, but am so glad there is finally going to be one. Well done Dugi for being the first to come up with it, Im sure it will be a winner

    • Terminator

      I love dungeons and I can’t wait to get this guide

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