We have just released our simple addon installer. Its free and you can use this to install any wow addons and we have more plans to expand later to add more functionality such as showing the current version of your addons/guides and the new versions available.

Visit our new addons and guides download page here to get it for free.

    8 replies to "Dugi’s WoW Addon Installer for Windows and Mac"

    • Wowleveler

      I’m not sure how to use this guide on MacBook. Also how do I access the other stuff i.e. Followers, achievements, and mounts?

    • cheap lasix

      Glad I detected this on google .

    • STrekvial

      Hello this is not working why ?

    • Luke

      Yeh, does this work for trial? if not, then If I upgrade it to full version.. will it work? Please reply.

    • redskull1370

      digi you help me big time in this game so i thank you for that but you started a talant guild on this place like putting the right number s in the talant box s but you did nt give us a rotation for that talant im a mm and not the best at this game dont get me wrong im hitting around 6k not to bad but i should be hitting better my gear score is 4211 and there s loo r toon hitten better than me man i love your guild but can you help me on this one thanks man

    • football

      This is amazing.

      It’s clearly the best guide out there and you just keep making it better.

      It makes me proud when I tell my friends that I support and use Dugi’s guide.

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