This is probably our best ever update to the addon! you can download our latest addon with the new feature right now with the link below, Make sure you check out this video below for the full demonstration of our new features.

Click Here To Download Dugi’s Guide v4.1

New Features

* Easy Quest Skipping – This is the combination of Quest Level color coding and Chain Quest Linking feature,  and you will also notice that if a quest is too high level to accept the !? symbol will appear grey.  This makes it easy for skipping quest when if you want to switch from Dungeon questing to standard leveling or if you’re playing with Recruit-a-Friend and Heirlooms.

* New Settings Menu – Handy to lock your guide in place and to turn off certain features/

* Manual Tick Mode – You can now cycle between ‘yellow ticks’ and ‘red cross’  which will be handy if you ever want to add your own yellow ticks.

* New Support for Dungeon Leveling – Well you will need to purchase our latest Dungeon Leveling Guide to be able to enjoy this new feature.

I have a video coming very soon to show you side-by-side comparison of 1 hour play time for Dungeon Leveling and Solo Leveling and we came up with some very interesting results be on the lookout for this video tommorow.

May 25th is not too far away we’re all very excited to finaly release this new guide,  don’t miss out!


    14 replies to "Dugi’s Guide v4.1 Update is Here! Free Download."

    • Emmy

      I’m super happy with this guide. I’m a semi-casual player (I raid some on my priest). I leveled my priest the old-fashioned hard way cause I was new to the game, then leveled a Warlock going off my sort of knowledge of those quests. I spent a lot of time running around and flying all over the place.

      I’m leveling a Paladin now and have gone from half a level a day to at least 2 or 3 levels a day (I’m level 46 right now). I dont’ feel confused wondering what I should do next, and feel like there is an experienced player helping me every step of the way.

      If you aren’t hard-core and/or are new to the game, I recommend this guide!

    • Trenton

      How do you know if you were one of the winners?

      • DugisGuide

        we will announce it on our blog soon, I will also try to contact the winners via email.

    • Jadant

      This guide just keeps getting better and better.
      To top it off, the free additional guides for professions, macros, gold making etc are just excellent.
      The level of support Dugi offers to his customers is tops.
      Excellent stuff.

    • John Craddock

      This is a very user-friendly guide.

    • David Gasch

      I’ve installed v4.1 and it shows in my addons, however the old guide is still coming up in the game. v3.3.
      How do I get the new guide to show in the game?

      • DugisGuide

        You need to go to world of warcraft\interface\addons\ folder and delete the folder of the old guide.

    • ed melendez

      wow> i bought this guide like several months ago and i already have 3 level 80’s with more gold and gear than i would have with any other guide out there. This guide works and makes it fun aswell, Im sooo happy i got this guide cause my WoW experience is more fun and exciting then before. I cant wait for the dungeon guide im def getting it, Thanks Dug

    • Sywade

      You mention that the Dungeon guide isnt FREE Dugi……is that just for new customers or does it also mean current customers too?

      • DugisGuide

        Its not free for anyone except the winners in our competition, this is a brand new product and it was not promised with any of your purchase.

        • Sywade

          Ok no worries! I wont be buyinig it though as I dont have any money now (no work)….Still I can still do as I have done before just earn XP all the way thats fine by me 🙂

    • Simon

      What about the winners =O

    • Homer Perez

      I was having trouble downloading, but with Dugi’s prompt support all was resolved. I am very impressed and have compared to main competitor. I find Dugi’s software is much easier and not so confusing. I wish this company well and continued success. He has made WoW much more enjoyable. Thanks,

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