I think we have kept you in suspense long enough watch this youtube video below

I have counted the post people left behind for our competition and most of you were right !

So you guessed it… its a  Dungeon Leveling Guide,  the video above explain why a dungeon leveling guide is very important,  makes sure you watch it.

I’m very sorry to those of you that could be a bit dissapointed because it is not what you’re hoping for 🙂 but the good news is that Achievement guide and in-game Profession guide is also something that we are currently working on.  We will add more new features to the addon to support these guides properly.

The bad news is that we are running a bit behind schedule and we had to push back our release date of the new guide to May 25th.

But we will release Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4.1  sooner than that so you will receive the new Quest Level feature which will make leveling with RAF and Heirlooms much easier and also a new settings options which will make the addon a lot better.

Enjoy the video! and  stay tuned to our newsletter for more video updates soon! Also make sure you us on facebook 😀

    95 replies to "Our Secret Project Announced!"

    • Gretchen R.

      I got the early subscribers link and I purchased the $40.00 horde/alliance dungeon guide, but the bonus cataclysm did not show up?

      • DugisGuide

        The Cataclysm bonus will only be available when Blizzard release the Cataclysm expansion, and it will be added to your account automatically.

    • Rubiks Cube


      Dugi,i tested all guides you c on the internet, but i like yours most.
      and this new dungeon lvling OOOOOWWWWWNNZZZ 😀
      Greetings,Maik from Germany

    • Brad S.

      Hey Dugi and Crew,

      Well I think I messed up last night. Instead of purchasing the new Dungeon package I clicked on 1-80 upgrade. What if anything do I get for that. I am already a happy owner of 1-80 Alliance and Horde and running 4.11.

      How can we correct this?


      • DugisGuide

        can you contact me with your account name and I can fix that for you, dave at ultimatewowguide.com,

    • Daniel B.


      I have a guide of yours, which is very nice to use. But my question is this. You state in your email,

      “The first 500 purchase will also receive
      * Dungeon Leveling Cataclysm update.”

      Why would I buy or consider buying a guide that is going to require me to buy an update in 6 months? Sure if I am one of the first 500, I won’t have to worry about it, but what if I am 501? Then when Cataclysm comes out I have to repurchase something I just bought, so that it will be viable? I don’t understand. Why isn’t think guide coming with lifetime updates? I understand new content comes out all the time, and maybe if it Cataclysm wasn’t suppose to come out this year, it would be different.

      And BTW, I love your partner/friend John, and his Gold Blueprint videos. They are awesome, great job teaming up with him. 😀

      • DugisGuide

        we will offer a grace period for free update but this is yet to be determined, if you’re the first 500 we will guarantee you the upgrade for free.

    • Xeneiah

      ooooooooooh I thought it was at midnight!! 🙁 at 12 noon Ill be at work 🙁 .. was already credit card in hand.. now. I wont qualify for anything shoot .. Ill see it like 6 hours later 🙁 …

      Oh well . I’m still all excited.. just stayed up for nothing ;( ..

      Thank you 🙂

      • DugisGuide

        stick around we’re about to release secret link to our subscribers first

    • mgfootball

      Will we able to have boa items on well using this guide.

      • DugisGuide

        Yes definately.

        • mgfootball

          k sweet and how much will this coast.

    • Charles

      I am very interested in the guide as it looks very interesting and I am sure it will be very high quality. I do have one concern, though. If I level mostly through dungeons will I have to go out of my way to level tradeskills like mining?

      • DugisGuide

        There are Herbs and Mines in dungeon zones aswell but it is likely not enough for you to keep leveling up, some dungeons eg Shadowfang Keep which is inside a build won’t have anything at all for gathering profession.. it would be odd for a mining node to appear inside a castle.

    • epic

      Am vary happy to here that you got a new Guide coming out soon 🙂 i cant wait to get it

    • thani

      sorry i meant 2 days from now

    • thani

      oh yeah i forgot one more question, what will the staring price be when u will be selling it 27 hours from now?

      • DugisGuide

        we will announce this shortly in our next video coming later tonight.

        • thani

          thanks dugi

    • Thomas

      I love your 1-40 guide and I was about to buy the package deal, if I wait will the dungeon guide be included in it or will I have to buy it separate?

      • DugisGuide

        there will be a package that includes the dungeon guide, you can also buy our guides now and upgrade later.

    • Kasmyn

      WHAT! i have to pay for something? ridicules… lol j/k i couldn’t resist that sorry.
      Any way i kinda can’t wait this guide looks promising ill be curious to try it out with a new toon see how it works I still dont beleieve your factoiring enough time for ques current average of mid levels on my battle ground for a DPS is about 20ish mins. But as long as you can pull up other guides and such. looks good.

    • Namikzerlaft

      I Bought Zygors guide. Its very fast, but urs is faster from 1 to 10, more i didnt played until yet.
      BUT THIS IS FCKING AWESOME.You are a smart Guy.

    • Vicvayporuub

      This looks great. I’ve only been playing WoW for a few months and I play two primary characters. A hunter that I use your soloing guide with (very helpful) and a paladin that I play dungeons with two other friends. One of the most annoying things about the dungeons is finding all the quests. We waste a lot of time looking them up online and then figuring out where to go and what prerequisites are required. This new guide looks to be a great help with all that. Good job.

    • thani

      hi dugi,

      i was just wondering if you will be making like those packages. for example, selling the leveling guide and dungeon guide and give the dailies guide for free. because that would be awesome, also i have been getting e-mails from you alot and im really happy with your work and special events guides.

      thanks for all the good times

      • DugisGuide

        there will be new purchase packages at a discounted rate that you can take advantage of.

    • Christian v o

      This guide CAN be great for players that look for some fun and variation in their play.
      But really, this is not the fastest way to lvl. Consider that to aquire this dungeon quest at lower lvls, you have to travel from city to city in distand zones AND queue in the dungeon finder wich takes major chunks of time. Time that you can spend far better at grinding / soloing if you wish to lvl as past as possible, ofcourse.

      I tryed to train an warrior myself, as protection and reached LVL 1 to 62 in 2 days, 14 hours. (wich I can prove with a Screenshot or just armory him and check his lvl achie from time to time)

      ofcourse, this depends how well your class can grind / quest but still, this is not the fastest way.

      The warrior I trained named Draca, is on the EU server Twisting Nether.

      • DugisGuide

        You will still need to travel for solo questing so it really is no different, and grinding is extremely ineffecient as I will prove to you on our next video.

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