You might already be aware that Blizzard recently announced the release date of Mist of Pandaria to be September 25th 2012, and I’m happy to confirm that we will complete our leveling guide updates before the release date so that all our users will have their leveling guide ready as soon as MoP is released. Here are some important informations regarding our guides…

For All New Purchases: 

  • Dugi Guides will be offering a grace period of 3 months for free updates for our Mist of Pandaria guides.  This means all new purchase from June 25th 2012 onwards will receive Mist of Pandaria guides update for free.

For Older Purchases: 

  • Note that all your current guides will still work with Mist of Pandaria expansion, you don’t need to purchase the MoP updates to continue using Dugi Guides, but to receive the new MoP guides you will need to purchase the MoP Updates.
  • Leveling MoP update will be included in one purchase of $20 for single faction or $30 for both faction.
    – This will cover Pandaren Starting Zone, All Level 85-90 Zones
    – Old customers who inherited our lifetime update promise (purchases before Nov 2008) will receive this update for free.
  • Daily MoP update will be included in one purchase of $15 for both faction.
    – Mist of Pandaria Dailies, Events and any other related content.
  • Loremaster & Dungeon MoP update will be free.
  • Achievement & Profession Mop update will require a separate purchase of $15.
    – This will cover new achievements and professions up to level 600.
    – Major improvements are also coming soon.
  • Dugi Gold Academy MoP update will be free to all purchase, this will come a few months later after the initial release of the expansion.

The prices above are our special Pre-Order prices which will be available only between September 17th – September 24th, then prices for MoP Updates will increase the same time as the expansion is released.  We will also offer a special sale price for all our existing guides during the pre-order special.

We’re really looking forward to MoP, the beta is a lot of fun. If you have any more question regarding our MoP update or anything else don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment section below.


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    • Alistair72

      wanting to purchase loremaster/dungeon,dailes and events, i understand they will have the MoP update when it comes out. I already have Alliance and Horde leveling guide, will I still have to buy update for the leveling, and for $30 for dual faction? even though Im buying loremaster/dungeon,dailies and events?

    • Steve

      I was just thinking to myself if you were going to have updated guides for MoP… I’m so used to developers being late that I totally wasn’t expecting it to be FULLY ready before launch. You run a fine business my man, keep it up! I can’t wait to download and use for MoP 😉

    • pandalapis

      I’m feeling very happy that my updates for mop will be for free, especially as I used the last of my spending money pre-ordering MoP. Thanks Dugi!

    • Richard Bentley

      Hello, Dugi, I bought the Alliance/Horde Leveling Guide, back on 12/14/2008 and its saying $0 just curious how much it costed for it back then. was thinking like $50-60+ but can’t remember just curious is all i have all your guides up till now Except the Gold Academy one which i plan to Purchase on September 1st give me a Comment back if that $0 is right or not okay back to WoW Chao and keep up the Awesome Work and more Guides to come *^.^*

    • Ben

      Will the MoP Leveling Guide be release Before the 25th September so that we can utilize the route on release day?

      • Dugi

        @Ben, maybe a few days before 25th Sep

    • nikolajfr101

      So if I buy the leveling guide today, I will be able to get the MoP leveling guide upgrade before MoP is released? 🙂

      • Dugi

        @nikolajfr101, You will get it for free but it won’t be available until MoP is released.


      Hi Dugi,

      Really love your guides. I can’t imagine playing WoW without them, and the prospect of starting MoP without the guides in place is daunting lol.

      So I just wish to confirm if I understand correctly my charges when the MoP guides become available.
      Due to the fact that I bought H&A levelling guide in Mar 2007, I qualify for the lifetime upgrade therefore there is no charge?
      As I purchased the H&A Dailies guide in Sept 2009 plus H&A Dungeon guide in May 2010, these also qualify for the free upgrade??

      Therefore my only charge to be applied when I get the MoP update is for my H&A Achievement and professions guide purchase in Oct 2010 which is going to be $15 ??

      If this is correct I will seriously consider buying the Dugi Gold Academy lol. I’m not sure how my purchases line me up with your Loyalty Program as some are marked with £0.0 so I’m surmising I don’t qualify, even though I’m sure I purchased them initially?

      Keep up the good Work look forward to seeing you in MoP 😀

      • Dugi

        @LEE PERRY, Hi lee, since your leveling guide is pre-Nov 2008 , you already have a lifetime upgrade for the leveling guide but the Dailies and Dungeon will require a update fee of $30 for both guides (free if you have the loyalty)

        The Achievement & Profession is an exception will require an update fee for everyone except for those that purchased during the grace period.

    • Lloyd Kennett

      I bought the alliance and horde levelling guide a while ago and i’m wondering if i get this update for free or not.

      • Dugi

        If you meet the criteria described above then you will receive it.

    • Lloyd Kennett

      I am also wondering, I bought the alliance+horde levelling guide a while ago and I am wondering if i will get this for free or not.

    • Ali Hammoud

      I got my Leveling guide for one year ago I think – so I get Mop guide for free ??

      please confirm,



      I purchased my first Dugi’s leveling guide in 2007 does that mean I will get the MOPD for free


      Sounds great, I can wait to see the new guide.
      I should get the new update for free correct? I purchased mine on 08/09/2007.

    • cybrok

      So when is the update available? Sep 25th? or earlier?

      • Dugi

        @cybrok, at least by Sep 25th

    • Callen Gilbert

      How large a discount will the “special sale price” for existing guides be? I am in need of some more of your guides but of course want the best price I can get.

      • Dugi

        @Callen Gilbert, Most guides will be reduced by $5-$10

    • Kevin Earhart Earhart

      Dugi is it possible to pre-order the guide now and not wait for Sept. 17?


      • Dugi

        @Kevin Earhart Earhart, I’m sorry, we can’t accept pre-order now.

    • PAMSm

      how can I find out what I have spent on guides got my first one in 2009

    • Tormont

      Have purchased a total of $144 in past. If buy the $20 hoard leveling and the $10 hoard achievement that will total $174… $1 short of your $175 lower limit for the your new program. Have six $0 items listed on my account page. Ironic?

      • Dugi

        I have checked the $0 in your account, those items seems to be gifted products.

    • chellie

      so if i get the Dugi Gold Academy will i get mop free? and how much is ur guide in NZ? i love you work 🙂

      • Dugi

        @chellie, you will get the MoP update for Dugi Gold Academy for free, if you go to the clickbank payment information form it should have a currency converter.

    • kyedragn89

      i purched my guide earlier this yr and have been getting updates for free, does this mean that my account will upgrade for free as well i havent been a member quite as long as most but i do want to get clarification in this

    • katherya1951

      Dugi or representative

      Thank you for your guides…I purchased mine in 2010 so if I am reading it right the cost of MoP will be 45$. Which I have to purchase between 9/17 and 9/24. I’m 61yr old and would like to have an idea what it might cost after this time because I might have to budget for it. I’m not certain I will buy MoP and am glad that I will still be able to use the great guide that I have already purchased. Thank you again for all the help you have given me.

      • Dugi

        yes that is correct.

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