You might already be aware that Blizzard recently announced the release date of Mist of Pandaria to be September 25th 2012, and I’m happy to confirm that we will complete our leveling guide updates before the release date so that all our users will have their leveling guide ready as soon as MoP is released. Here are some important informations regarding our guides…

For All New Purchases: 

  • Dugi Guides will be offering a grace period of 3 months for free updates for our Mist of Pandaria guides.  This means all new purchase from June 25th 2012 onwards will receive Mist of Pandaria guides update for free.

For Older Purchases: 

  • Note that all your current guides will still work with Mist of Pandaria expansion, you don’t need to purchase the MoP updates to continue using Dugi Guides, but to receive the new MoP guides you will need to purchase the MoP Updates.
  • Leveling MoP update will be included in one purchase of $20 for single faction or $30 for both faction.
    – This will cover Pandaren Starting Zone, All Level 85-90 Zones
    – Old customers who inherited our lifetime update promise (purchases before Nov 2008) will receive this update for free.
  • Daily MoP update will be included in one purchase of $15 for both faction.
    – Mist of Pandaria Dailies, Events and any other related content.
  • Loremaster & Dungeon MoP update will be free.
  • Achievement & Profession Mop update will require a separate purchase of $15.
    – This will cover new achievements and professions up to level 600.
    – Major improvements are also coming soon.
  • Dugi Gold Academy MoP update will be free to all purchase, this will come a few months later after the initial release of the expansion.

The prices above are our special Pre-Order prices which will be available only between September 17th – September 24th, then prices for MoP Updates will increase the same time as the expansion is released.  We will also offer a special sale price for all our existing guides during the pre-order special.

We’re really looking forward to MoP, the beta is a lot of fun. If you have any more question regarding our MoP update or anything else don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment section below.


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    • mysticpoet

      i wish to know how much for both factions complete set is thank you . A most awesome game and i know these guides will help us enjoy the game to its fullest. way cool

    • CJ Hazer

      Love using your guides. Looking forward for MoP to drop and leveling with your guides. 😀


      I purchased : Alliance & Horde Leveling Guide 03/31/2008.

      So do I get a free upgrade?

      • Dugi


    • bobby211

      I purchased in 2005 so mine should be free as I have lifetime updates, isnt this correct dugi

      • Dugi


    • Highpitch

      Hi looong time user. I have all the guides. I will update To MOP.

      Just noticed that the dalaran fishing and cooking dailies are glitched It sends you to the argent tournament grounds

    • Noclues

      hi. I still love your guides and all, but 3 years ago when I got my guides it said free lifetime updates. whatever happened to that part for existing customers?

      • Dugi

        lifetime updates were only offered before Nov 2008 if your purchase was before then you will receive it for free.

    • gardibolt

      Sounds great. I wouldn’t venture into Pandaria without Dugi.

    • JohnCH

      Woot! I snagged the update for free! Because I bought mine in April of 2008! That is very helpful to me for right now. I’ve been wanting to buy the Gold Academy guide since Dugi anounced it, but haven’t been able to because the tightness of our budget, and now because I lost my job, I still can’t get it. So the free update is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Dugi!

      • JohnCH

        @JohnCH, Why did my full name (almost) show up when all I entered was “JohnCH”? Anyone know? Dugi? It’s kinda scary that it did that without asking me.

        • Dugi

          there should be a profile link where you type in your response and you can change your post name from there.

    • Kore

      Meh, Id rather the older customers get it for free as well. Probably cant afford it atm but would love to add it to my collection of guides. Ah well.

    • Herman

      I will most certainly go for your updates. I hope I can use my code I got when took the Skill-capped offer earlier this year.

      • Dugi

        @Herman, you should be able to use the code because it was for anything up to $35 value.

    • Nathan

      so i purchased the guide in july on the 3rd i believe so that means i get the update free?

      • Dugi

        @Nathan, that’s correct


      So the complete cost to upgrade everything will be $45? (And I agree with someone’s comment; I’d really prefer to pre-pay this now.)

      • Dugi

        @DEBRA BERRY, we’re not really comfortable to accept pre-pay this early in case something doesn’t go according to plan, and it is also more for your protection because the 60 days refund policy would expire close to the time of MoP release.

    • Craig Dalton

      I own everything you sell, and this will be no exception. Your guides are all great, and add to the fun and enjoyment of the game. Thanks!

    • Robin Hamerdinger

      I would love to be able to pre-order now…

    • Sebastian Ramirez

      I bought the guide 6 days before june 25th, is such a shame that im not covered in the grace period, still enjoying the guide so far

    • ed

      im an old member. Will I have to pay for all the updates?

      • Dugi

        @ed, if your purchase is older than June 25th 2012 you will need to purchase the update to get the new guides.

      • ed

        when I bought guides it came with a lifetime of updates? what gives.

        • Dugi

          @ed, you own the Dugi Gold Academy which will be updated for free.

          • ed

            I love your guides anyway. They are the best and only reason I Play WoW stress free. Thanks.

    • Jason Culbreath

      Thanks to Dugi and your team, I cannot wait to see the new updates! On a side note, could you update your posts and updates on Twitter, as you do on Facebook? I am more of a Twitter hound and haven’t seen a post from you since last year! Thx for listening.. keep up the great work!!

      • Dugi

        @Jason Culbreath, wow I though the status updates were linked to twitter, I didn’t notice it. I will fix it.

    • David Kurlowicz

      Wow! A guide for MOP when I’ll actually need it! You guys are the best!

    • JD McCarty

      Not that I mind paying the small amount that you ask for your awesome guides, but where on the “My Accounts” page do I find when I made my first guide purchase? Thanks for the many years of your awesome guides! Looking forward to exploring Pandaria with you.

      • Dugi

        @JD McCarty, if you scroll down it should display the purchase date, otherwise message me in forum or ticket support and I can find out for you.

    • Tom Ridsdale

      Again you guys are AWESOME….cant wait to update my dugi guides to MOP

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