Make sure you update all your guides as the old version of the guides won’t be compatible with the latest addon.

Build 5.6100 – June 24th 2012
Dugi Guides Addon

  • Fixed several Taxi System bug
  • New guide list format.

Event Guides

  • Midsummer Festival guide fixes.

Build 5.6000 – June 22nd 2012
Dugi Guides Addon

  • New Taxi System feature see video presentation
  • New Auto Quest Item Loot feature for looting quest item automatically without picking up other items. Available in the Questing section of the settings menu, it is on by default.
  • Tons of waypoints updates and fixes to use the Taxi System (too many to list)

Loremaster Guide

  • Combined Aldor / Scryers Shadowmoon Valley guides into one.
  • Combined Aldor / Scryers Netherstorm guides into one.

    61 replies to "Dugi Update 5.6 – Taxi System"

    • Fordahord

      I wasn’t going to say anything, but all the fussing leads me to add:

      I’ve used a number of different guides to level more than two dozen characters. Dugi’s Guide is by the easiest to work with and has the best support.


      • Fordahord

        ‘by far’

    • Povl Falk-Jensen

      Fantastic. Thanks a lot 😀

    • keehsa

      Hi Dugi

      I like your guides and would not change to any other. Thank you for all the hard work.

    • Glen E TEamoh

      How is it we need to update all of our guides? And how do we do that if we have already purchased the guides we wanted? Does this mean we have to make another purchase or will the guides update automatically after we update?

      • Football

        @Glen E TEamoh, you do not need to purchase the guides again, just use the automatic updater to update the guide like usual, when Dugi adds improvements to the viewer or adds fixes to the guides. Or you can install it manually. I’ve written a guide how to install it manually if needed. You can find it in the “General WoW Discussion” section on the forum 🙂

    • Brandon Munniksma

      Dugi… You… are… AWESOMEEE!!!!!

    • Herman

      Thank you so much for adding this feature! It always bugged me that I had to take multiple steps according to the guides, just to see that I could have teleported there with a ring or tabard. These are indeed things that make a difference between guides 😉

    • larry

      thats great a new feature that will help me level faster. So my grip is why dont you actually level a charcter using your guides and fix the bugs problems in them. i use both guides and both have problems some guides are better than others in areas. like the eng guide deffintely needs work i currently was using dugis guide for that. So no more que que from me just plz fix what you already have before adding more features. thanks

      • Dugi

        @larry, we barely get any reports or complaints about the guide itself, can you be more specific and post it on the Bug forum or ticket support.

        • larry

          @Dugi, i just suggest you actually start a toon and run threw the game with your guide. i know right now the eng guide needs work cause im lvl eng on my rogue. your guides are great but not the best neither is the other guys thats way i use both. Just take the time and run a toon from start to finish and youll find the bugs. i dotn have the time to find the bug write it down and then continue on wih my life i just skip the step thats not realivant and go with my leveling.

          • Dugi

            @larry, yea I’m not going to do that, but I will take a look at the Engineering guide that you suggested.

            • larry

              @Dugi, omg really okay just shows me how much you really care. The next toon i level ill take the time and find all the bugs and post them in the bug forums and do your job or your employees job for you sure ill get right on that. That answer you gave me totaly blew my mind. and the the problem with the eng guide had you mineing way to much stuff and usely put you behind in levelign stuff example. the item woudl be yellow and the next easyier item would be red but it still had you making the yellows.

          • Dugi

            @larry, lets be realistic.

            What you said to me is that you want me to check every single guide because you told me that there are “problems”.

            And to fix these “problems” you want me to level a character and go through all of our guides .

            That will literally take at least a couple of months of work to complete and something like this has already been done before when we made and tested the guides.

            I’m sorry but we don’t get paid enough to do that, if you want us to fix the problem we will need your help to tell us what it is you want fixed.

            If the problem bothered you so much then you must be able to remember it of the top your head and give us a little bit more information, such as which guide it was or step in particular.

            I’m not asking for you to write a detailed report, what you just said regarding the engineering guide was enough although I’m not sure if it is even a real problem.

            • larry

              @Dugi, i didnt say use all your guides just said run a toon threw your guide like the level guide and maybe two proffession like your user would. Thats all i said and was suggesting. ill continue to use dugi guides and the other guys guide casue where one is lacking the other picks up.

            • OhWhyNot

              @Dugi, I just started a new toon who is now lvl 20 and Larry is right you should start one yourself to see what we are talking about. There is huge gaps where the quests in your guide do not match the latest game play. There are so many that we would be doing nothing but writing and not playing the game. I also think you wrong and it is your job since you make money with the guide.

            • Dugi

              @Dugi, be more specific…. do you go to a mechanic with your car and then demand it to be fixed without telling them what’s wrong?

          • biggfootdad

            @larry, I’ve looked over the engineering guide. The guides are designed with 2 major concepts in mind, 1) How to level from 1-525 in the shortest time possible and 2) do it with mats that are easily obtainable either by farming them or buying them cheap. The engineering guides poses a dilemma in that it is both difficult to level and the higher leveling recipes are either drop recipes or the mats are harder to come by. So we use a lot of yellow recipes while leveling. But if you notice most of these recipes create items that are needed for other recipes further in the guide, so it is never a waste to make several of them.

            As far as mining too much stuff, you have to remember; 1) Professions are based on RNG once the recipe turns yellow, so what might take 5 items to get 5 levels for me, might take someone else 6 or even 7 items to get the same 5 levels. 2) Stone and ore do not drop at the same rate, so you might have a lot of stone in your bags by the time you reach the ore limit or vise-versa. Plus the AH is a great medium for off-loading mats.

            • larry

              @biggfootdad, well i have level leather working,mining,blacksmithing,alchemy,enchaning,jc mostly all the major proffesions, i know you have extra and will need somextra. but then eng guide right now as me in zuldrak for colbalt ore. thats a horrible place to farm it. boren tundra is a much better place. like i said it had you farming insane amounts of stuff to just level. When you could move to the next item and get the same points from leveling. Thanks for telling me i could sell stuff on the AH didnt know that. ill try that some times. well happy guide making

    • Mike

      Your guide doesn’t work anymore. like to get old guide back, PLEASE.

      • Dugi

        @Mike, please contact ticket support with details of the problems that you’re having.

    • Mike

      I guess you know that i don’t have any quest guides but the begings after the last update.

    • Mazzic

      What I also think is hilarious is that if you even mention Dugi Guides on Zygor’s forums they will delete your post lol

      • Bored

        @Mazzic, Umm….no, they don’t. But they don’t like the whole debate being aired again, just like Dugi doesn’t like it aired (other than when he has that sale once a year).

        • Mazzic

          @Bored, Well they used to

          • Bored

            @Mazzic, there are alot of things that USE to be true that aren’t any more, if you can’t get past it you may loose opportunities. Personally I think the whole Dugi/Zygor thing is a tired subject who’s right/who’s wrong is more a matter of personal perspective than anything else. It just isn’t relevant anymore.

        • Herman

          @Bored, I even saw a video of Dugis once, that showed the Zygor icon on screen… lol, so he owns them too. Keep your friends close, and enemies even closer? Hahaha

          • Bored

            @Herman, Pretty much, both sides probably will deny it but probably have the others guides. My guess would be that they look at the others for ideas about what to put in their own. And as long as they write their own code there is no problem. It’s not difficult to imagine that some features that came out here were based off of ideas from the other, the other side undoubtedly does the same. That’s just 2 businesses competing, nothing else. No problems, just competing businesses working on the same type of product.

            • Dugi

              @Bored, why would I deny it? its not a matter personal perspective either, its very ***** and white we have a mountain of proof for that. Anyway, I would prefer if if you take the discussion somewhere else like the forum.

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