You might already be aware that Blizzard recently announced the release date of Mist of Pandaria to be September 25th 2012, and I’m happy to confirm that we will complete our leveling guide updates before the release date so that all our users will have their leveling guide ready as soon as MoP is released. Here are some important informations regarding our guides…

For All New Purchases: 

  • Dugi Guides will be offering a grace period of 3 months for free updates for our Mist of Pandaria guides.  This means all new purchase from June 25th 2012 onwards will receive Mist of Pandaria guides update for free.

For Older Purchases: 

  • Note that all your current guides will still work with Mist of Pandaria expansion, you don’t need to purchase the MoP updates to continue using Dugi Guides, but to receive the new MoP guides you will need to purchase the MoP Updates.
  • Leveling MoP update will be included in one purchase of $20 for single faction or $30 for both faction.
    – This will cover Pandaren Starting Zone, All Level 85-90 Zones
    – Old customers who inherited our lifetime update promise (purchases before Nov 2008) will receive this update for free.
  • Daily MoP update will be included in one purchase of $15 for both faction.
    – Mist of Pandaria Dailies, Events and any other related content.
  • Loremaster & Dungeon MoP update will be free.
  • Achievement & Profession Mop update will require a separate purchase of $15.
    – This will cover new achievements and professions up to level 600.
    – Major improvements are also coming soon.
  • Dugi Gold Academy MoP update will be free to all purchase, this will come a few months later after the initial release of the expansion.

The prices above are our special Pre-Order prices which will be available only between September 17th – September 24th, then prices for MoP Updates will increase the same time as the expansion is released.  We will also offer a special sale price for all our existing guides during the pre-order special.

We’re really looking forward to MoP, the beta is a lot of fun. If you have any more question regarding our MoP update or anything else don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment section below.


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    • RolandC

      I was thinking of getting the Loremaster/dungeon guide now would I then get the Mop update for free? Keep up the great job of making a game enjoyable.

      • Dugi

        Yes you will

    • Robert

      Wow, could you delete my full name from my last post Dugi, I did not know that when asked for a name it would be published in full!!! Tank you.

      • Dugi

        I have changed your name, the cost are also written above.

    • Robert

      Hello Dugi, I purchased your Aliance Leveling, Lore, Dungeon,Dailies and Events guides on May the 11 2011. Since then, I have purchased all other guides you have to offer including the Horde guides and the gold guide too. Could you give me an Idea what the cost might be, if any, for me to upgrade all of my guides to Mists of Pandoria???
      Your Guides have made game time for me very enjoyable, I am not a super fast player but have reached level 70 in just under 11 weeks, no record I know but for me a huge ammount of enjoyment, thanks for your Guides.

    • Katherya

      sry …forgot to ask…what will i need to purchase…sry to bother you

    • Katherya

      thanks as always appreciate your service


    • nikos

      is there a possibility that the addon is ready before release date so we can level up in beta servers to have an idea of what we are doing? I would be very interested in that.

    • StevenS

      Thanks for the terrific guides! As a more “mature” player, I cannot tell you how so very helpful they have been. Without them my frustration levels would have maxed long ago, and I would have quit playing WOW. I only started buying Dugi’s Guides in 2010, so no freebies for me. After already spending $207 for all the Dugi Guides I own, I will put out the $30 for the Mists of Pandaria as soon as the update is available. I was allowed to play the “beta” version, and if the full-up game is as good, it will be a blast with Dugi’s guides helping me find my way thru the tough parts. Thanks, Dugi!

    • imwantitfree

      you must give it to me free

    • kyedragn89

      thank you for being so fast with havin updates planned for MoP but i think that its not really fair that existing users have to pay at all for the update much less full price. for existing users you should have a reduced price.

    • imashureshot

      Thank you Dugi for the 3 month grace period. These guides are amazing!! I only wish I had bought into them a year ago when I first heard about them! I have been playing since Vanilla and you still taught me a lot!


      Hi Dugi,

      Just checking here,first guide i got from you was Jan 2007 so has lifetime update,achievement and professions guide was purchased Oct2010.

      So only one i need to pay for upgrading will be the Achievement and professions guide?

    • Corvalain

      Am I to understand that the automatic updates we received on previous expansions as part of the original package we purchased which stated that all future upadtes would be free does not apply and will not be available for MOP.



      • Dugi

        @Corvalain, I’m sorry it didn’t state that at all.

    • dannyb

      i spent $110 plus i think in sept ’11,, less than a year ago,, for all that was available then, maxxed it, WHYYYY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY MORE NOW? and older customers get it free???? I FEEL ANGER RISING!!!!

      • Dugi

        @danny butler, I’m sorry it is just what we offered back then and we have to honor it.

    • CharlesM

      Does this mean September 17th – September 24th will be a good time to pick up all those guides we dont already have?

      • Dugi

        @Charles Maples, Yes we will have a sale.

        • Charles

          @Dugi, Awsome 🙂 got to get those alliance guides

    • Jeff Travers

      I’ve already spent $150 with you to get all your guides. And your original advertising was ‘includes lifetime updates for free’ on the leveling guides.

      So times must be tough for you. Otherwise, since this will probably be the last expansion for wow, I would think you would honor your original agreement for one more expansion.

      I’m glad you won’t be able to take advantage of Guild Wars 2.

      • Dugi

        If your purchase was before Nov 2008 you will get as free update.

    • TL

      It must take a lot of work and research to make and update these guides. I am happy to pay for the update for MOP. Keep up the good work.

    • AkyMo

      Dugi, your guides are great, but you’re not inspiring a lot of loyalty if you renege on the ‘lifetime updates’ deal made when older customers bought the guide. We stuck with you when Zygor came knocking, return the favour.

      • Dugi

        It is cleary written above that we are honoring our lifetime update promise.

    • ChrisB

      a little sad that newer customers get this for free while older customers have to pay, shouldn’t that be the other way around?

    • danny butler

      Am i going to have to spend $45 more just to be up to date? Let me know what my best option is with with what i have now, altogether; I am also interested in the Dugi Gold Academy. I know i havent had your guides for a very long time but i really like them and want to continue with you. thanks, Danny Butler

    • Mazzic

      Love this guide and I cannot wait!!!

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