Finally we are able to set a release date on our new Guide.

The Loremaster / Dungeon Guide which will be available to purchase on Friday,  March 25th

Check out the video presentation below for complete information of how this new guide will work for you.

This new expansion pack will contain an additional 22 questing Zones and when combined with our standard leveling guide, you will have a leveling guide that will cover every single questing Zone in World of Warcraft.

We have also upgraded our Outland and Northrend guide with optional quests towards the end of the guide to make sure that they will reward you with Loremaster achievements as well.

But that’s not all..

This expansion pack will also contain 50 Dungeon Guides which will cover every single Dungeon used for leveling.  The Dungeon guide itself has also been upgraded to use our waypoint arrow system with the new built-in map by Blizzard.

With the Loremaster / Dungeon expansion pack and our Standard Leveling Guides you will have the most complete and comprehensive leveling guide ever.

This post is also to notify you that a large update for Dugi Guides 4.6150 is now available to download, you can update with our automatic installer available in the download page below.

This is an important update to fix a number of issues with our waypoint arrow and also contains a large update to the Leveling Guides. The full update note can be found in the forum or in our changelog found by clicking the log button within our installer.

Stay tuned to our Blog or Newsletter for the latest updates for our release, to celebrate we will give away some prizes and also a ‘Secret’ Bonus Guide which will be revealed later.

– Dugi

    43 replies to "Loremaster / Dungeon Guides Release Date (Also Dugi Guides Update 4.6150)"

    • Claire Mathieson

      I have the leveling guide, but not the dungeon guide, can I purchase that now?

    • Claire Mathieson

      Can I buy the current guide now and get updated later?

      • Dugi

        Yes you can, the Loremaster / Dungeon guide will be an additional purchase, and we will offer an opening discount special so that existing members will get same total price.

    • MickeTun

      I can’t stress enough how much Dugi Guide have meant to me. For a time I have had 3 of the major guides running. Still have, despite one of them have fall shoert quite quickly. So two left, one stressing that this guide is the fastest levelling guide on the market. and Yes, I have noticed that they ignore a whole questchain. But where the quickness may be gained, they loss by accuracy. More than once the arrows have pointed in different direction. This lead to some confusion and because of that I have tried them both. The result is: You may cut the questchains, but when the directionarrows points just approximately in right direction it soon a tempo lost. Just a idea i have which have caused me to loose a lot of time. Is it possible to get the information that the goal is under surface? I have sometimes when the target is far from the entrance wrongly searched for it on surface when it in fact is a cave or somthing “portal”.

      Thanks for an outstanding guidance!

      • Dugi

        yes we do already for some tricky quest like that, such as adding a waypoint for the entrance first, at the moment we are running tests on Outland & Northrend area. You can help by reporting the step in the bug forum and we can fix that straight away.

    • Handofdevil

      I was just wondering if purchasing the dungeon guides no will also give the free update when they come out. Or will buying the loremaster guides give me the dungeon guides as well? I absolutely love your guides and didn’t purchase the dungeon ones because I have been through every dungeon many times. But I am very interested in the loremaster guide.

      • Dugi

        The Loremaster & Dungeon guide will only come as 1 pack, we don’t intend on seperating them.

    • Bamsen

      Awesome news I also bought all your guides love them so much!

    • Montu

      from what i understand if you order the whole dugi leveling guide both sides the dungon guides were in them before the cata so this would be just an update. YA!!!! if not then i am unsure of course that is just what i remember when i order everything, and right now i mean i have EVERTHING dugi!!! and this awesome i have some many toons that are 80+ it’s cool it was i had so many toon that were 20-40 and all were all over the place in leveing it was a pain to move from toon to toon not anymore OH and it was easy and faster to just mail anything i needed from all the othere toons and start over. i could go on how much the guides helped me but that is for a diffrent form.

    • pipoligy

      Dugi, great as always for a fix or exiting up-date but since loaded only have dungeons from DK ( lv55) does not show below, but they are in the location of folder?

      • Dugi

        you should be able to find the DK zone in the leveling tab, under starting zone.

        • pipoligy

          Dugi sorry miss read i have DK and above, do not have dungeon guides as a selection from in the game, but the lue files for the lower levels are in the dugi guide folder on my drive interface addons viewerz lv 1 to 85 so wonder what with CAT up-date and lordmaster what lvls of dungeon should be avaiable still

    • Wulfgardr

      Great new I hear there! Can’t wait to get my hands on these guides. I have some questions though:

      – Is this an update or a full-guide? I don’t have the dungeons guides yet and I’d like to know if I have to buy the already existant dungeon guides and then update with this pack, or , else, just buy this straight away and have fun;

      – Is it possible to level while following the loremaster guide? I’ve read a previous comment but I still have to understand, because if I get all the quest achievements for every zone it means that I’ll outlevel other areas of the same level, so I’m a bit confues about this.

      Thanks again for this work !

      • Dugi

        The Dungeon guide is a full guide on its own, you don’t need the old dungeon guide. The loremaster guide will only cover the green highlight area on the video. The blue area is already covered by our leveling guide, to have a guide for every zone you will need both the Leveling and Loremaster / Dungeon guide.

        I hope that clear things up.

    • Mark Zimmer

      I’m just glad I won’t be able to play for some of the time before this comes out….I’m literally beside myself with anticipation.

    • Julian

      I have to say this is really awesome and even if i have look for a guide like that never found it i cant wait, i want it released now!

    • SIL3NT-DE4TH

      Do people who already have bought your Dungeon Guide Get it for free or at a Reduced Cost?

      • SIL3NT-DE4TH

        Dugi says:
        March 14, 2011 at 9:03 pm
        This will be a free update to all previous dungeon guide owners.

        My LOL

    • GeorgeH-Y

      Looking forward to (unbelievable Free) additional guides. Although I have the other ‘Z…’ guide, I use Dugi’s 99.9% of the time. I find his guide so flexible I can set my own pace, skip tricky quests and return to them when I’m more able. I can change to other alts with ease and Dugi’s guide is there for me. Okay it is not an entirely, hand-holding sort of guide, on a few occasions I had to resort to “Thot…t” like to find an underwater cave entrance in the Cata expansion. But Dugi is doing a wonderful job in keeping the guides up-to-date and very accurate (98% rough estimate.) You can guess that I’m a mature player from style of writing, been playing online PC games when modems were 75/75 baud and text-format.
      Thank you Dugi!

    • JamesX

      With all the extra zone guides, will there be a clean indication of which zones are best at what level to have faster leveling ?

      • Dugi

        it will be just like our leveling guide.

    • William Koenigsaecker

      same here i already bought the dungeon guides. Will this be a free update?

    • Herman

      i already bought the dungeon guides. Will this be a free update?

      • Dugi

        This will be a free update to all previous dungeon guide owners.

        • RobinH


        • Ricky

          Awesome! Can’t wait =D

    • RobinH

      I am thrilled with this idea. I love my Dugi Guides. AS my first toon is now working on the loremaster achievement, this will be invaluable. But how much is it going to cost?

      • Dugi

        Not too much, we will reveal the cost soon.

    • Helen Mortensen

      Alas, Dugi and your fantastic team,

      You must have turned every stone and explored every inch in WoW, …What an Achievment in itself!

      This is absolutely brilliant!

      I never dared go into dungeons (I’m probably one of the oldest (i.e irl age) gamers in WoW.

      So I am a bit slow and usually loose my way .. and my DG experience sucks, to say the least.

      But now I will have a fantastic tool to lead my way!

      Dungeons, be prepared …here I come! And the Loremaster guide, what a treat!!

      Thanks Again for this immense work you do!

    • GK


    • Jonah Baker

      How much is the guide going to cost for the first five days? And, How much is it going to cost after that?


      Dugi, you are the BEST!!!

    • Brandon

      You mean 4.6150

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