Here is a quick preview of our latest Loremaster / Dungeon Guides expansion pack, click the video below to see what the new product will include and how our new Dungeon guide will work.  We don’t have a release date set in stone yet but we are aiming to release it within a couple of weeks or sooner, stay tuned to our newsletters for the latest updates.

    35 replies to "Dugi Loremaster / Dungeon Guides Preview"

    • warthance

      i just have a quick question…i am wanting to buy the new dugi guides. i have never owned any of these guides and ive read and seen amazing results. i know its not to be released until the 25th and that is officially 15 mins from now…i know it wont be released at midnight, lol, but i wanna buy it now. i saw the thing saying that for the horde and alliance guides for the first 5 days was gonna be 30$. when i try to buy it it says 50$. how is this gonna work exactly. i do apologize for my noobness. thank you

    • Zack

      When will this be out?

    • Montu

      ok a few days have gone past if you were to guess do you think your a few more days away or a few weeks. it’s a burning question!

      • Dugi

        The guides are ready we are just preparing promotional materials, not too long to go.

      • Bill Reynolds

        FTI My birthday is the 15 of this month can we all have it by then? plz sir!!!

    • Letsdance

      I cant wait till it comes out !!!!!!!!!!!!! and is it free if you have the other guides ? but cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Winterwillow

      Awesome Dugi this is yet another of your great achievements! Great going Dugi I can’t wait to see it working on my machine <(^^<)

    • Aldohmie

      Hey Dugi,

      I’m just wondering, the loremaster guide will be in a separate tap?

      Thank you!

      • Dugi

        it will be in the leveling tab.

    • Chris

      When does the gold guide come out and what do you have to do to get it? p.g. nice dungeon video cant wait for it to actually come out, nice work Dugi.

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