By now I’m sure you are sick of hearing me talking about it 🙂

We have managed to finish ahead of schedule and I’m happy to announce that the new  Loremaster & Dungeon Guide update is now available to download!

Click the link below to purchase & download

Members who already own our old Dungeon Guide will just need to update Dugi Guides to 4.6300 using our Automated Installer available below

Make sure you enter your Username and Password in the settings menu otherwise you won’t receive the new guides.

Ok I hope everyone enjoys the guides


    39 replies to "Loremaster & Dungeon Guide is Now LIVE!"

    • myaffiliateblog

      Great Review Man. Nice way of explaining.
      I love the music when it comes to Questing….

    • Tolke

      Hey Dugi, thanks for your aweson guide. I have bought the new Loremaster guide, but i have a doubt, in Nagrand your guide list 71 (or less) quest, but to complete the achievement you need 75. I really does not count it, but your guide show me i have a 100% complete, and i only have 71 quest complete. I have red that there are more quest in Nagrand if you complete quests in zones like shadowmoon valley and Netherstorm. My question is, does your guide complete all the 75 quest needed to get the achievement in Nagrand ?

      Excuse me if i have some grammar errors, because it has been a while since i need to write in english.

      • Dugi

        The nagrand loremaster will require you to complete a quest line in Shadowmoon Valley aswell before you can begin another Altruis quest line, so complete the Shadowmoon valley guide and you will be get the achievement for Nagrand.

    • orval gordon

      hey dugi. just a quick question. all the dungeons guides appear but in the map tab i show only 9 maps . is this correct or am I missing something. maps are for higher lvl 62 and so. no maps fro deadmines lvl 15 and up.

      • Dugi

        the rest of the map comes built in and will work with our waypoint arrow system. Once blizzard release 4.1 the rest of the maps in outland will also be built in.

    • machmooner

      Thanks Dugi for your instructions to repair installer-This allowed me to repair mine also. The key was the correct path in properties for the WoW folder. I had to add”(x86)” after Program Files.
      You & your guides are the Best!

    • Goldragon

      Actually Dugi I only have one in its in the public folder (win 7). Checking the board i found your note on they are listed as LORE in the guide. So I found them now. Now just have to work on the macros. Thanks for getting back to me. As always —- THIS GUIDE ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    • Goldragon

      Hey Dugi,

      Didnt want to overload you and I’m not complaining but loremaster and macros are not showing up as far as I can tell inside the viewer. Please let me know which tabs to look in and where inside those tabs. Not finding either of them. I think I have already purchased the required releases from you site as when I log in it lists nothing in available purchases for me. I have checked the addons directory and the one for the viewer and I find the folder for the macros in addons and the loremaster in the viewer folder. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and I tried the delete the whole viewer folder and macros folder and use the dloader to reinstall. Also tried the repair. Still not finding either them inside of WOW in the viewer. Thanks Dugi.

      • Dugi

        the best way to get help is by using ticket support

        You probably have 2 copies of wow and have been installing into the wrong one.

        1. Right click on your world of warcraft shortcut in your desktop and select properties
        2. under target it should display the path to your world of warcraft folder

        eg C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe (your path could be different)

        3. Load the installer and click on the settings button
        4. Enter the path C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ for the first box
        5. Enter C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Launcher.exe for the 2nd box
        6. Enter your username and password and click ok
        7. Click the repair button and wait for it to install.

    • Rodger Moore

      Dave: I deleted my folders out of my addons and tried to reinstall. I wound up moving the viewer folder from my laptop to my desktop. There seems to be an issue with changing the directory in the settings from the installer. It keeps defalting back to my documents which is not where I have my addons folder. I go add change it and it continues to put it in my docs folder but when I look there nothing is there. Any ideas what to do other wise I am going to have to move the folder from my laptop. Also looking at the launcher window it says current version none. This just seemed to start yesterday. Thank you for your help on this. Cheers!

      • Dugi

        Try changing the path in the settings menu then close the installer and reload it and check the settings menu again to make sure the path have been changed then click repair.

        • Alex Smith

          Thanks Dugi that fixed the issue I was having with it not showing the installed version and alway wanting to update when I hit Play. The pat was in the form of X:\\\World……


    • Umoq

      I purchased both Alli/Horde guides PLUS and Achievement/Prof guide and I thought the loremaster/dungeon guide was included if you’d purchased these packages? Do I have to purchased this guide as well?

      • Dugi

        The lore & dungeon guide was not included as part of those package, you will need to make an additional purchase to access the new guide.

    • Julie Closson

      Curiosity question. I purchased a complete package pre Cata. I Haven’t had the money to upgrade since on any guides. Now I have a little extra and would like to update ALL the current guides. But not enough to purchase them separately as they are listed in my members area. I could imagine I may not be the only one out there thinking the same way. Is there any special pricing at all for those of us in this position? If not I totally understand. I can make do with just the ones I can get for now. Thanks so much for all your work and dedication to us WoW players. Even the cheapskates like me who always want a better deal, lol.

      • Dugi

        I’m sorry but currently we don’t have any other combined discount package. There was several opportunities when we had discounted sales for them but currently only the Lore & Dungeon guide is on sale.

    • pipoligy

      thats it why do i even bother to comment, just impatient, and brill, brill,brill thanks Dugi

    • macmike37

      Everything working fine but have problem with MacroBank. I have two accounts. MacroBank works on one but I can’t load the Pre-Made Macros on the other. I get “Temo Category” and “Test Macros” with a bunch of junk. Any ideas?

      • Dugi

        Reinstall macrobank from DugiGuides and it should be there.

        • macmike37

          That did it – everything’s fine. You guys are great!

    • Alex Smith

      I updated to the new version but I see nothing new. I will try to remove the old guide stuff and reinstall to see if that works.

      • Alex Smith

        OK I removed the Dugi folders from the interface directory and manually added the new files. It all works now.
        It is a great addition to what I already had. thanks,

    • David Alford

      I see the dungeons, and maps tabs, but nothing about loremaster, or macros. The installer says I have 4.6301, and I even clicked repair on it, but still don’t see it. Suggestions?

      • Dugi

        The Loremaster guides are all combined under the Leveling Tab

    • Mathew Woodard

      I don’t see Loremaster anywhere… what tab is it under?

    • Rasmus Koed

      I purchased the cataclysm pre-order when it was available, and i think i read somewhere that if i did that i would get the loremaster/dungeon guide for free. Did i miss something, or is it a problem with the guide???

      • Dugi

        I checked your account, you should have it now.

    • redfox_77

      mines working okay what i did was delete the old folders in wow directory addons and redownload then all there

    • robert laverty

      hey dugi, i can’t find anything mentioning loremaster in my guides or any of the macro stuff mentioned,are they in future updates or is there a problem with current download

      • Dave Farrell

        do you own the Dungeon guide? should be there if you do. Make sure you enter your username and password in the settings menu and click repair with our installer.

    • Ziggie

      Same problem as previous (Don’s) post.

      Dungeon tab is blank… can’t find or load macros and… can’t find anything new that is Loremaster specific.

      • Dave Farrell

        Update to 4.6301 and this should fix the problem.

    • Donald Zimmerman

      I purchased this and also updated the data base, However when I log into WOW and click the guide it has no Dungeons guides loaded. Also where do I find the Macros? Thanks for the great products!

    • Patrick Westerberg

      I got all the Horde guides and thought that now would be a great opportunity to get the other side also. So is it the 70$ package even with this release sale?

      • Dugi

        Yes it is, the release sale is for single purchase of the guide so that people that purchased our guides earlier is not at a disadvantage and miss out on combined package deal.

        • Patrick Westerberg

          Oh ok 🙁 Thanks for a quick reply.

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