Hi everyone a friendly reminder that the WoW Noblegarden event is now here. This is an event that celebrates the WoW version of easter,

Due to the nature of the event it is unsuitable to create an in-game guide update for it.  Instead we have prepared a special guide about all the rewards and achievements that you can get for Noblegarden and you can check it out from the link below.


We have been a little quiet recently here at Dugi Guides and a large part of it is because we have been taking some time off work 🙂 but we’re back now and ready to rock you with some new updates to the guide and new features for the guide will be coming soon!

Also a special note that Children’s Week is also due next week which will be a new in-game guide update and there will be some gold making opportunities for that event, hopefully we will have a special gold tip video for that soon.


P.S. WoW Patch 4.1 is likely to be released by Blizzard next Tuesday maintenance and we’re working on a update for our Dungeon Guide to use the new built-in outland dungeon maps.

You can read the patch notes on the official WoW blog below


    7 replies to "Noblegarden (Easter) Event Guide"

    • gardibolt

      This guide seems outdated, since Dalaran is a ghost town nowadays. A better place to look for females of the opposite faction to bunny-fy is either at their flight master at Gadgetzan (for folks coming to do Desert Rose) or Un’Goro Crater (for folks coming to lay an egg). Also, with flight in the old world it’s now possible to swoop down and get them in a city and get away since it doesn’t force you to dismount.

    • Jesper Ryskin

      I too agree – there is an event, and there should be a guide, and from what I know of the event, it is possible to do. Wasn’t there a guide last year, BTW?

      • Dugi

        We only provided the online guide last year, which is better than an in-game guide for events like this.

    • Sara Clinger Clinger

      I agree with Todd whole heartedly.

    • Todd

      If Blizz puts out the event then please do the guide, leave religion and politics out of it. Lets have fun in the World of Azeroth and not worry about nature of events.

      really enjoy the guide.


      • Dugi

        What I meant above is because the event is simple.. and you are better of reading the online guide (link above) on how to complete the achievement so that you get a broader picture of what to do in the event rather than suggesting you to complete a step by step guide which will probably slow you down.

    • Ricky

      Awesome work Dugi! Can’t wait to see the Children’s week updates =D

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