I thought this deserved a special mention on our Blog and Newsletter as this is the best testimonial that we have ever received from one of our customers. (DeadlySlob)

He managed to record every “Ding” from level 1 to 85 while leveling with Dugi Guides and he created the compilation and sent the footage to us and it turned out to be a very cool video to watch.

This is what he did…

* 99% solo (gained 1 level in Gnomeregan)
* No Heirloom XP Bonus.
* No Recruit-a-Friend XP Bonus.

And achieved an awesome result of 5 days 14 hours /played time total!

Check out the quick video below, make sure you turn up the volume 🙂

He received the level 85 achievement on January 11th 2011.

If he combined that with Dungeon Leveling at the same time he would have been able to cut his leveling speed even further.

This was a remake of another video but that one was level 1-70

Special thanks again to DeadlySlob


    30 replies to "1-85 In 5 Days /played Time With Dugi Guides Video"

    • Charbaru

      Wow Fantastic background music and very fast Leveling!!:D

    • Red


    • Alexia

      I love you Dugi!!!

    • Marian Fila

      Well i am playing 1 week And 2 days 12 hours and i am 73 so i guess my time will be a bit better but thatnks dugi for guide its awesome

      • Filyp

        Awesome guitar!! and fine WoW work:o)

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