By now I’m sure you are sick of hearing me talking about it 🙂

We have managed to finish ahead of schedule and I’m happy to announce that the new  Loremaster & Dungeon Guide update is now available to download!

Click the link below to purchase & download

Members who already own our old Dungeon Guide will just need to update Dugi Guides to 4.6300 using our Automated Installer available below

Make sure you enter your Username and Password in the settings menu otherwise you won’t receive the new guides.

Ok I hope everyone enjoys the guides


    39 replies to "Loremaster & Dungeon Guide is Now LIVE!"

    • kyekelly89

      It would be nice if someone from support would answer a ticket for a possible purchase of product. I cant see how it would take almost 3 hours for a response. I would like to try and buy something but I would like a response first.


      • Dugi

        Hi, I have answered your ticket, we typically answer our tickets within 24hours, we can answer sooner if we’re not asleep 🙂

    • Gimple McGarvey

      I cant tell you just how pleased I am with the guides you have produced. I am not utilizing them to there max, but I am having allot more fun. When I get tired of questing I just run around or I switch over to a professional lvling guide or even to a dungeon guide and vise versa. Thank you to the team who has put this all together.

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