This is heads up! to all our subscribers.

Wait until October 3rd and 4th before you purchase any of our guides.

Because for two days only.

You can get our best selling…

  1. Achievements & Professions
  2. Companions (Vanity Pets) & Mounts
  3. Titles, Reputations

Guides RP ($25 – $50)

As a free bonus with any purchase of our other guide(s) (Leveling, Dailies, Loremaster & Dungeons)

but ONLY on October 3rd and 4th so stay tuned to our newsletter for more details.

This will never be repeated

because this is a direct response to our competitor releasing similar product.

And we to make sure that everyone knows that we have it right here.

Talk soon
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

PS. Also our latest update Dugi 5.2 is around the corner…

HINT: Hopefully this latest update will convince our users to stop using the Carbonite addon

    54 replies to "Important!: DON’T buy Dugi Guides"

    • alex tegnazian

      why cant those of us who already paid before this extra bonus thing was implemented get the profession thing as well for free… instead of making us pay extra for it=(

    • katherya1951

      Have used your guides for a long time..dont have carbonite and dont think issue there for me.,..
      But I agree with some of my fellow Dugi-ittes..(made that up) …How can I benifit from this new offer if I already own.

    • Albee

      Hi Dave

      I’m considering purchasing your guides. I would just like to make sure if the guide will be compatible with Mac OS. Currently, my OS is Snow Leopard (10.6+).

      Will you guys provide support and free updates as when there are updates (i.e. patches) that may or may not affect levelling, profession development, etc. Asking these questions since it will be a first time am considering in “investing”/committing =D



      • Dugi

        Hi Albee, its compatible with any os that runs World of Warcraft, you can try our free trial to make sure.

        we offer unlimited support, you can contact us via ticket support or use the community forum, and the updates for the current expansion (Cataclysm) are complimentary unless its a brand new type guide.

        The updates for the new expansion *may* cost additional but not always eg When Cataclysm was released our leveling guides had an update fee of $20. It would really depend on the amount of content we have to put out.

        As long as we still sell the product we will always ensure that the guide that you purchase will work.

    • Ali

      Oh what..I literally JUST bought the horde and alliance leveling guide combo.. $55 bucks, is there anyway I could get that deal? I tried your trial and immediately fell in love. I am guessing all the other guides are the same! I wanted the professions guides too..but made myself decide! If you could get back to me and let me know I would appreciate it! What a bummer. =/

      • Dugi

        @Ali, Hi ali please contact me in ticket support so I can take a look at your account and see what we can do.

        • Noclues


          Yeah, dude.. Ehm.. I’m not really sure, but I’ve been enjoying the leveling guide quite a lot since it’s easy, fast, smooth and accurate, but right now, I kinda want a new guide seing as I get 2 in 1 on october 3rd and 4th, but I’m not sure when your server hits october 3rd, but right now it’s october 3rd and 01:10 when this comment was put in, so I hope I get the profession/achievement guide, if not, what do I do to get it since my timezone probably is different than yours?

          • Dugi

            @Noclues, it will be available at midnight today PDT so about 6 more hours.

          • Dugi

            @Noclues, Wait for our announcement.

            • Noclues

              @Dugi, Hey, dude. I bought a guide for dailies and stuff at 06:12 this morning, which is supposed to be 00:12, so where’s my achievement/professions guide? I didn’t get it even though I bought it after I got the mail about it being online.

          • Dugi

            @Noclues, it should be there. contact me via ticket support so I can take a look at your account.

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