This is heads up! to all our subscribers.

Wait until October 3rd and 4th before you purchase any of our guides.

Because for two days only.

You can get our best selling…

  1. Achievements & Professions
  2. Companions (Vanity Pets) & Mounts
  3. Titles, Reputations

Guides RP ($25 – $50)

As a free bonus with any purchase of our other guide(s) (Leveling, Dailies, Loremaster & Dungeons)

but ONLY on October 3rd and 4th so stay tuned to our newsletter for more details.

This will never be repeated

because this is a direct response to our competitor releasing similar product.

And we to make sure that everyone knows that we have it right here.

Talk soon
Dave Farrell (Dugi)

PS. Also our latest update Dugi 5.2 is around the corner…

HINT: Hopefully this latest update will convince our users to stop using the Carbonite addon

    54 replies to "Important!: DON’T buy Dugi Guides"

    • Champ

      So if I buy dailies guide tomorrow, I will get full achievement, profession and mount guide for free? Do I get to choose whether it is horde or alliance?

      • Dugi

        @Champ, yes it will automatically add the same faction Achievement, Profession guide for free, if you buy dual faction you will get both.

    • smiler

      i am the same as some of the others, i have the full set of dugi addons, but you will never stop me using carbonite as i find it invaluable to help my fellow guildies. it shows me what quests they have so enabling me to boost them faster.

      as for the bonus addons, looks like i will have to bite the bullet 🙁

      • Dugi

        @smiler, the bonus is already in Achievements & Professions if you own it, its not a new purchase.

    • Kuanbyr

      Hi Dugi!

      Love all the guides that you have done. I have everything, and I would be lost without them.

      But, what I am now wondering is, I can’t buy any of the guides to get them since I own everything, so hopefully someone in my position will be able to buy them on those two special days for a good discount, since I want them all! Here’s hoping that you could do something like that for your loyal supporters. 🙂

      I would feel undressed going out into the world without them!

      • Dugi

        @Kuanbyr, is the Achievement & Profession guide above the only one that you’re missing?, Please contact me via ticket support so I can take a look at your account and see what we can do.

    • Bob

      Hi, just checked my acoount. The *only* additional product I can buy is the model viewer database, which I don’t want/need. Is there going to be a deal for me as a “fully paid up supporter”???

      • Dugi

        @Bob, I’m sorry we don’t have anything else to offer you 🙁

    • Kiwicouple

      Are people who already own the guides going to get special deals as well? It’s not really fair otherwise.

    • Mystic MoonDust

      I love your guides and I also use Carbonite, I was glad to see that it is that addon that is causing me the inaccurate waypoints… I had wondered if I should be reporting this info but now I am looking forward to see what you have to offer us in the next update… I would be nowhere without your guides seriously!

    • Snobahr

      This might be the enticement to get my husband to buy the guide set for himself… Muahahahahaha!

    • gardibolt

      Wow, Dugi offers freebies and the comments are full of grousing. I have all the guides already, but I’m not complaining. Using Dugi Guides has made WoW SO much more fun, especially with the addition of the Loremaster guides. Thumbs up for fine work.

      • Rich

        @gardibolt, I don’t mean to complain, Im more than satisfied without Dugi’s guides I was simply curious as that would determine when I buy the next guide. If they offer something that I don’t have then Ill wait. Who doesn’t want a deal nowadays?

    • Rich

      I already own all 3 of the bonus guides. If I were to buy one of the guides (most likely the loremaster) would I get any sort of bonus or am I out of luck?

      • Dugi

        @Rich, I’m sorry the only bonus that we are offering at the moment is the Achievement & Profession guide.

    • John Dumais

      Wonderful NOW you have the sale. I bought my guide a few days ago. So I’m out of luck!

      • John Dumais

        @John Dumais, I AM NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER

    • tonythetiger

      When I read the Important!: DON’T buy Dugi Guides” from the loader, I thought a hacker took over Dugi guides!


    • Charlie Cain

      Why should I buy anything else when I cannot download the basic product that I paid for?
      When I try to download the only thing I can get is the level 20 freebee.

      • tonythetiger

        @Charlie Cain, Please click on settings tab on your loader and add all your log-on info in there to stop that from happening in the future!

    • Scott

      If ever there was a reason to wait, i’d say this is it. I use Dugi’s Guide with the full compliment of additions for Alliance and Horde. I have leveled 2 characters to 85, a Druid and a Priest. Working on a 3rd character, a mage.
      Everything I need to know is already in the guide. Achievements, Tradeskills, Gathering for those Tradeskills, even Dungeons are included.
      I started WoW only a few months ago and I used Dugi’s Guide. I never had to beg for coin or purchase gold because of this awsome guide.
      I still recommend it to my friends in the guild every time the subject comes up. I get asked things like “how did you get that achievement?” I answer with “Dugi’s Guide”… They ask “How did you level that priest so fast?” I answer with “Dugi’s Guide”.

    • Udowanano

      I quit using Carbonite a long time ago! Dugis’ Ultimate WOW Guide is the best.

    • hotrod

      Hay Dugi, I am in the same position as Johnd, as I already have Dailys and events and Loremasterand Dungeons guide etc plus the levelling guides. What is the price of the companion and the Title and rep guide to people like me.

      • Rx


        I’m also wondering because i bought The Dailies and events plus to the leveling guides .

      • Dugi

        @hotrod, contact me in ticket support so I can take a look at your account and see what we can do.

    • Wywy

      I have all your guides to date, so there are none left for me to purchase. So, how do I get your guides described above? Also ref Carbonite…………I use carbonite primarily for its outstanding world and mini maps (far superior to WOW maps), so unless you are offering similiar maps I will probably continue to use Carbonite. Thank you for a great product Dugi and for you excellant follow up support.

      • Inureye


        I have the exact same questions.

        I only use carbonte for their world map and mini map, if you could replaced those then one less addon for me

      • Dugi

        @Wywy I know the zooming google map style of Carbonite is popular but I don’t think we will ever go that far.

        Our goal have always been to try and create it the same style as Blizzard UI and Blizzard spent a lot time designing their UI to give a medieval or fantasy type *feel* and the carbonite map in my opinion doesn’t fit with Blizzard’s style.

    • Kiloee

      Is it still possible to purchase Leveling, Dailies, Loremaster & Dungeons all together?
      Because then I would consider this and do it on 3rd October, to get these here for free.

      Cause I’m loving pets, still need 15 to met my way to the 100; and mounts, I’ve got 65 so far
      (still hoping for Brewfeast Kodo and Ram) and want to get the 100 for the Dragonhawk.

      Plus I’m loving titles, and beginning with Cata you need to make some specific (like the WotLK Dailys Reputation, the both in Sholazar bassin; BC have masses of titles ans so on).
      And you can get mounts for reputation often^^

      Oh and no more need to look at ugly websites for proffesion leveling and achievs would be nice, too.

      • Kiloee

        @Kiloee, As there is no edit function for me:

        I found where to purchase all Guides together, but only for both fractions. As I’m only playing Horde, I don’t need Alliance Guides and it would be a waste of money to purchase both fractions.

        So, question is: Where can I purchase Leveling, Dailies, Loremaster & Dungeons Guides all together for Horde only?

        • Kiloee

          @Kiloee, I’m just blind.

          For everyone hows as blind as me: Go to leveling guide, and click on the purchase logo of the fraction you want an then switch the guides as you like.

          Now I only need to know where to get 52 €^^

    • johnd

      What about people who already have the levelling guides? Will there be a loyalty deal for them?

      • Dugi

        @johnd, you can also get it with any other purchase ie the Dailies & Events or Loremaster & Dungeons if you don’t have them.

      • Dugi

        @johnd, please contact me via ticket support so I can take a look at your account.

        • johnd

          @Dugi, done.

    • Dragonhawk

      We love the Dugi Guides for lots of things, but campaigning against Carbonite isn’t one of them. Carbonite does things you’d never want to duplicate. Learn to coexist or publish a brief guide to configuring them to work together.

      • Dugi

        @Dragonhawk, I don’t mean it like that.. we will always make sure that our addon will work harmoniously with Carbonite as it is a fantastic addon. But its not possible for us to make every feature work with it

        eg the Ant Trail, the Miniblob, and especially also waypoints can sometime be inaccurate (unless you use carbonite arrow) because of the way Carbonite takes over the map with their own system.

        We do get a lot of grief from our users who experienced inaccurate waypoints when using Dugi Arrow with Carbonite which can be frustrating for us because Dugi Guides is always to blamed.

        With every feature update our goal is to provide our users with all the essential tool for questing in general.

        We asked the question to ourselves why do people use carbonite and what can we do to fill that gap. I think one of the biggest reason is Carbonite’s quest selection, the ability to select the listed quest with a handy button and you will get an arrow and minimap zooming in/out showing telling you where to go.

        well the 5.2 update will do something similar and I think our users will like it.

        • oniwauchi


          When can we see glimpses of these new features which will be offered?

          Additionally, I am interested to see understand more clearly what these map conflicts are. Much as I absolutely adore my Dugi guides (I own ’em all), I have to say that I have found Carbonite’s pointers to be a bit more accurate for finding NPCs than your guide.

          In addition, one of the absolute BEST things for me for Carbonite is the function which allows me to find the nearest to my current location. Simple to just click “find nearest Priest trainer” or “nearest mailbox”. And that sort of function seems outside the realm of necessity for the Dugi guides.

          Again, love the guide and it helps me immensely, so please don’t think I’m being arbitrary.

          • lilocowboy

            @oniwauchi, I think I depends on different things if Carbonite works well or not. I was starting with Loch Modan and it was WAY off. I had to go to Dugi’s Arrow to get it to show me where I needed to go. But there are times when I had to go back to Carbonite Arrow because Dugi’s would not take me to the next point when I got there. But all is well. I know he is always working on making things better. Dugi’s Guides are the best. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait till ican get rid of Carbonite…lol

          • Dugi

            @oniwauchi, as soon as I finish the video tutorial for it today or tommorow. The update itself still have a few bugs that we want to fix first before releasing.

            finding nearest trainer and mailbox is not something we have yet, but will definitely look into it.

        • Kevin


          The only thing left for me is the ability to see “punks” i.e. pcs from opposing factions and group/guild members on the map. This is a necessary evil on pvp servers.

      • Geoff



    • ibuilder

      wish I never baught them in the first place.

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