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[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#cc0000″]Includes New Mount, Companions, Titles and Gathering Guide[/headline_arial_medium_left]

Ant Trail Gathering RouteWith our new Search and Sticky Frame feature we have included a complete library that will contain a list of every single Mounts and Companions that you can easily search through to find the source and even preview them with our model viewer.

A new farming guide is also included to give you farming locations for Herbs and Mine[/features_box_azure_blue]

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UPDATE: I have just cleared the back log of tickets, if anyone still have questions or problems please contact me via ticket support for urgent assistance. -Dugi

    53 replies to "Get The Achievement, Profession, Pet, Mount, Reputations, Gathering Guide FREE (Oct 3rd – 4th)"

    • Paul Russell

      hi ya Dugi, hope the shaking in chch isnt to bad these days. 🙂

      id love to get the free achievments and prof guide, however i already own all the other guides.How can i get the achiev and prof guides at this great offer?

      be quick i only have 3 hrs

      btw, best guides ever without your guides id have left wow by now and im sure there are many others that can say the same. keep up the great, wait no **** amazing! work
      Dunedin NZ

      • Dugi

        @Paul Russell, still some small shake here and there, I see you already made a purchase, you should receive the 2 achievement guide for the price of one.

    • michael mcdonald

      what if you already own the alliance and horde package? hpw do you get the other guides?

      • Dugi

        @michael mcdonald, currently there is a special for purchasing a single faction you will get the other faction for free.

    • Nathan

      Hi Dugi,
      I purchased one of the packages to get the free mount, companion etc guides but it doesnt show up on my list of bought guides…?

      • Dugi

        @Nathan, please contact me via ticket support so I can take a look at your account.

    • Carol Butler

      I already own all of the Dugi’s Guides available. How do I get the new guides?

      • Dugi

        @Carol Butler, it should already be included with your achievement guides. Check in your achievement tab.

    • Patch

      Hey dugi, I have the alliance guide, do I get the free extra guides even though I bought before the offer? I find the guide amazing but I’d love it if I could have the extra bits for alliance! I am yet to buy the horde as I don’t play horde ad yet please can u please offer me the extra guides as it would make me feel like u are even more amazing than I already do! Thanks for listening. Love ur work patch. X

      • Dugi

        @Patch, can you contact me via ticket support so I can check your account and see what we can do.

    • Häwk

      I bought the Dungeon guide. I do not see The Achievement, Profession, Pet, Mount, Reputations, Gathering Guide on my account as of yet. Great products by the way!!

      • Dugi

        @Häwk, can you contact me via ticket support

    • Dale Ferrier


      I am a long time customer. How do you handle upgrades to you latest guides? Or is there an upgrade price?

      If there is an upgrade link on your website, I apologize in advance, but I just haven’t found it.


      • Dugi

        @Dale Ferrier, Update/Upgrades fee are usually only for new expansions like our Cataclysm update. For new guides we only have the offered price. Check in ‘My Account’ area to see what is available for your account.

    • Sergio

      Hello Dugi, I already own the horde leveling/loremaster guides. Ive been wanting to buy the Alliance leveling guide. If I do is it possible to get the bonus guide for horde instead of alliance?

      • Dugi

        @Sergio, Yes open a ticket after your purchase and we will swap the guide for you.

    • fladinne

      Like others here, I’ve already purchased all of your guides. So I should expect to see the bonuses added to my account automatically?


      • Dugi

        @fladinne, it depends on the status of your account, you need to contact me via ticket support for this.

    • Dustin

      I purchased the achievement and professions today, but did not get the mounts, companions and gathering guides. how do I get them?

      • Dugi

        @Dustin, it should be in the achievement tab.

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